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  1. Hey there Tama lovers! So I know quite a number of us have purchased the Tamagotchi ON here in the US, and then had technical issues with them. My issue is a strange one—the device powers on, and functions for a little while, but then a few minutes into the baby stage it simply shuts off. Not just the display turning off—no, the device won't respond to button presses at all. The only way we could find to fix it was to open the back and replace the batteries, and then it would work for another few minutes before shutting off again. If we could get it through the baby stage, the device usually progressed OK from there, except that it BURNED through batteries. New batteries were needed every 1-2 days, and it didn't even give a "low battery" message before simply shutting off again. Still, despite those hurdles we got through three or four generations before the device completely kicked the bucket and wouldn't work anymore. In the meantime, I've been in contact frequently with Bandai America about the faulty device, because I had no way to return it to the store where it was purchased for a replacement. (It was a second-hand purchase of a NIB device.) The reason I'm writing this post at all is because I know folks have had trouble in the past getting any kind of response from Bandai to technical issues. After some hassling, they have agreed to look at my device and either repair or replace it. Here's how I did it, in case you also have inexplicable hardware issues with your new Tamagotchi ON like I did. 1. Contact Bandai through the contact form on the Bandai America website. https://www.bandai.com/support/customerservice.html 2. I had to submit my request twice through that form before I received a reply email. (My requests were more than a week and a half apart.) So far with this process I've had to be really persistent. Describe your technical issue in as much detail as you can and don't specifically request a replacement—they will probably replace the device on their own once you get to step 5. 3. Bandai America will email you asking for you to send in the device. They specifically do not promise to replace the device, or even find one similar to it. You also have to complete this process within 30 days of them sending you a mailing label, so be sure you pester them if too much time passes without a response. The hurdle to sending in your faulty device is that Bandai America won't accept any personal information (like your address) through email, for whatever reason. You have to write them a snail mail letter with your address in it (and a print-out of the email they sent you) addressed to their customer service team in California. Then they will respond, supposedly, to that letter with a prepaid mailing label for your device. 4. You won't actually get the label unless you get in contact with customer service again. I waited more than three weeks after snail-mailing in my address and the label never showed, so I emailed Customer Service back and got the label within 3 days. (Remember: don't give them your address over email or they probably won't deal with you.) 5. Pack up and mail your device back to them. I included a letter with my shipment going into as much detail as I could about my issue, because they may be fooled into thinking the device is fine when they first power it on. My hunch is they won't bother to repair your device and send it back to you—they will probably keep it, do tests on it, and send you a replacement in the meantime. I should hear back from them in another week or two and I can update this post then with what happens! Good luck!
  2. I am so jealous that you got to marry the unicorn Tamagotchi! I've been trying to marry that one forever really made lots of cute babies down the line. I'm having a lot of fun reading along with your journey. Nice tip about getting twins if you max out happiness, explains why my last one had twins since it was the first time I was able to get happiness up into the dark blue range. Thanks for sharing!
  3. I have what appears to be (and plays like) an original Compu Kitty Giga Pet. This is probably a silly question, but I haven’t touched the Giga Pet franchise since I was eleven and there’s not nearly as much out there about them as Tamagotchi. It’s yellow and transparent, but it’s kind of an odd rounded square/oval shape, not the standard triangle I’ve seen everywhere else. It works great, and it’s in nearly perfect condition. I would be shocked if it was a fake. Were there multiple iterations of the Compu Kitty? Do I have an older one or a newer one? thanks for the help, guys! Here is a photo of the unit.
  4. Thank you!! I got a different unit and it worked great. The problem was definitely with the unit. Going to try and see if Bandai is willing to replace the broken one... hahahaha.
  5. You're undoubtedly right. It's really too bad, too, for the US debut of the color Tamagotchi. Hopefully not a lot of other users experience it. Thanks for the assist!
  6. That's what I thought was happening, but it doesn't respond at all when I press the buttons. The screen stays black, and it makes no noise. It's just gone. Pressing RESET didn't help, either—the only thing that worked was opening the battery cover, taking out the batteries, and putting them back in again. Each time I did this, it would come back on and I'd have to re-adjust the time, so I knew that whenever the screen went dead the device wasn't counting time anymore. This method worked in shorter and shorter intervals until it stopped responding completely. This one's new out of the box, too, so really mysterious. I honestly just gave up and took out the batteries so I didn't totally drain them. It must be a bad device, so I think I'm going to return it unless somebody knows a fix for this? Earlier posts on this thread give me the impression this might be somewhat common. I might reach out to Bandai before shipping it back to see if they can help.
  7. I LOVE this. It's really pretty, and the shape of the case is super cute and original. I love the characters, too! Kind of glad to know this one's not a ripoff of some kind. Update us when you get it, I would love to see it in action.
  8. Is it possible to access the yard if your Tamagotchi is still a baby? When I press B, it just takes me to the clock, but my Tama is still in the baby stage (and the poor thing can't progress from that because my Tamagotchi ON unit appears broken and keeps turning off). Thank you!
  9. I am having this problem with my new Tamagotchi ON, and I assume since it's just the English version of the Meets that maybe my problem is related. I've only had mine on for 20-30 minutes in total (still a baby), and the screen has frozen on pitch black every five or ten minutes. I take the battery case off (which further strips the tiny screw it came with...) and take out and put back in the batteries each time, and then it only works for another ten minutes or less. I know the batteries are good because they're brand new out of a box, not rechargeables, and work fine in other devices. Any ideas about how to deal with this...? I'm thinking about just returning it to Target and opening the other one I purchased to keep in a box (collector's item). Really disappointed as this was my first color Tamagotchi of the newer gens.
  10. I stumbled upon this today and I’m curious what you folks think. I’ve never heard of Tiger making an official giga pet that’s “8-in-1.” The middle button is also very odd looking! Real or fake? https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F352744083068
  11. I have to say that it's Tamagotchi Connection v2 for me. It was a hit and a miss. My husband is playing one right now and he gets so aggravated at the games--they really don't make sense. The timing has to be so perfect that it's excruciating for both the Bump game and the Jump game. It's really not clear or intuitive at all how to play them! You end up feeding your guy a lot of snacks just so you can keep trying again. I think my favorite was v4.5 in terms of variety of games and characters. (That said, I haven't picked up any past the v5 yet. I'm waiting to open my Tamagotchi On until my husband gets his green one and we can start them together.) I don't particularly like the body designs for any of the newer versions so I haven't picked them up. Though I have to say I really do enjoy the strange character adult that he got in v2, the Whaletchi, which is only in the English version. It looks like a huge whale with a mustache and it's just so needy and awful, I really love it.
  12. I would also be interested to see this footage! Checked out the youtube channel, but maybe it hasn't been posted yet. Please let us know when it's up!
  13. I had an Aquapet when I was a kid and my mom ALWAYS side eyed it. I didn't understand why until many years later, bahahaha. I'm seriously tempted to get my hands on it just to try to understand how it works!
  14. Okay, I found it again! The listing claims it's a "Littlest Pet Shop" digital pet, which I had no idea existed. (It's too bad because I loved loved LOVED littlest pet shop as a kid and would've owned ten of these.) I could buy it for about 20 bucks. So I guess it's not generic, but I have no idea if it's fake or not? I'd just never even heard of a digipet like this. I have no idea how you would work it with no buttons. The shape of it is really awful
  15. I wish I still had a photo of it, but I saw a similar virtual pet to the one in the pen. It was VERY narrow and tall and actually, uh, looked exactly like a pregnancy test. I mean EXACTLY. I'm going to keep my eyes peeled on eBay for it because I couldn't stop laughing when I saw it.