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  1. I checked JYW website and they had some Flash Deals! In the end I bought a Pastel meets with a Gudetama for reselling (I calculated that I definitely will be able to get a Sanrio when it comes out) I'm really happy with the shipping fee as well, it wasn't expensive and my order was shipped really fast. I'm having a good experience with JYW so far, thank you very much!
  2. So I decided I wanted to get a Tamagotchi Meets for my birthday but can't decide between the Pastel Version or to wait for the Sanrio version. I personally think the 2 shells are gorgeous but I'm not that concerned about the characters since you can only raise an original on the first generation and to my knowledge even if I get Pastel version I'll be able to get Sanrio genes somehow(App marriage?) Here's what bothers me the most: I don't know whether Pastel version still has glitches, I'm quite scared of them and that's the main reason I considered waiting for Sanrio version. I'm not interested in the Fantasy Version tho... Another question: Where should I buy it? I would like to keep the shipping cost as low as possible and I need to ship it to Chile. I saw that in hlj they display shipping fees but I would like to see different options...AmiAmi for example but the shipping cost is ''to determine'' so I'm afraid it'll be too high What do you think? Should I buy a Pastel Meets or wait for Sanrio Meets? 🤔