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  1. well, there's a good reason for that, it could be because of the scripts and due to coppa striking Alphabet(google and youtubes)company getting in serious legal problems, but i think its because of the contents in the "abridged series". since a lot of abridged series's contain very pg-15 humor.
  2. so, its 2020(i am late)and i apologize for being pretty inactive i have been dealing with irl problems. hopefully I can try to be more active, hopefully all goes well. :mellow:

  3. happy new decade and some good news, i got a nintendo switch with a game(New super mario bros u deluxe)bad news? Well, I don't have nintendo online but i am looking to save up for it and get the year long sub.

  4. Well, i wasn't really good at using it and i have like a backlog of 10+ accounts because i'd grow old of them and then go back-
  5. i plan to try to track down a few perdometer pets.

    1. Deru-sama


      The Pokewalker is fun, particularly if you have a copy of the Generation 2 remakes (HG/SS.)

  6. i used to use scratch frequently growing up, but i kinda grew out of it.
  7. 1. How old are you? 16, turning 17 in february. 2. Do you have any experience with voice acting? i have no voice acting experience so this will be a first. 3. What time zone are you in? eastern(like toronto or new york time) 4. When are you available? mostly on saturday. 5. YouTube link? my channel(warning i am like pg-15 on my channel and am a completely feral idiot)
  8. as of recent, i mostly been playing puyo pop fever on my laptop and Wadanohara and the great blue sea... i am planning to use dox box so i can play wolfienstien on it or get the files for it from the internet archive since its abandonware and that really seems to be the only thing my laptop can remotely run. it barely runs gmod and can't handle minecraft, so... old windows games and rpg maker titles are my og gamer zone time things to play.
  9. i'm excited either way, i'm hoping there will be more bandai namco crossovers... cuz if thats the case, then heck yes i will invest in a mr. driller tamagotchi... eitherway, still lookin forward to this!
  10. thanks and as far as i could tell(visually speaking)It didn't look discolored... Hmm.. Maybe its like old stock, idk. Hopefully someone clarifies.
  11. i've never seen this before! hmm, again I'm no expert but I suggest looking for tamagotchi fan's who know the tamagotchi's insides and have that kind of experience.. Have you considered calling bandai or someone who may know? if not, why not give it a try.
  12. browsing ebay can be fun sometimes, even if i'm unable to buy anything.

    1. Deru-sama


      I agree! As a video game collector and vintage computer enthusiast, you gotta see what's on there.

      Especially rare stuff like this always catches my eye: An Apple Bandai Pippin (Japanese version, because American version goes for $1,800+ and it's region-free anyway), which is the closest thing to THE holy grail you'll get in collecting.)

  13. while i was browsing ebay, i noticed a tamagotchi mini but there was something on the screen(some type of animation)i haven't seen before.. https://www.ebay.ca/itm/Bandai-tamagotchi-Mini-2004-2005-Pink-Working/193109311605?hash=item2cf6364075:g:rM0AAOSwMSddgfM7 (since i'm canadian i use ebay.ca) if you look at the photo's, the screen has something on it I never seen before, idk if this is a secret character or a dummy animation.. can anyone explain this please? another thing is an unusual color of a tamagotchi angel... bronze with silver wings?? https://www.ebay.ca/itm/Bandai-Tamagotchi-Tenshitchi-Angelgotchi-1997-Virtual-Pet-Brand-New-Japan/174003103131?hash=item288364a59b:g:ErYAAOSwYVFdW3ul