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  1. My mini passed away from old age a few days ago. :< I restarted it and got a new egg, and it evolved into another Maskutchi. Not complaining! But then, last night, I went to see Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark in theatres and... completely neglected it. |D It fell asleep with 3 poops on the screen, and was sick when I checked on it this morning. Whoops!! In my defense the movie was really good and I was busy fangirling about it.
  2. 20th Anniversary Mini Progress This is my mini! He's been running for about 2 weeks now. I'm not sure how long the batteries on these guys last, but luckily I have some spare batteries from my busted bunny ROM. Since this was my first Tamagotchi, I had no idea that the low level of care required wasn't normal. I thought the trope of accidentally killing your Tamagotchi was just cus people sucked at taking care of them |D It hangs from my belt loop all day, so I can check on it at work. It hatched into a little round babe after a minute of being activated, and rolled around adorably like a dough ball. After a couple of days, it evolved into Maskutchi, which quickly became one of my absolute favorite characters. I love his long weird legs! About a week went by, and he evolved into what I presume to be Oyajitchi, pictured above. I'm pretty happy with my first run! Based on his evolution tree, I think I did a good job! I'm really hoping to get Kuchipatchi next time. I think I read that after about a week of being in their last stage, minis die of old age. I plan to keep this guy running for as long as possible! It's a really fun low-commitment pet. Especially considering you can turn off the sound, thank god.
  3. Welcome to my Tama log! I love virtual pets and the science behind human relationships with artificial life. But mostly, I just love cute kitschy things! This log will keep track of my tama collection, my active tamas, and my tama wishlist. - My Collection (πŸ’š=active) πŸ’šBoris the 20th Anniversary Mini ❀Eve the Pixel Pet ❀Nana Moon Maxi (coming soon!) - My Wishlist 🌟 Tamagotchi Meets Fantasy 🌟 Gudetama Tamagotchi 🌟 Angelgotchi 🌟 Littlest Pet Shop Digipet 🌟 Pixel Chix Cottage 🌟 Mothra Tamagotchi 🌟 Pocket Pikachu
  4. Oh wow, that's a really convincing fake. I wonder who manufactures it. I bet it's tricked quite a few people.
  5. Update: I snipped what I assumed was the speaker, but now it won't turn on. Oh well.
  6. Oh awesome!!! I'm really surprised that it was so cheap then - I got it for a dollar. Thank you!!
  7. This thread is awesome!! I'm quite partial to bootlegs. Here's one I bought from eBay today: Name: Nana Moon Maxi Type: Generic Notes: Runs on its own ROM entirely. I'll update this post when I get my hands on it!
  8. I have a knockoff 168-in-1 that I would really like to play with, but I live with roommates, and the sound is super obnoxious. Has anyone found a sound toggle option in their 168-in-1, or is there a way for me to take it apart and remove the speaker without damaging the toy? Here's a picture of the one I have. https://hottopic.scene7.com/is/image/HotTopic/11567678_hi?$pdp_hero_standard$ Also please let me know if there's another topic where this question would fit better, I didn't see any knockoff help talk in any of the sections besides the warnings section.