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  1. While it is doing that any button will kill it. here is the death animation Maybe it might be having a seizure.
  2. There is this app called My Tamagotchi Forever you can find the app here...Sorry the link is now owned to scammers so I can no longer show you the link but you can find it in the app or android stores. I just found the right link mytamagotchiforever.com
  3. It is acting weird It is stuck in this strange animation And it dies.
  4. Yah I just got the Gudetama tamagotchi back but I did have to start over. But on the bright side I got to see lazy egg again. Ps. I just followed all of you.
  5. Just talking about the low battery screens on the tamagotchi. Sorry for the late response.
  6. My replicas and mini also died of battery.
  7. Sadly my last tamagotchi has gotten the low battery screen. My gudetama tamagotchi is stuck with a battery with a giant X in the middle. RIP Tamagotchi I believe I got him in March I got him at the mall March 2019 - July 2019 RIP my little baby. :.(
  8. Don't worry this happened to me its easy to fix just put in the keychain carefully then reattach the part where it came off but if it was another part then use glue or whatever works for your baby.