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  1. Bub Day 4: June 28, Friday Have a bit of a scare when I peek in and see Bub's MP at a full 100!!! WHOOPS! Something tells me he may not survive the office at this rate. Deliberately careful attention paid throughout the rest of the day gets his MP back down to 25 before he turns in for sleep at 9 PM. Looking forward to his growth tomorrow!
  2. Bub Day 2: June 26, Wednesday Bub is a piece of work and a half. Me: "Let me check your meter." Bub: "No." Me: *scolds* "Let me check it." Bub: "No!" Me: *scolds* "Let. Me. Check. It." Bub: "NO!" Me: *scolds* "Okay Bub why are you being so difficult?" Bub: "Hungry :(" Also, the nightly pranks are cute when they're at times I've not yet gone to sleep, but let me tell you, a noisy bat visit at 5 AM? Terrible. I liked Stan better.
  3. So for Bub, I think I'll just report when something new and different happens as I'm now busy getting ready for my new job! Sorry for those of you who've come to expect daily reports. (By the way, "Bub" is short for "Beelzebub")
  4. Day 9: June 25, Tuesday I greet Stan in the morning with all his poop and tend to his other needs. I check back in an hour or two later and... He waves, poofs, and turns into a big black bat. BAD END?! My negligence killed Stan! On the day he was supposed to grow!! Next time I suppose I'll be more careful. Do I have time to do another run before my new job starts? Can Tamagotchi Monster survive professional office life? Only one way to find out, I suppose. Meet Bub.
  5. Day 8: June 24, Monday Today begins my attempt to raise Stan's MP. I let the poop pile up and ignore handshakes when I can, but his meters, especially Friend, fall fast. We go skating in the evening and he goes to sleep at 9 PM like usual, no shenanigans. Good boy.
  6. Day 7: June 23, Sunday Stan has been with me a week now! It's basically business as usual, only I decide to get some fresh air and hang out in Asakusa with one of my skate buddies. Naturally we stop by Bandai HQ to say hi to Mametchi! Stan's MP is down to around 20...I hope to raise it a bit higher before he grows again in two days. Once again he sleeps at 9 PM, and I think I tired him out with all that walking so hopefully there won't be any pranks tonight. On the health front: I feel like myself again except for some sinus funk. Hopefully it shouldn't impact Stan's care any longer!
  7. Day 6: June 22, Saturday Stan's stats drain dramatically while he sleeps. Just when I think I have his MP down, it shoots up to 75 again. I'm beginning to think these metrics are completely arbitrary as they fluctuate so frequently. I'm also a bit concerned about Stan's bowels... He poops a LOT. I feel like every other time I check he's got 2 or 3 forcing him off-screen. How much fiber is in those pies?! In the early evening he beeps at me twice in the pharmacy, which is obnoxious. Once for a handshake, once just to be a little jerk! The rest of his waking day passes uneventfully, but he surprises me with a violent thunderstorm at 9:30 PM! I'm still in bad shape, having slept for most of the first half of the day, so I'm grateful for the shenanigans to wrap up early.
  8. Day 5: June 21, Friday This is a bit of a rough day for me personally, as my attempts to fix my wacky sleep schedule on top of the anxiety/adrenaline rush/crash from successful job hunting have left me susceptible to some sort of minor bug. While trying not to succumb to a summer cold, I must also care for Stan. We are out the entire morning and most of the afternoon, and for the most part he is well behaved. For the first time in a while his MP reaches 0, and things are good. I forget about him for a few hours, assuming he'll be fine, but I am wrong! Empty meters, poop everywhere, and MP back up to 65! I don't have the energy to deal with this delinquency. Luckily he is only awake a few more hours before I tuck him into bed at 9 pm. Stan sleeps soundly, but I do not. Slightly feverish, I have fitful nightmares about his untimely death. He may be just an app on my phone, but I'm really attached to the little guy. Hopefully the next day will be better for both of us!
  9. Here's what showed up today! A brand new P2 and the charming Mekagotchi! As it came used with no instruction manual, I'm gonna have to rely on the resources you all have put together. I love a good gimmick so I'm very excited to have snagged this weird calculator!
  10. Addendum to Day 4 At 11:55 PM Stan set off a series of colorful, noisy fireworks. I don't know where he got them but it was delightfully surprising!
