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  1. So I'm trying to kill off the current bloodline...but this toy is resilient! I have done exactly 0 care for the past day and a half but Milktchi is STILL HANGING IN THERE. Whyyyy...
  2. I am on my third Milktchi in a row! I only fed her spicy foods and played with athletic toys. Apparently this made no difference in anything, as I'm stuck with her again. What the heck!!
  3. Ugh, YES! I really want to document the bachelorettes in the TaMatching app but I'll need to wait at LEAST another 4 days to raise the next generation. Please don't be Milktchi again...
  4. Just because they beep at you at 7 in the morning doesn't mean you have to wake them right away, I've discovered. I let my Kurumaritchi sleep in until nearly 8 before I woke her! Thank goodness, I'm really not a morning person.
  5. I'm not really sure how, but I've raised Milktchi twice in a row. WITH DIFFERENT GROWTH STAGES. This was the first try: Basically perfect care, lots of Communication, wide variety of food, toys, and accessories, lots of games. HouseSitter during the day. This was the second try: Very poor care, no items aside from the robot vacuum, no accessories, only the default foods. HouseSitter during the day. This doesn't really make any sense. The third generation is ALSO a girl...maybe the key is not using the HouseSitter?
  6. Congratulations on finishing a project, and for breaking in the new Club! I really like how you used the hair to hold the split ring. Very economical! The facial expression is also super cute...love those big spacy eyes. Looking forward to seeing what you do next!
  7. Oh I really like this storage method!
  8. Oh noooo! I hope you were able to clean them up and get them working again! Sometimes the manufacturing standards just aren't the same, huh.
  9. Something that I've noticed about NIB vintage Tamas is that with the battery pull tab intact, the batteries never touch the metal that powers the circuit. This may reduce the chance of leaking/corroding as they are essentially unused. I've yet to have a problem with NIB vintage Tama batteries, even in humid Japanese summers, but of course your mileage may vary.
  10. TaMatching App Bachelors! Now you don't have to pick based just on looks
  11. So I'm documenting the TaMatching App partners, and I have matches for most of them from previous generations of Tama...but... Who the heck is this guy?? His Japanese name is WAItchi (ワイっち) which is like...Yaytchi? And he's...odd. Has he appeared before, and does he have a different name??
  12. I think I finally mastered Milktchi....! So. Many. Favorites. (I have a feeling things like the Diamond Ring and Tsukitchi Stone are loved by all Tamas, and Oyajitchi goods are universally despised...)
  13. I don't have a Meets/On, but I do use rechargeable AAA batteries in my Pix. I use Panasonic Eneloop Pros, and they can run the Pix for about a week of non-intense play. I bet they'd run even longer on a Meets/On! The one drawback (besides the slightly higher price) is that they take 6 hours to fully charge. Luckily, they're sold in sets of 4, so you can charge one set while the other is running your Tama. Highly recommended.
  14. You're very welcome! Toy restoration and general crafting just happen to fall into my wheelhouse I look forward to seeing how you do it! I'll see if I can get the food icon traced for you this weekend! Do you need the full happy happy face icon too?