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  1. I love to repairing and restoring electronics. And I love my nano fighters. My Alley Rumble one has damaged lines of pixels and the screen isn't the greatest , but works just fine . So I'm thinking about transplanting the internals from that one into this one . One way or the other , I can always clean Alley Rumble's screen while I'm at it. But wait.....some v pets aren't possible to disassemble without breaking them I thought!
  2. My new nano Fighter arrived missing the speaker, and the wires that connect that to everything else. Bummer!! Can it be fixed with a replacement part from a broken Nano Fighter next time I get ahold of one? Advice? I will totally figure out how to fix it if I can possibly accomplish the task!
  3. Sob.....!!!! My boy arrived.....but all of the internals were removed...! Ouch! But it seems almost mint condition. No internal damage, no battery leakage. Wtf? Update : Well forgive my ignorance ! I must be very bad at understanding the internals on Nanos. After opening up a second one I could see that actually no parts are missing just very different than the digimon pendulum I fixed! A little work on the springs fixed it easily. I feel extremely dumb! Errrr.
  4. Anyone going to the Classic Gaming Expo in Portland OR? Every year I want to organize a get-together to battle v pets! But I ended up getting sick the last few years ... bummer!!! Digimon? Digimon Pendulum??? Nano Fighters??? Giga Fighters....? Linking pets? Trades, whatever. Anyone? I've got so many battling virtual pets, I thought I would see if anyone else was down! My fav!!! Love CGE! I haven't gone in YEARS!
  5. So I was wondering if its possible to order plastic battery strips for my v pets? Do I have to figure out how to make the things myself, or just save them up somehow??? Any suggestions guys?
  6. http://imgur.com/gallery/KOK79BW I ended up ordering that exact Q Pet design after reading your review of its program. Hey, way nicer than I would have expected. The case feels high quality, and the face was perfectly painted. Really nice. And I knew which facial expression I needed to get myself! But it's all about that case design! Lol! I had to have one for my collection. Update: Totally glad I ordered that style awhile back! ( She just showed up!) Looks like the seller is sold out of that one! THAT I'm not particularly surprised by....totally the best one! I couldn't find any of the bunny models anywhere either. I'm thinking about getting the "boy" case style with the kissing expression on the face. The phillips head screw on the back of the case is totally in the perfect location. Hilarious!
  7. So am i just ignorant here.....? I ordered this unknown Nano Fighter from Japan for my expanding Nano collection..... still waiting for him to show up. Can someone help identify? Is is just the Japanese version or something? http://imgur.com/gallery/6W1DIlb Hope I posted the pic right !!!
  8. New question for nano lovers! Do Nano Fighters have a programmed life expectancy? Are they only going to live to a max age and then always die around the same time? I thought I read that Nano Baby has a preprogrammed limit on the longevity. But Nano Kitty will live to be like 40......? I am a very bad nano mom. I always end up abandoning them on that one really busy day , and end up killing them! I just won a 5th Nano Fighter ( Alley Rumble) so now I have two of that one. The original one I have has a damaged screen from battery leakage even though he still works just fine. I always name that one "Scarface". So I wanted a second one with working graphics one way or the other.
  9. Oh sorry too late to edit... But he does not evolve or grow so far. Sad. Ok so maybe I'll see how long he can be kept alive continuously......?
  10. Sorry about that! I must have waited just a little too long before I added that. But here is a pic of that very similar dinosaur pet:
  11. So I already posted about this generic vpet in the knockoff tama section, but that doesn't seem like the right section. So sorry guys! Anyone ever had one of these? By "Kyoryu Kids" I love the case. After looking at them a few times, I had to order myself one! Judging by the pics on the packaging, it looks like there are 6 dinosaurs, a turtle, and a snail pet. Hope I get the style pet pictured! https://imgur.com/a/CJT8Xpr I went ahead and ordered myself a second one . If they both end up in working order, mabey I'll sell one....maybe! So I have a question: what does the word "Kyoryu " mean in the names of some of these generic dinosaur pets I see online? Is it a brand name or descriptive? There was also an older post that has a great picture of a " battling dinosaur" vpet. It looks very similar to this one, but not quite the same . Any thoughts?
  12. I am, unfortunately, losing steam FAST on this pet! It doesn't poop. It cannot be killed with neglect...well so I've deduced. I prefer my pets to have some challenges in their care. This one seems to be geared towards an audience of young kids who cannot really take care of a Vpet. I'm still waiting to see what the battle system is like. That might be a while.
  13. https://imgur.com/a/CJT8Xpr What about the interesting shell on this pet? I'm still waiting for mine to show up in the mail, so I'm pretty ignorant about the program for now.... The packaging says "8" on it, and shows 6 dinosaurs , a turtle and a snail.
  14. I have a question!!! What does the "level 1" stat mean? My dino menace has been at level 1 for a few days now. And then there is a huge heart stat, that doesn't fill up hardly at all, and super slowly to boot.... I've gotten a couple pixels in it so far....am I missing something? Hmmmm.... Anyone know what the stats all equate to? I would love to know what the terms that they use for this pet's stats are. Yeah, I just cannot afford to buy one with an instruction manual right now! Pricey!