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  1. Hi! I hope this is the right place to ask... Is this hitorikko fake? The buttons dontt look like they do on reviews and on other pictures... I wanted to buy a hitorikko becuse I have never tried one. Maybe the fish isn't worth getting if you plan on owning a DNA fish anyway? Hmmm...
  2. I need to add, it's important to put the screen back on the right way. Not upside down! Because menus will look strange then.
  3. "All of the characters only follow one unique growth pattern, whereas with regular (non multi-pet) Dinkie pets you usually get 3 different possible growth patterns per animal. " Wow! One? The different growth-paths are important! I hope this Isn't the case with the 4-in-1... I am winning the bidding right now. They should write on package how it is!
  4. I am right now bidding on a 4-in-1, does it not include all the growth-paths!?!?!? 😰 How nerfed is it? This sounds terrible!
  5. Hello! This post is about vintage, connections and up to uratama. About how to repair them. My native language isn't English, so this might be a bit of a strange read. 😋 If you have a pet that have lazy buttons or fading screen, or maybe doesn't seem to work at all, there is a thing you can do. You can open up your device, it's easy! Take out all the screws, but remember where they are supposed to sit! Then you can take the screen off. It's No worries! And of it's broken - take the chance to fix it! It's no problem! Then after you have taken off everything, you clean everything on the circuit board. Careful! With alcohol or some other ok liquid for cleaning electronic stuff. You do this with a cotton wad stick, like those for the ears... But don't use a used one! Don't be cheap, take a new one. It's worth it. Then if something is wrong the paper behind the screen on your Tamagotchi, like water damage maybe? Then you can throw away and make a new one! Draw something naughty and put it where the old paper was and TADA! New background. Make sure to clean the buttons and where they push! Press them a bit insideout and clean. Well, after everything is clean, you put it together!!! Remember where the screws went??? I hope so. They have different sizes you know. But don't worry - you did! Yay! It wasn't hard at all and there wasn't many of them! When the little critter is put back together, you put the batteries in and try it out. The screen will be stronger now and the buttons a lot bettet! But if it still does NOT work it might have something else wrong. You might need to solder. That is a bit more advanced. You'll need to change the 47uf capacitor! I'll write how... It's the funny round things with legs. You need to get it out! Cut it out of the circuit board and make sure EVERY part of it is out. Ok? Then you take your new 47uf capacitor and put it in it's place! Make sure it sits the right way! And you solder that capacitator into place! But some pets use different capacitators, so get the right uf. Ok? There are different volt in capacitators but Tamas use very little. Soldering isn't so hard. Save your Tamagotchi! (If it's just your sound wires, then you can hot glue them.) Anyway... I hope this wicked post helps a Tamagotchi breeder... Somewhere. A take apart video!!! Notice the screen. Clean it! Look! A Good guide for yr EYEs! (This guy knows Tamagotchi!) Good Luck! 🧐
  6. I agree! They should have made them into advanced houses or something. There is no background story with the professor about how this came to be. If those Tamagotchis where games on consoles it would be different... Tamagotchi On does look like it might be fun, but still I think about how there is so many places in the egg.
  7. I haven't tried anything after the connections. I feel like those are missing the point in some way... I don't really want different locations inside the egg and the colours and added things... Nah. All of those are my least favorite. I also tried the Forever Tamagotchi app... That also took something away from the feeling of Tamagotchi. Right now I play Genjintch. The gen1 was my first, actually, it was my dads but I used it. I think v5 is the last good Tamagotchi for me. UraTama might have been better. Right. I feel like the developers who made this wasn't really Tamagotchi players. I showed my Music Star to a Japanese friend. They don't have it over there. She's going to get one in Ebay.