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  1. So these pictures in particular don't have AC in them, but I also figured to share these anyway. XD Parodies and Sonic Crossovers I've gotten with them as well. I thought it would be interesting to do a SA2B parody with them XD As well as have melodytchi hang out with sonic. These were also done by clarissa!
  2. Okay so..the title may or may not be misleading because it might seem like I'm referring to a series...which I GUESS you can call this a series of sorts considering how many contents I've gotten of this? But I digress lol So ever since I started becoming a fan of the tamagotchi anime series (which is the main source for why I ended up becoming a fan of the franchise in general.) I had started doing a series of crossover content that involves the characters from the anime series itself, and an OC of mine named AC, a brown cat (or cat-like if you'd prefer since he's not your everyday cat lol) creature who has brown floppy ears and whose design was inspired by the namco character, Klonoa. The story idea I had that would kickstart this whole crossover is that AC was transported into Tamagotchi Planet thanks to a mishap with one of mametchi's inventions that caused a portal to appear in his homeworld and sucked him right into the portal, transporting him into their homeworld. I have commissioned a couple of fictions by someone I know who would wish to remain anonymous in terms of credits, but I can post them here if anyone would be interested in reading them. : D Sadly due to personal reasons, I am not able to continue commissioning anymore story fictions with AC and the Tamagotchis from this person anymore. But I thought I'd start off this thread by sharing some of the artwork I have commissioned of them in the past. These aren't ALL of them as I don't want to make this particular post too big, but if anyone would be interested to see more, I'll gladly post more as I go along. : D (And of course I would use this thread to post future artwork that I may commission or so.) These in particular were done by an artist on twitter known as clarissa, who does an AMAZING job replicating the artstyle of the anime series and is one I would totally recommend commissioning to! https://twitter.com/Clarissa_Arts And here are some examples that were done by our very own, @PurplePyonkotchi00! : D (Don't question the last one lol it was a funny idea we thought of giving AC an "Ikemen" counterpart akin to Ikemen Mametchi. XDD) Let me know what you guys think and if you would love to see more, as well as if you'd love to read some of the story fictions I have commissioned as well! (With one I wrote myself that...I don't think aged well. lol)
  3. That's honestly interesting that this happened to you, because from my experience, it seems to go to a pattern for me whenever I have my tamagotchis get married and have a baby. One generation could be a male, and then the next one would just be a female afterwards. I didn't question it much because I just assumed that's how it was programmed to work whenever you get new tamagotchi babies, but hearing how your experience has been. it's odd that the gender you get mainly depended on which handheld you're using.
  4. And here it is! : D The remix in full form! Hope this is one that you guys enjoy listening to! Here's a download link for those who want to download the music itself. You're free to use this remix in any content, but be sure to credit me and ian if you do! https://t.co/MrQklb5x0d?amp=1
  5. We officially have the final version of the music ready for release! Currently in the process of trying to put it all into a video and posting it on YT. Will release the link here once I have it ready to be uploaded in public! Stay Tuned!
  6. I've only ever played the tamagotchi on handheld so far, as that was like the first time I actually bought one of the virtual pet handhelds. lol I've been aware of the other handhelds they released in the past, especially the classic/vintage era, but back then, tamagotchi was just that one series that I knew about, but never actually checked out myself. It wasn't until I became a fan of the anime a few years ago that I would decide to finally get one of the handhelds, which was when Tamagotchi On was coming out here in the west, being the first color screen handheld that would actually GET an english release, and the rest is history there.
  7. Honestly I'd be more interested in the type of crossover where Sonic and the Gang would actually interact with the tamagotchi characters. XD (Although having tamagotchi versions of the sonic cast would be cool too-)
  8. I'm just saying...can we get a Sonic the Hedgehog x Tamagotchi crossover next? *pushes fingers together* .3.
  9. So some exciting news, I've just been told that the remix should be completed at the end of this week! : D So we'll finally have the full version in our hands soon! I've also commissioned a picture to use for said upload awhile back as well. Really excited to hear it in finished form!
  10. Just a reminder that this remix is still being worked on, and I have yet another new WIP preview! Getting close to the end! https://puu.sh/HL5iy/b4cc4a7c31.mp3
  11. Okay my apologies to bump into this topic, but I can't edit my last comment since it's been too long that the edit button is already closed on that, but I thought I'd give an update as emery started updating the tamagotchi media twitter again and they changed the name again from "Tamagotchi Media" to "Tamagotchi Archive", so I'm just here to give an updated link since the one I posted before no longer works. (IDK why twitter doesn't have it to where it just directs you to the new version of the profile, but I digress...) https://twitter.com/TMGCArchive
  12. Did this back in 2019, but I made a music edit with Go-Go Tamagotchi's second ending where I replaced the music "Baby" with the opening theme from a sega crossover fighting game known as Fighters Megamix! 

    I was just messing around with playing different music with the ending and was surprised at how well this music synced with the animation for the most part. XD

  13. I play everything on that list except Just Dance and Gacha Life. .3.
  14. To explain what happen, the person (Emery Munro) who was running the animetchi project decided to go on a different direction to get the anime series subbed as oppose to doing a fundraiser to get the funds needed to commission a team to sub the episodes like they were previously doing with the first 4 episodes of the anime series, when they were getting the funds to commission "Fandom Services" to sub the episodes. So they cancelled the fundraiser idea and instead decided to go with another method of getting the episodes subbed, which was to build a team capable of subbing the episodes, which they dubbed said team "Tama-Translation Team". They also changed the Animetchi Twitter into Tamagotchi Media instead, which you can find here. https://twitter.com/TamagotchiMedia Unfortunately they haven't been really updating on that process for quite sometime now, especially after they went and released the entire anime series for download, which mimitchi had already provided the link to. 😕 I'm not sure if they're still working on building up the team to get the episodes subbed, or if they put the hold thing on hiatus for now, but I do know that they are still around. This is what they wrote when they were renaming the Animetchi Project to Tamagotchi Media to explain the new direction. Also here's their twitter as well. https://twitter.com/emerymunro I DO have a friend I know of that was offering to help sub the anime series, but I believe at the moment, he's still busy subbing another anime series known as Jewelpet. I haven't talked to him since then though, and I don't know if he's still on-board with the offer.
  15. https://puu.sh/Hl6BV/9d52dc9459.mp3 Another WIP Preview for everyone to listen to! : D I think it's coming out great, but what do you guys think?