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  1. 23rd is today what are the coincidnces
  2. i swear once i get a switch im gonna rub it in all of your faces...
  3. 3ds has been found and everything is ok
  4. shhhh.... only five more days....

  5. and my 3ds is MIA. great.
  6. yeeeeet three gens down the drain
  7. Seven. Days. You know what happens.

  8. sorry for not posting... Day 2... jack evolved into hanbunkotchi, which evolved into Lovelitchi. (gud.) Lovelitchi married Mametchi, and had a baby. That baby had another baby, which is where we are now. Nothing really interesting, though, besides he went to the hotel a lot.
  9. 9 days... *begin the classical music* 

  10. becomes a mod so i can delete you post and win