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  1. Oh I see..well when I had to update my app i had to wait a few days or so until they released the updated version on APKpure..its just takes a bit longer ..but in any case each update they make on the app you will have to download the newer version by yourself checking on the app Edit: also , how you know the app needs updating is it just won't work when you try to use it..probably will pop up a message too. Also if they make any new objects to win in the game I don't think it always needs an update on the app, you just see the news on the billboard in game.
  2. I don't have the app in my region too and I can't see it on my apps list even when I search for the right name but there is a work around the problem, you can download an app like APK pure ( which works similar to the app store you have on your phone) and through this app you can download the app manually Tamagotchi ON APK (from APKPure) This is the link for the app , just make sure to give permission for the app to make the install, and lastly if you use APKpure use it at your own risk because it's not an official app from samsung/iPhone or any other brand
  3. for me i get a good mix of girls and boys (at least!) the only thing im sad about is sometimes my boys look like girls and then i get girls that look like boys lol
  4. Wow 50% is actually a lot too. Lol now I wonder if I go with these twins how long this line of twins will continue maybe one day it will just stop? goal is actually to try and reach gen 100 xD maybe I will become the famous 100 generation of twins tamas
  5. Something similar happend to me, when I first tried to connect via play date I didnt realize after you press "connect" you need to press the middle button again on both tamas for it to actually connect. It sounds silly but a huge problem at start actually turned to a misunderstanding, hope I could help.
  6. Oh i see..having my gold and locations i opened is i might actually let my tama die and see if it stops. still not sure tho, thanks for the reply too
  7. I think I have a weird bug since for 6 generations straight I'm having twins on my tamagotchi on, since I had twins 1 time it didn't stop for 6 times in a row, it was fun at start but now it's getting pretty annoying since I always need to think of 2 names for my tamas and I'm tired of deciding which one to marry. So my question there a way to fix this? If I let my tamas die will I lose all progress in worlds and the coins I have? Will killing my tamas actually solve the problem? I would add a picture but the files size is too big unfortunately. Please help Edit: I managed to compress the pic file size.
  8. Oh my I indeed meant the tamagotchi on , i was really confused about a few stuff now i understand better..the ball thing was not a glitch it wasn't left outside it was just my pet playing with his own ball. But the original ball was in the inventory already. For the toy location I now realized it needs to be "2gen" means I need to marry my tama first..sorry I'm really new to this thanks for the help :)))
  9. I got the tamagotchi go (english version) and I too can't get the ball inside. I used the ball and when I got the pet the ball dissapeared from the yard but when I want to use anything outside it says "something is outside" I tried to take the ball on vacation because before I had the pet it asked "remove item from outside?" But now it won't offer the option I can take the ball with me but I can't use any other item outside..also when I wear the drum accessorie and go to yard it wont unlock the toy tama town..anyone else has this?