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  1. Okay so hi Ā°:. *ā‚Š I haven't been on this website since late '09, but since the re-birth of Tamas in Target, I've made my way back to this wonderful website. The only constant in my life thus far has been Tama talk and the decline of Star Wars. Anyways. I've kind of always wanted to do a tama log, but I could never figure out how to get the photos from my camera, to my computer, AND resized. It's been a while, and since learning said skills, I think I finally have the tools to build my perfect little tama log in this perfect little corner of the internet! So kick back and re-live some nostalgia with me. .ļ½”*ā™” In this Tama Log, we'll be raising my Gen 1 Re-Realese. I also intend to get some new batteries for my Music Star + Gudentama Tamagotchi, so hopefully these cuties will make an appearance as well ~ Upd8s to follow ~ xoxo a
  2. Same! I'm so curious to see which ones they have
  3. Getting hyped for Attack On Titan so Iā€™m rewatching Season 3
  4. Alex, can I just say I personally want to donate money to this? Is there anyway to make this happen? I think this might actually have just beat out the new Animal Crossing game on my hype list man. Thank you for your work and contribution to humanity.
  5. Welcome to Tamatalk!Ā :ichigotchi:

  6. Thats so expensive omg. why even?
  7. The first time I bought a game online was Virtual Villagers, omg! It took me weeks to convince my mom that I could safely use her debit card to purchase an online game, and I spent hours on my families desktop playing it. That also got me into the world of RGP's and Dating Sims lol. 8 year old me was deep in the internet. Always remember to uncover the well!
  8. I believe this is a Tamagezi, but the post is kind of old. I would suggest digging through eBay, depop, poshmark, etc. Hope you find it!
  9. Those are both V3 tamas. I suggest taking a small screwdriver and ensuring the mother board + all the electrical stuff in the back is good. Mine would do that after I had dropped it at Scandia. šŸ˜• Something isn't connecting right back there. Might have been knocked loose. But that's just my two cents.
  10. Haven't been on this site in ages, but it's so nice to see all the cool new updates made and that things are still pretty poppin' here. Made me create a new account at least