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  1. I think these would be a good adition to the database- Name: Rakuraku Dinokun Type: Fake Notes: Has the infamous 'Bunny ROM' and it's very common in physical stores. Basically if you go to a random market you'll see these. It has 5 buttons and transparent shell. It is currently available in 4 colors(?). It's a fake to Rakuraku Dinokun/Dinkie Dino.
  2. I own a fake and I don't think their quality is bad, but it could be better. It takes awhile to ask for care, and I think it's boring. But that's just my point of view. Anyways it could be even better if they removed the reset button and make them less sensitive to impact.
  3. Oof I commented on the wrong phone is really glitched sometimes... I'm sorry.
  4. I'm new here, but I knew Tamagotchi since 2012, when a toy brand called Long Jump licensed the Tama-Go Tamagotchi on Brazil. I tried searching for them on online stores, but they're basically extinct and are only available for sale on foreigner websites. So my question is...where to buy genuine Tamagotchi on Brazil? I could try Mercado Livre, but they're reselling Tamas they imported from Japan, so they're very expensive. I really need help right now. By the way, I have a virtual pet, but it's a bootleg RakuRaku Dinokun, which is transparent and yellow. I want to collect all virtual pets I could find, and I want a genuine one to my collection.