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  1. I apologize if this has been answered a million times or in some basic app guide. I guess I want to know if anyone knows about the ins and outs of the whole proposal system on the Tamagotchi ON app. When you click on someone's tama in the plaza, and hit propose, you see both tama hanging out, and there's a delay and the other tama either breaks your heart or accepts. I have been declined and then you can go back to the home screen and re-try to propose to that tama (per the instructions in the app's settings!). The other weird thing is that sometimes there's a really long delay and other times they immediately reject or accept. I also see a lot of the same tamagotchi characters (there's a set of witches and a ballerina looking ninja boy with a twin) I have noticed in my notifications bar that I have received a proposal but there was no option to decline, only accept it! Their tama didn't have any features I was interested in and eventually it left my notifications. So basically I am wondering if I'm harassing these poor people with countless proposals because I want my tamagotchi to get their cute cat ears!!! And if I don't accept someone's proposal, are they having the same issue..? edit: I found a video where this woman talks about proposal in the app...and from what i can tell you can accept/decline once you tap on the proposals you receive, or it will simply time out. However, I'm really confused because I saw the same kitty cat witch twins in her app which leads me to believe it's not a real person with the app open.... I guess you can also just share your genetics with people and not transfer the information on your tama and start again.
  2. 1. No idea, because I haven’t used the hotel daycare function yet! However, I read somewhere or other that you can leave tama with their parents however long but the daycare if you leave them past 5pm they take a big dip in the happiness meter. 2. When you unlock various places (Farm Town, or whatever for example) it gives you that theme icons for your menu. I believe it’s unlocked after you first visit the new location, not simply discovering it. You can switch back to the “normal” icons between styles without paying any gotchi points. 3. I think the item just goes back into your inventory after you collect a pet. I was able to select the toy I left outside from my item menu right afterward, anyway. 4. I think you have to pay each time you switch backgrounds/wallpaper. I was sort of annoyed because I unlocked the “Sweets” background from the app, transferred it AND I had to pay 2000GP to unlock it!! It appears you can switch to your original default background for free 🙃 I guess they have to keep you playing the little games somehow...?