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  1. So I'm kind of struggling to understand how this v pet works... Its has a lot of similarities to a "Nano Fighter". But with much more detailed animations. I love the expressions on the fighters faces! Hilarious. But my speaker seems to not be working. I'll probably have to look up if it's possible to fix a vpet speaker. The case is transparent, so it is pretty easy to see the wire connections to the speakers and Mic. The case seems easy to open up if I need to work on it, I guess. Does this mean the sound activation isn't going to work? Bummer.
  2. So I'm getting a Giga Fighters ("Tech Warriors") in the mail this week! Sweet! Well, hopefully anyway....:) - So, has anyone ever played with these? - Tips? - Reviews? - Do Giga Fighters have the same unusual care needs as normal Giga Pets ? - Is the internet cable for these things different than the link cable that came included with the units? I have seen an unopened Giga Fighters internet cable sold separately before. ( with its original price tag: $20! )
  3. Darn! I just reset the little guy last night.... Ill have to get him to get stuck doing it again and post a pic. Yeah, once he starts doing the shivering (?) animation, I just cannot make him normal again.
  4. So I just got a Giga Pet "Star Wars Rancor" ,but I'm confused by some of the things that the instructions left out. What does the animation where the Rancor is on the ground on all fours with vibration lines, and a sad expression mean? Does the battling mini game do anything for the care of the Rancor...?