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  1. Puyo Puyo games(too many to list lol), The Denpa Men, Mario Maker annnnnd.... Gmod.
  2. i am happy today for today!! i hope you are too

    1. Eggiweg


      thank you! i am glad you are having a good day

  3. thanks for your advices! i plan to buy these ones, any experiences with these??? https://www.amazon.ca/Junlinto-Virtual-Digital-Electronic-Neck-Lanyard/dp/B07H5H5ZRR/ref=sr_1_135?keywords=tamagotchi&qid=1567704753&s=gateway&sr=8-135 https://www.amazon.ca/Kofun-Handheld-Electronic-Children-Christmas/dp/B07LG35XWW/ref=sxbs_sxwds-stvp?keywords=tamagotchi&pd_rd_i=B07LG35XWW&pd_rd_r=04bb05ef-dfdb-40b3-8e99-5c359837e7fb&pd_rd_w=myCJa&pd_rd_wg=BUJS9&pf_rd_p=25609a94-16af-4bd7-9107-c9f01f8c9bd0&pf_rd_r=5CDGAVPHG2ZT3VPQE8HX&qid=1567704361&s=gateway please, let me know straight away!
  4. i kinda wanna do this with a p1 but i highly doubt it'll work with any 90's tama's.. but what about watchlin? will there be any rom checks discvoered... and how do i get a rom check for the tamagotchi connections? considering 1 of mine is on debug mode.
  5. my aunt had a ps2 i loved it... but she broke it.. i was only very young when i played it(i'm a 2003 babu)
  6. detective pikachu was awesome and i plan on playing some mr. driller-mr driller gamecube GIF