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  1. A friend told me what it was about and now I understand. I will leave this open for anyone who has comments.
  2. https://osumesu21.tumblr.com/post/181901449626/gudetama-tamagotchi-death-sequence-watch-him-get I guess it is a common glitch. This is what it is suppost to do
  3. I could not upload it due to a 40 mb upload restriction.
  4. There is a photo of a 2012 furby with glitchy rainbow eyes with a colorful explosion in each eye. I do not think furbys can do this.
  5. Remember when I posted the topic about the death? Well I ran into a glitch where it would dance before it dies instead of being taken by chop sticks. Does anyone else have this glitch?
  6. It has not became one yet but it will soon
  7. Right now it is a penguin thing but tomorrow it will be an adult.
  8. My kuchipatchi and nijifuwatchi married each other and had a baby named deedeetchi. Days later it had a baby with kikitchi but it was the same Tamagotchi dressed up like a kikitchi though.
  9. There is a pausing option with the tamagotchis

  10. Hmm...I am not really sure but I am hoping they fix the glitch. Try asking my friend Penguin Keeper he might know. ,Love FuzzEye
  11. I just got a new tamagotchi on and I found some strange things. 1. My tamagotchi freaks out when it eats 2. My tamagotchi's room turned dark brown 3.I do not know what this is, so my tamagotchi randomly ends up watching TV then seeing a leaf then captures it, then gives it to a raccoon which just disappears out of nowhere, then ends up in this beautiful world full of trees, plants, and bunnies, than ends up in this empty waste land and poofs back home. You can see the slide show of what I am talking about below: https://www.kapwing.com/videos/5daf78b72203ec0013535b07 P.S HAPPY CAPSLOCK DAY ,Love FuzzEye