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  1. Okay so, I got a reply from him today and he told me that the progress with commissions has been weird, due to having to update the software and still coming to grips on how everything works again. (This is likely the result of him needing to get used to his new PC and all or the software must have redesigned the layouts or so.) So it looks like he's still trying to set up his new PC and all, but has told me that he'll give me an update when he's able to!
  2. So I had been commissioning quite a number of tamagotchi pictures, most of which are crossovers that feature my OC, AC. (The OC you see on my avatar.) And I was debating on whether people would like to see me share them here or not. Would anyone be interested? 

    I have no idea where to post them in this forum though.

  3. It's still being worked on, the composer had just been busy trying to get his second batch of commissions done, which mine is part of said batch. Also didn't help that he had to get a new PC as well. But I haven't attempted to contact him since october so I should hit him up via dms to see if everything is alright. Also sorry for the wait on an update, I have not been checking this forum lately. =w=;
  4. Yeeeaah Sorry ;w; I have nothing against this whole idea, I just thought I'd mention that melodytchi is canonically clueless about this sort of thing. I'll stop here.
  5. Sorry to be bumping into this topic, but while I'm certainly not against anyone who ships these two, isn't melodytchi canonically clueless about love in the anime? It probably wouldn't have worked out even if lovelitchi actually WAS crushing on her. Especially considering certain episodes that showcased that she has no idea what romantic love even is. Like that valentine episode when they were trying to figure out who wrote that valentine letter to her, thinking it was from someone crushing on her. (And she had no idea what was even going on.) Not to mention, I honestly don't get why people try to use that episode as proof that the two are in love with each other when lovelitchi herself was helping the girls figure out who wrote that letter to melodytchi, only to then find out that it was the one she made. There was also that one episode where this character (I believe his name is princetchi?) was falling in love with melodytchi and asking her to marry him, and she went along with it not even knowing what marriage meant, nor even knowing that he was crushing on her to begin with. I'm indifferent to the ship itself so it doesn't matter to me whether people ship the two or not, obviously they can ship whoever they want and have fun with it, so if anyone ships these two, by all means continue on! Even though I'm indifferent to it, it is a pretty cute ship idea nonetheless.
  6. I actually had asked him to do it in a similar style to Sonic Mania's Music, or more specifically, something that tee lopes would have made. o3o But Really? Mega Man? Oh Wow I didn't even think about mega man when I was listening to it. XD Sure, although I was actually going to ask him if I could try to loop it when it's done. XD Believe me, I repeated it a couple of times myself when I first heard it. XD Couldn't get enough of it despite it only being a WIP preview and only being 34 seconds long.
  7. http://puu.sh/Gl93b/94b27aba45.mp3 And here is a WIP preview of the music itself! : D That I gotten earlier today! Of course keep in mind as this is still a WIP, it will of course sound unfinished, but this should give an idea of what it'll be like!
  8. Instrumental. On a side note, I did message the dude today and I was told that I'll get a WIP of the remix sometime by the end of this week! : D So sounds like it's close to being finished! Hopefully we'll get a release soon afterwards.
  9. Okay So...Sorry for the lack of update regarding this. In retrospect, I should have waited until I at least had a preview of the remix before even making this topic..lol =w=; The remix is still coming soon, the composer who I commissioned the remix to just has been very busy with other commissions as he already had quite a queue before I had approached to him, so it'll be a bit before I even get a preview of the music. D: My apologies for the wait..and I'm also sorry for starting this topic too early. =w=;
  10. Okay so first off, my apologies if this is not the right place to be making this topic at as I wasn't sure if this would fit into the music topic considering that one is mainly for non-tamagotchi related music content. But I have an upcoming remix of Happy Happy Harmony that I commissioned to a composer on twitter who has done multiple video game remixes as well as original game music! This is his twitter if you wanna check out his stuff or commission him some music yourself. O3O https://twitter.com/buddyfrienddude I don't have an estimated date on when the music will be finished as he has a backlog of music commissions and it might be a bit before I could even get a preview, but I'll upload it on YT when I have the final version! The remix itself will be the TV Size/Short Version of the song that was used in some episodes as well as the ending theme of the anime itself, it'll be 1:49 long.
  11. I don't know if these can count considering I did not draw these myself and because they feature one of my OC's, but here are some tamagotchi drawings I commissioned from friends and other artists. ^^ https://sta.sh/29ki40mlc6n My Friend Tama shipped my OC (his name is AC btw) with either lovelitchi or moriritchi and honestly the idea just stuck after I made these commissions. XDD I really adore the ship now thanks to her. =w=;
  12. Never actually owned one if you can believe it or not (I had a gamecube during that era when the PS2 was the current console.) But I have definitely played the system many times before, including the re-releases that some PS2 games got through the PSN. (Be it PS2 Classics Re-Releases, or Remastered Versions of said games.) Admittedly I wouldn't own a sony console until I had gotten a PSP. XDD Back then I had mainly consoles by Nintendo and Sega. (Mostly Nintendo of course considering Sega doesn't make consoles anymore.) But now-a-days I own a PSP, PS3, and a PS4. (Both PS3 and PS4 are the slim models.)
  13. There's a lot of games I'm excited for, one of them being the console ports of a game called Lethal League Blaze which comes out next friday! Lethal League Blaze is a rather unusual 2D fighting game in that you fight by knocking a ball to your opponent. Imagine it like Super Smash Bros only you use a ball to attack your opponents.