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  1. Today is not my day. 

    Couldn't connect to work's VPN for most of the morning, and my Smart's charging port seems to be having issues. Hopefully Karapatchi will pull through...

    1. OldSchoolVPQ


      Mm, yup, Smart's busted. Bad charging port. Luckily I'm able to exchange it but...gaaaah. It's gonna take at least a month to reacquire the Fondness Icons I earned, not to mention I'll probably miss whatever is waiting on Halloween. Sigh. 

  2. The Kuchipatchi on my Smart died really suddenly...he was doing great at 6 PM and dead by 9...why? (And why didn't I turn the sound back on so I could have had a shot at saving him?) He was only 12...sigh.

    1. .:M@TT:.


      I'm sorry! I've seen that the Smarts die pretty quickly compared to previous versions. Kuchipatchi is one of my favorites, I'm so sorry for your loss 😞