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  1. Little Rose/Spacey M!X marred Speplanetchi and had a son! This is Gen 4 now. I don't always have the energy to keep up with all 12 and just keep the M!X running solo... it's definitely my new favorite now haha
  2. OK, PROMISED UPDATE! (Sorry for the delays, I had to babysit our remaining dog. PotatoDoggo was technically my brother's anxiety dog but in reality she was our other dog's anxiety dog. She's got some separation anxiety problems.) V1: Ari, Girl, Gen 2, Marutch-- welp, just evolved right now, Oniontchi XD V2 (1): Eril, Boy, Gen 1, Ringotchi V2 (2): Arka, Boy, Gen 2, Young Mimitchi V3 (1): Weys, Boy, Gen 2, Hinatchi V3 (2): Ru, Boy, Gen 2, Young Mimitchi V4: Siliv, Girl, Gen 5, Mizutamatchi Familitchi/V5: PogoFamily, Ahirukutchi, Tororotchi, Mousetchi, Gen 1 (hoping it will hit adult stage before the battery dies and I can save at least 2 of 'em by marrying to the Music Stars buuut I have doubts XwX) Music Star/V6 (1): Ianu, Boy, Gen 11, Hinotamatchi Music Star/V6 (2): Oshiro, Boy, Gen 2, Nonopotchi TamaGO: Insinro, Boy, Gen 7, Kilalatchi Spacey M!X: Been calling her Little Rose, Gen 3, mother was Himebaratchi, grandparents are Lovelitchi and Mametchi Mini: Oyajitchi, again XD Maybe some day I can get a good character.
  3. Sorry for the small hiatus there, life got super busy and I had to help get my house fixed up and ready for inspection. But it passed! So I can go back to procrastina-- I mean um, raising Tamagotchis. yes. Unfortunately the Deluxe Faerie Pocket Neopet glitched out and died? I'm not sure what happened, it froze at the clock screen. To be completely honest I'm much, much more invested in and get more enjoyment out of Tamagotchis, so I'm probably not gonna start it again soon. I think I'll use the batteries (AAA's, I use rechargables) for a new Tama possibly? I've been pondering buying a Melody M!X to go with my Spacey M!X. Although the release of the ON drove prices up waaaay high again (like, 60+ dollars, that's half of what I make in a good month) so that's on hold until they go back down a bit. I'm keeping the Aisha running because nostalgia. Also, it fits in my pocket with the Tamas. (I love these pants, they have the hugest pockets ever lol) I'd give an update on how the Tamas are doing, but a lot of batteries died while I was doing drywall and stuff so I have to charge them again. I have a smol cheap 2032 charger with only one working slot so this takes some time XwX I'll give an update once they're all back up and running.
  4. Sorry for my absence for a few days there, stuff happened at home and I was called back to Construction Purgatory to help with drywall. So I took a few days off! THE GOOD: My Spacey M!X has turned into a pink Chantotchi with Lovelitchi ears! So cute, aaa. Not sure which character to try to marry just yet... THE BAD: My V5/Familitchi, as expected, wiped itself upon the battery being replaced. Bother. If anyone knows a good place to buy used Tamas please let me know. THE UGLY: My Subway Sammich got dropped on the carpet :C nooo, my turkey bacon avacodo...
  5. May the afterlife be paved in bacon. ... although if it is it won't be for very long. She loved bacon and ate like a vacuum cleaner.
  6. Married Himebaratchi on my Spacey M!X! That's right, I got her the BIG rock, because she's worth it And this time... I RECORDED IT!
  7. Ok, so I'm currently running 12 Tamas, because I guess I'm crazy like that. I'm a night owl so every morning at 7 I have an alarm to wake me up so I pause them all, then go back to sleep. I always double check and make sure that I pause them all. But then today I woke up later and I've got 2 music stars beeping at me because they're sick and starving X.x It was ONLY the Music Stars, the rest are still paused. Has anyone else had this happen??? Some info that might help: - Both are Release 1 (pink with stars and black with headphones) - Both are toddlers (Kuchitamatchi and Kuribotchi) - One is gen 11 and one is gen 2
  8. The battery for one of my V2's died... and when I recharged it and put it back in... it reset ;w; It hatched into a boy so Eril is back I guess but all my money and items are gone, nooooo
  9. Still missing my dog, still grieving, but starting to be able to enjoy things again. Today appears to be Baby Day! All the parents of the previous generation have left. I've decided on a whim to name them with my own alien language, for giggles. So here's what we have: V1: Ari (Moon), Baby Girl, Gen 2. Siliv's sister V2 (1): Eril (Red), Baby Boy, Gen 2. Arka's brother V2 (2): Arka (Blue), Baby Boy, Gen 2. Eril's brother V3 (1): Weys (Dusk), Baby Boy, Gen 2. Ru's brother V3 (2): Ru (Dawn), Baby Boy, Gen 2. Weys' brother V4: Siliv (Star), Baby Girl, Gen 5. Ari's sister V6/Music Star (1): Ianu (Sun), Baby Boy, gen 11 V6/Music Star (2): Oshiro (Golden One), Baby Boy, gen 2. Insinro's brother TamaGo: Insinro (Silver One), Baby Boy, gen 7. Oshiro's brother V5/Familitchi: Itchigotchi, Bakutchi, Chamametchi Mini: Nyrotchi Spacey M!X: This dude!
  10. O.o and people said I was crazy for running 12 at a time, with frequent pauses. Best of luck to you, my dairy-based friend. Gonna watch this with great interest.
  11. Having said that it looks like the release of the On has bumped the prices up for everything else on Amazon, probably to stay competitive. So I guess either way I get to wait for things to be cheaper XwX (I think probably another M!X though, to unlock the mermaid town. Unless a Meets/On can unlock that too? HMMM SO MANY QUESTIONS)
  12. If anyone has an ON, can they connect to a Japanese Tamagotchi M!X? More specifically a Spacey Mix? I'm looking to buy another color Tama but I've got a budget, it might be less costly and more practical for me to get something (probably a Meets or Melody M!X) from overseas if it can't connect to the one I have already. So I would like to know before I make any purchases. Thanks!
  13. .... going on a hiatus from the log for a little bit. My dog died today... I need some time.
  14. THE DAY HAS COME! Cue the dating music because it is time for.... ~*THE BIG WEDDING THING*~ MATCH 1 Clair(e) the Memetchi (v4) - and - Diget the Mametchi (v1) Result: 2 BABY GIRLS! MATCH 2 Annie the Pyonkotchi (v2) - and - Manny the Marumimitchi (v2) Result: 2 BABY BOYS! MATCH 3 Oscar the Mametchi (v3) - and - Wally the Kuchipatchi (v3) Result: 2 BABY BOYS! MATCH 4 Watatchi (v5) - and - Uhyotchi (via Dating Show) Result: 2 BABY GIRLS AND 1 BABY BOY! MATCH 5 Eden the Violetchi (v6) - and - Kuchipatchi (TamaGO) Result: 2 BABY BOYS! And yesterday... MATCH 6 Lovlitchi (Spacey M!X) - and - Mametchi (From TamaTomo) Result: A BABY BOY! And so the next generation has been born. Not an even split of boy/girl so some will have to depend on the Match Maker. Oh well. I forgot how many times you actually have to connect to get them to marry, aaa XwX