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  1. Thank you for replying! So far looks like there are two food that you can transfer and gives you a color. Peach for pink and the other one it’s orange but don’t remember the name. I haven’t tested it myself but going to try the peach to see if it does change the color of the tama even though that food doesn’t belong there. I heard the Banana Shake from the tamagotchi app’s tree game changes the tama to yellow color and that’s also a transferable food from the mymeet. Not sure if it’s true the changing to yellow but going to test it out too at some point so I can share the info.
  2. Hey everyone! I was wondering about mymeets program. Haven’t used it yet but really, heavily, XD considering. Does anyone know if you can transfer food that dyes the Tama? I have a Magic Purple On but it doesn’t have a food that makes a Tama blue and same as red. Is there any food inside the mymeet program and if there are, are these food able to dye the Tama to blue or red? Thank you and sorry if this question was answered already. I searched but didn’t find anything about it. >_<
  3. I’m going to try that! That’s even better actually. Don’t mind staying away from the marriage/character creation to avoid the soft ban. As long as I can get some accessories or toys , I’m more than happy. Thank you so much for the share. Downloading it . 🥰
  4. Thank you for replying! Yep I’m pressing B. They already connected to play/travel and their little pets married too. But when using the gifting option they connect , the bar stars loading, and at the end it fails. I have tried Tamagotchi On receiving the gift while Sanrio meets its the one giving. Hopefully I’m doing something wrong because I would love to send some of those cute Sanrio meets items to the ON. *fingers crossed*
  5. Hey everyone! sorry if this question was answered already but I searched and searched and I couldn’t find any info on it. I have a Tamagotchi On and decided to get the a Sanrio Meets. Does anyone know if you can transfer items between them? So far I have noticed that you can marry their pets with each other so I’m guessing same can be done with the Tamas. I haven’t tested it out yet because my Sanrio is still a teenager. Just added that in case someone was wondering about it but the real question is if they can transfer items to each other because I’m getting fail connection. Does anyone have this info? Thank you for your time regardless.
  6. That was happening to me actually. I thought it was a bug. Do you mean the playdate option? Mine couldn’t have a playdate but would travel together. When you choose playdate, in the middle of the waiting for connection screen (which ends up failing to connect), press B (middle button) in both of the Tamas at the same time. That will make them connect and play with each other. Hope this helps!
  7. Same here. It was a pleasant surprise because all I have seen, through image search, when it comes to body color changes it’s full body. I went for it regardless because I was not liking the green at all lol. Really happy that it didn’t and it was just the green areas! And not a problem. I do think that the majority of the color changes are a whole body so the mymeets app it’s really a great idea. Didn’t think of it so thank you once again for the advice.
  8. Hello! Thanks for the reply. I already changed the color and it wasn’t a full body. I already linked the two images of before and after. It changed only the green areas as shown. Thanks for the info too. Would definitely consider the mymeets app in the future. Here it goes again with the before and after. Before Green original color. After purple color.
  9. Just for future doubts , looks like there are certain things of the tama that do indeed change only when you give snacks to change the color. I’m new so I don’t know what areas change when you try the color change but looks like it depends. Sharing my results in case anyone is wondering like me. The first post have the link to the original colors.
  10. My twins ended up getting green hair and wanted to change that but I don’t want everything to change. I was wondering, if I change their colors by giving them food, will it change everything or just the green parts? Thank you in advance. I added the pictures for reference. Tama twins: Parents :