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  1. Something I did for Fun Do you remember the inclusion of Sega Characters in the SEGA Saturn de Hakken! Tamagotchi Park? Well,there's my take of them if they's still included in future tamagotchi this growth chart is inspired of the Entama and Uratama Would you be happy to see them come back for a tamagotchi aniversary version and what do you think of my take ?
  2. That really nice,It always great to try the Tamagotchi style for Non-Tamagotchi characters ^^,I once try to draw Lemmy Koopa from Mario in this style
  3. I would love but I don't think I would been able to download it for my Tamagotchis to test it as I don't have any Irda phone,I do have an Gembird Usb to Irda adapter but it doen't worked as my computer don't want to work with
  4. Thanks you a lot I have those characters for a long time and I'm glad someone like them If you are interest,I have created the adult form, he know as Kerriuasgitchi
  5. The title tell everything about the topic A long time ago,I have created a special male tamagotchi growth chart,involving flower pot like characters There's various sprites of those tamagotchis(unfortunatly,I haven't created the adult form): Shidotchi:The seed tamagotchi and male counterpart of Pensetchi,He is a fragile and sensible baby that need a lot of attention and care.One day ,he wishes to became a beautiful flower that everyone would notice Shidotchi is often seen in a calm place, taking sunbathes to accelerated his grown.Shidotchi come from the japanese word "Shido" which mean seed Bushutchi:The bush tamagotchi and male counterpart of Daisytchi,this little guy is really energetic and excited,however due to those traits,he's often stumbled on the ground and injured himself accidentely He is also a huge chatterbox that love talking with any tamagotchis he meet but most of them want to avoid him which make the little bush lonely, Bushutchi still wishes to became a beautiful flower but also want to find someone that understand him.Bushutchi come from the japanese word "busshu" which mean bush Kumubomitchi:The flower bud tamagotchi and the male counterpart of Dahliatchi,this teenager emitted a delicious scent that calm other tamagotchis around him,very shy,sensitive about his appareance and germaphobe,Kumubomitchi take a long time making himself clean and presentable to everyone If his head became way too leafy and big,he would cut the extra leaves carefully.This Young tamagotchi is very proud of his flower bud and is in search of true love Kumubomitchi is a mix of the japaneses words "kuma" meaning bear and "tsubomi" meaning flower bud What do you think of those characters? and Do you have custom tamagotchi characters?
  6. Hello,I have started a Entama but I have some problem: I try to installed the entama warehouse to get rare items but It can't, When I try to installed it,it say that some files are missing Can you help me with this?