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  1. OH and voting is only open from 10:55pm tonight to 6:00am tomorrow, eastern time.
  2. For those of you who missed Mia but still want to vote for her, the number to call is 1-866-602-4805. The number to text is 4805. To vote online, go to . Make sure you do each 10 times!!!
  3. For all of those Tamagotchi owners who live in America, who watches America's Got Talent? Make sure you tune in TONIGHT (August 25th) at 9:00 eastern time, 8:00 central time and vote for 16 year old MIA BOOSTROM. She is a wonderful girl with an amazing voice. There is no one who deserves to win more than Mia. Remember that you can vote a total of 30 times! 10 votes through text message, 10 votes through calling, and 10 times on Every single vote counts! Make this talented girl's dreams come true! Thanks!
  4. Oh, and I just found a "Part 2".
  5. Here is a YouTube video that points out a bunch of bloopers found in High School Musical. I never even noticed any of these! Enjoy! I would love to hear your comments. *****I did not make this video.
  6. I love that song! It's in the credits for the movie "Eragon". =D
  7. I don't like rap...I'm more into pop and some soft rock. What about you???
  8. ђคђคค tђเร เร ร๏๏๏ ς๏๏l! tђคภк ץ๏ย!
  9. I only watch TV if there is nothing better to do...or if a good episode of a show I like is on.
  10. I was thinking that same thing! When I heard the song "If We Were A Movie" for the first time, Miley and Oliver came to mind. I don't think that Jake will be Miley's bf for much longer.
  11. I've seen "Scrubs" before, and I thought it was hilarious! I don't watch it that often, though.
  12. Does anybody like to watch old shows, like "I Love Lucy" or "The Andy Griffith Show"?
  13. Their songs are awesome!!! I love the song "Inseparable"....oh em gee.
  14. :)Sometimes Webkinz is down and the server doesnt work. If this happenes, all u can do is try again later.
  15. Of course! They are a band of three brothers: Kevin, the oldest...Joe, the middle...and Nick, the youngest. They are basically a kids rock band, and their music has been described as being lively and hyper. Their genre is mostly pop, but it has some influences of rock. Their songs are basically about love and kid stuff, and they write the lyrics themselves. Lemme know if you wanna know more.