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  1. Hey everybody! My toddler Kuchitamatchi evolved into a teen over night and I overslept, so when I woke up to look at it, It had the sickness icon over my tama and all of the hearts in the hungry and happy meters were empty. I've been trying to get at least 3 care misses to achieve a Kuchipatchi but now I don't know if I already got a care miss while I was asleep. Because of the sickness icon, the attention icon couldn't appear but would it still count as a care miss since all of my hearts were empty? I just don't want to get more care misses than I'm supposed to and end up with a Tarakotchi
  2. Hey everyone! I own a tamagotchi music star I’ve had my music star for YEARS and I’ve never been able to get memetchi —> I just think she is so incredibly cute!! My tamagotchi baby is a girl, is not a toddler yet, and is an odd generation. I was wondering what I have to do to achieve a memetchi What steps do I have to take? Thanks for your help!