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  1. Oh, the 1996/1997 tamagotchi screens are a bit too big for this pet... The search continues!
  2. For being a knock-off pet in a dinkie shell it's in great quality. I own 1 hitorikko and 3 dinkie pets, this one is at the same quality as those. I didn't have the dog hitorikko, just chicken, so this was good.
  3. The circuit board says A7111, if that means anything to anyone. It does look like it's in good quality and not cheap at all. Whoever had it seems to have played with it a lot and enjoyed, a bit too much... So I want to fix it and see what it is. Does anyone know the size of the screens of those fake tamagotchis that are all over the net? Someone who owns one? Because I can't seem to find out.
  4. I need help! Ok, so I got the pet. I opened it up. Screws seems to have been replaced to worse ones. So I replaced them. I had to reconnect the wires to the speaker also. Except the screen and the two rubber connectors everything seems fine. But I did not have a screen to replace it with! The screen is 1 inch x 1,1 inch. 🤔 So now I need help! Does anyone know a pet with such a screen size? So that I can search for one? The blue dog pet was in very good quality! The background of the screen... The responsen... The blackness of the character... Really, really, Good! And the Tamagotchi was a Japanese edition 1996. All good!
  5. I'm pretty sure it's the same one. In 40min I believe I will win the bidding and get them all for about $7. Including shipping. I have been trying to look up the dog pet also. I tried reversed image search and found "fish fish" and "chicken chicken" which both looks just like this one but are with fish and chickens. They are hitorikkos. I had no luck at all searching for the yellow one. I will try to fix it. Change the screen and what might be needed.
  6. I saw those... Quite nice! I should destroy some of my cups so I can get One.
  7. Some kids really like them a lot. I have seen them, in real life. Liki g them.
  8. Also, right now bidding is at $2 for all of them... So I might go for it just to see what they are.
  9. The new sellers pet does not have the scratch, down the right side of the screen. Also the one selling before had a very faint blue scratch above right arrow. There are some small details that makes me think that this is not the same weird pet.
  10. Ok, so that virtual pet was sold. But now there's this... From another user. The user is not the same as the winner of the last one. On this site you can see who wins. Unless the winner had more than one account? The table looks a bit the same? The the seller of the last one win his/her own pet, with another account, and is now selling it again, with yet another account?? Or are there weird pets that looks like this?
  11. The fluff didn't hold the Tama in place so good, also I felt like I had to try to make something that matched more. So I made more green fluff! And then I glued it like I've never glued green fluff before... 😔 Not so fluffy now! Are you!? It became creepy crawly ivy, kind of... Oh no! This doesn't look good! I guess I'll have to do like person who don't put things in the microwave... And wait for it to dry... 🤔 So I paint it... Then I use hairspray om it! To make it stick together. It's important to spray from afar.. otherwise the spray is to concentrated. Trust me, I know, I do all kinds of things with hairspray. The hairspray is flammable also, now I have to try hard NOT to microwave this thing. What would happen if I do??? This is a picture of me using the hairspray om the green thing. Very nice! 👍 I can't use the hairblower, because it broke in a microwave unrelated event. I will update after it is dry. 🧘🧘🧘🧘🧘🧘🧘🧘🧘 Hello fan of The R.I.P Tamagotchi Stand©! The salt makes the chances of mold less, also No moist now when it's very hard. It's dry now. I have stuff that I made as a kid that still holds up today. When making glue, if you don't use salt the bugs will come. Mjölbaggar, flour beetles, and they are nasty. They Will eat your bread! Maybe the stand is less cute now... With nerfed fluff. But I still have the old fluff. In case I will miss it when my new green horrible creation is fine. Here we like to put fish in salt and wait for it to rott. The salt makes it not mold... Then we eat it. Just put salt on stuff. It works with food and with The R.I.P Tamagotchi Stand©.👍👍👍 Still not very dry... The inspirations! 😭⚰️ 🙃 It's very dry and Good to the touch now 👆 Very nice. I Will now try it in the microwave. PS. Surströmming is tasty but there is a time and place for everything. Judging in reactions upon eating food you dig down with salt, such tastes are not for all. In a way The R.I.P Tamagotchi Stand© is also rotten. You should never eat the dough I used here, we call it troll dough. 4 parts flour 2 parts salt 2 parts water 2 spoons rapeseed oil Just mix those things. But don't eat eat! Ok, ok... We all take a nibble, because who can withstand it? 😋
  12. First I made a dough out of flour, salt and water. I shaped it into a stand and put it into the oven. When it was done I made glue out of flour, water and salt. I mixed those things in a pot cooked it. I put glue all over the Tamagotchi stand!!! It looked icky. After it has dried I painted it. Then I took, what-it's-called?, white fluffy stuff, synthetic cotton? And I throw that fluff into the green paint water!!! Waiting for it to dry was boring so I used microwave. Then I had green, green, fluff of home. And YAY! It is finished! The R.I.P Tamagotchi Stand EDIT: I might cut down on the fluff....
  13. Sorry for delay... Nothing on back... Right now the winning bid is at 21.26 USD...
  14. I haven't won the bidding yet, these two pics are from the seller. The screen looks strange here...
  15. What is this??? I have been searching the net for hours... I am winning the bidding on it. It seems to have Dog, Alien, Dino, Cat and Chicken? It was so weirf that I had to bid on it.