  11. Day 4: June 20, Thursday For once I am up before Stan! After yesterday's poopy stand-off, today Stan is irrationally unruly. Throughout the course of the early afternoon his MP climbs rapidly until it peaks at 100, at which point I'm very scared I'm going to lose him! Luckily he does not death spiral, and gives me many opportunities to calm him down and properly care for him. I take a short nap in the late afternoon, then awaken to discover that he has grown! Stan's high MP blesses me with a cheeky little Pukudevitchi, which is neat, I guess. Not gonna lie, he looks too friendly to be a demon! Post-growth spurt Stan is very eager to hold hands (with actual hands now!) multiple times, as well as pull petty pranks. TWICE IN A ROW he begs me not to flush his poop away. Too bad, buddy! His MP settles between 55-65 before he sleeps, once again, at 9 PM. Considering he's now more capable of mischief in his new form, maybe it's too early to post a log...but any late night shenanigans that may or may not occur shall be reported tomorrow.
  12. Day 3: June 19, Wednesday Stan wakes up at 9 AM, while I follow around 10. It concerns me that his MP is always at 0...I hear you get better characters if they have higher MP when it's time to grow, so I decide it's time to experiment. I don't discipline him when he misbehaves, nor do I shake his hand when he offers. It takes all of my willpower not to give him perfect care! In the early afternoon I receive word that I aced yesterday's interview and the job is mine! In my excitement I forget all about Stan and leave him to his own devices for a few hours. When I remember to check on him later on I see...a whole lotta poop. Poop is the perfect way to quickly raise MP. After Stan pitches a fit when I try to flush his poo babies away, I decide we'll play the waiting game. 4...5...6 smelly poops fill the screen, pushing Stan entirely out of the picture. His MP rockets to 75, and his meters empty almost as quickly as they are refilled. Around 4 PM I finally intervene and flush the poop away. Stan is upset for several hours after...his Friend meter completely drains nearly every half hour. Even though he's now thriving, I can't help but feel that I've betrayed his trust in some way. I hold his hand a few times and get his MP to settle to 65 before he clocks out for the night at 9 PM. Is tomorrow the day he'll grow into his intermediate stage? I hope so...I want to get his MP back down to something manageable, as I suspect lower MP might correlate with less demanding care needs. Seeing as I now begin a shiny new office job in a week and a half, I need him on his best behavior!
  13. Day 2, June 18 INTERVIEW DAY. I spend the entire morning getting ready, and for the most part Stan behaves. Lots of friendly handshakes followed by amusingly petty rebellion. So far my favorite is when he throws pies! Of course, as I am doing my makeup with less than half an hour before I have to leave, he calls for me to hold his hand. Isn't that how it goes, though? I make sure my phone is OFF for the interview, and come back to him once it is finished. Luckily he continues to be low maintenance. In the evening I take him for a spin at the roller rink, where he returns to sleep at 9 PM with 0 MP like the Good Boy he is.
  14. Day 1: June 17, Monday The Devilgotchi wakes up before me at 9 AM. On the train I tend to his basic needs, which is somewhat tricky when he actively refuses my care. Every time I think he's trying to be a good boy asking for handshakes, not even a minute later he misbehaves! That said, after several talking tos by the Angelgotchis and lots of handshakes (am I shaking the ears, wings, or tentacles, I wonder?), he is a very Good Boy with 0 MP. By early afternoon I am now officially smitten by this little jerk. I show off photos of my naughty child in a group chat and take requests for names. I settle on Stan (short for the devil himself). Stan and I continue our power struggle until he goes back to sleep at 9 PM. Lucky for me he is very low maintenance! I think we're done for the day until a frantic series of beeps goes off around 1 AM. I check on him and there's a big old bat fluttering around in the dark! His first late night shenanigan...! Good times!
  15. Prologue/Day 0: June 16, Sunday I attend Tokyo Toy Show's final public day and check out the Bandai booth, which has all mainline Tamagotchi releases on display, organized chronologically. I see the Devilgotchi, and realize that despite owning an Angel back in the 90's, I know very little about its demonic counterpart. I am intrigued by the package's promise of late night shenanigans, and look it up on Yahoo! Auctions assuming it can't run for much more than any other used classic era Tama. I am horrendously mistaken. This toy is WAY too expensive for frivolous curiosity! Why do I want one, anyway? It's no secret I'm stressed about an upcoming interview, and looking for any way to distract myself from anxiety. Sure, I could just pop some fresh LR-44s in any of my P1s or 2s and call it a day, but if I'm gonna impulsively raise a Tamagotchi for the first time in 5 years or so, I want something new, darn it! Late night, I do more research to try and learn more about the Devilgotchi, see if there's another way to play. Then, I discover the old 2006 Tamagotchi Monster APK... Now, I'm not usually one for installing questionable software on my phone, but if I'm gonna do something weird, what better than a digital devil alien from yesteryear? I install the APK and bridge software that allows me to run the ancient app on my Galaxy S9, and around 2:30 AM, DeviZukitchi is spawned from the depths of the Tamagotchi underworld...and promptly hits the hay. Fair enough.