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  1. So... while browsing for something weird to add to my collection, I stumbled across these; I'm kind of surprised I've never seen them before. The images on the screen look highly edited, but they also don't look anything like the knockoff software I've seen before on Digimon bootlegs. If anyone has ever bought anything similar, it'd be great if they had any information on them.
  2. Yeah, Penguin-keeper already linked the tamenagerie mention, but keep me posted on the one you're getting!
  3. I recently remembered an old vpet I'd heard about called the 'Virtual Mickey Mouse'. A few Google searches only turned up a images and ebay listings, none of which provided much information. It's yellow, with four buttons, and seems to come with a patterned lanyard and an object I can't quite identify. It lists 'VGS', Virtual Game System as a manufacturer (?). It apprears to come with instructions, but I can't find them anywhere. If anyone owns, has owned, or knows about it, I'd like to know more about it and if it's a worthwhile purchase.
  4. Welcome to Tamatalk! :ichigotchi: