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  1. I know you have to be 6 or 7 years old (don't remember quite which) to use the DatePlace, but is there an age restriction on marrying via connection? My Kuchipatchi is 3 (much pause shenanigans due to my chronic health issues) and the one I want to try to marry is already 7 so... will I have to pause the other one and wait for the Kuchi to get old enough?
  2. More non-explodey batteries came in the mail today. All 5 worked right out of the package. Very nice. All my Tamas now have batteries.... which is why I'm writing this at 10 pm my local time because they all finally went to bed XwX

  3. (The important parts are in bold, because I'm an unapologetic rambler ) I recently cleaned every inch of my room and in doing so I found my old Pocket Neopets. My Deluxe Faerieland one, and my Lost Desert Aisha one. Ahh, fond memories. I have my own income now so I can buy batteries instead of begging my parents, so I figured, why not fire 'em up for old time's sake? After looking up the manuals on Google (the papers have long since been lost), and caring for them for half a week while keeping a close watch on their stats, I have a shocking observation: The manuals were both wrong. Pocket Neopets are a bit more particular than Tamagotchis. They want to be fed exactly 3 times a day or they get unhappy and run away (Game Over). If you feed them too much they lose health and then run away (Game Over). It tells you what times to feed them in the instruction manual that comes with it... but in both cases they've been wrong. This seems like a small problem, until you realize that if you feed them at the wrong time, it counts as over-feeding and they lose health... and then you think you've fed them for the day, and you accidentally miss the RIGHT time to feed them, so they lose happiness and MORE health. This is ESPECIALLY a problem on the smaller single-pet/non-deluxe toys, since you can only buy 3 meals each day. If you miss one, you might run out of food when you actually need it. I'm not 100% sure on these times, but this has been my observations based on their stats, and the food icon reminder flashing. These are not exact, there is some wiggle room with these guys; a few minutes late won't hurt you. The time listed in the instructions will be in red, the time I've found that works will be in blue. LOST DESERT AISHA (Yellow, I've seen pictures of a blue one, can't promise it's the same inside but I suspect it's the same board, just different plastic) Breakfast: 7:30 AM 7:45 AM Lunch: 12:00 PM 12:00 PM Dinner: 7:00 PM 7:00 - 7:30 PM FAERIELAND DELUXE Breakfast: 7:30 AM 7:45 AM Lunch: 12:30 PM 12:30 PM Dinner: 6:30 MP 7:30 PM Lunch seems to be the only time that lines up with the instructions. Breakfast at 7:30 seems to be too early and you get penalized for over-feeding on both toys. The hour-long difference in the dinner time for the Faerieland one is the biggest problem, and probably why I couldn't keep it alive for more than a few days as a kid. If you have any thoughts, questions, or better yet ~*MORE DATA*~, please let me know! Thanks!
  4. When you realize that the round egg-shaped pink thing in the bottom of your Tamagotchi Bag is not actually one of your Tamagotchis, but is that Eos Lip Balm you've been looking for for like, a week. Mmm, strawberry :ichigotchi:

  5. Heading on V2/V3 probably! Definitely the game I've played the most of over time XD Fast and easy once you get the trick down, but not so easy that it's boring. Shoot the Bug on TamaGo is pretty fun too though. Not too hard, not too easy, a nice challenge. Pretty fast. Changes enough to keep things interesting. I wish the V5/Familitchi had better games :p I'm not a fan of Tea Time or TV. And mine has a memory defect so it rarely gets to the parents stage. Although Shoes and Golf aren't that fun either, IMHO.
  6. I've been slowly converting my large Tamagotchi Connection series collection onto rechargeable batteries to save on my pocketbook and help the environment, and I mistakenly purchased some Zackees brand rechargeable 2032 batteries on Amazon. I was on a budget and they were cheap. Don't repeat my mistake! Stay far away from these things XwX - I bought 8 batteries, only 3 worked. That's less than 50%. Not Good. - One of the ones that did not work tried to BURST INTO FLAMES. (My Tama was unharmed, thank goodness, but I did burn my finger) Sadly they didn't qualify for a refund >:T I will be leaving an unhappy Amazon review. If anyone knows what brands/where to buy GOOD rechargeable batteries, please let me know.
  7. I own 2 first waves... but that still doesn't make sense? The only way to lose half and wind up with 0 is if you already had 0. Which I definitely didn't. There should have been something left. I guess it doesn't really matter that much, since I have made some money since starting the thread, but I just don't know why that happened. It's never happened before.
  8. I just got to generation 10 on my Music Star, and all my points vanished? And I had amassed quite a fortune, too :C We're talking multi-millionaire. There's no way I could have spent ALL of it and landed on exactly 0 gp. So it must have POOFed away. Is this normal for generation 10? It sees a 1 and assumes I should have none? Or am I just very unlucky? (Luckily I have 2 Music Stars so I can gift food from the other one so the first one won't starve to death XwX )