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    The Moon Kingdom
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    Tamagotchis, Pokemon, Drawing, Music, Neopets, Sailor Moon, Reading, taking many naps

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    Connection V1
    Connection V2 (x2)
    Connection V3 (x2)
    Connection V4
    Connection V5/Familitchi (defective memory, looking to purchase another, currently spare parts)
    Connection V6/Music Star (x2)
    TamaGo (which I think is technically the V7?)
    Tamagotchi Mini (Series 2)

    Lost Desert Aisha Pocket Neopet
    Deluxe Faerieland Pocket Neopet
    Nano Puppy (I think series 2)
    Littlest Pet Shop Bunny Digital Pet

    PHONE APPS (I don't quiiite count these since they're not physical toys but I will play with them anyway):
    Tamagotchi Classic for Android

    LOOKING TO BUY (I don't mind used at all, so long as it works fine!):
    Connection V5/Familitchi
    Tamagotchi Mix
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    Currently a tie between my TamaGo and Music Star
  • Favorite Tamagotchi Character
    Mametchi and Mimitchi
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    1 TamaGo, 2 Music Stars, 1 Familitchi, 1 V4, 2 V3's, 2 V2's, 1 V1, 1 Mini, Aisha Pocket Neopet, Faerieland Pocket Neopet, Tamagotchi Classic Android app

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  1. More non-explodey batteries came in the mail today. All 5 worked right out of the package. Very nice. All my Tamas now have batteries.... which is why I'm writing this at 10 pm my local time because they all finally went to bed XwX