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  1. Ok I really hate when this happens and I’m sure u guys do too but it’s the well known motor glitch and it’s common with furby booms and it happend to 3 of my furby booms and it just recently happens to my Christmas sweater furby boom (Ah-Boh) and I really don’t like that glitch’s (those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about it’s when a furby boom freezes and doesn’t move and the then shuts iff after ten seconds) so if any body knows how to fix it please help me.
  2. fnaf GIFFnaf and tamagotchi for life

    1. KidRetro64


      Agreed! FNaF and tamagotchis are so good equally in there own way!

    2. logangotchi


      Yah I love fnaf and I want to collect all of the toys

  3. yah i like mametchi too. right now im trying to get mametchi on my tamagotchi mini cool i had a pink tarakotchi on my tamagotchi classic app cool mimitchi is pretty cool i had him on my tamagotchi connection
  4. so I wanna know... what is yall's faveorite tamagotchi evolution? mine is kutchipatchi.
  5. thb i can totally see band-ai making a tamagotchi on app for the tamagotchi on to connect to. kinda like the furby connect
  6. OMG I am so upset that bandai removed the tamagotchi classic app from the app store. I have it on my phone and ipad but still WHY. Have any of you guys used the tamagotchi classic app?