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  1. I have had the most exhausting 2 weeks since a while now ... i have been so sick, my doctor thought i just had a cold but apparently by the second week he realized i need antibiotics because i have bronchitis 😐 this night i finally had a sleep of at least 4 hours straight without coughing which is such a huge relief. also i haven't been at work since a while now so it's kinda stressing me out..but at least looks like i'm actually getting better! ^^ hope you all had a better week than me, also @chiiruchan i hope you are getting well and better after your surgery ♥ and i hope you have a great week everyone
  2. you can upload the picture to imgur and then copy paste the picture when you are making a post (just like copy pasting text)
  3. oh my i hope the surgery goes well! i'm finally getting better from being sick.. also your profile picture is really cute
  4. btw this is really cute ! can't you size it up abit? :)
  5. I'm sorry guys i got sick, wasn't really feeling well to draw!
  6. I got sick pretty good can't really do anything and i feel soo so tired.. i hope to get well soon..
  7. Congratulations on your new Tama! I was really excited when i first got my ON! good luck on your journey
  8. Your Tamas are SO cute oh my heart! I love them I haven't married my Tama for about 17 days now because she's too cute but seeing yours make me wanna marry her again.
  9. ~~~~~~~~♥ So this is very similar to the other topic on this tab , ONLY here you can post your own pet to be drawn by someone else! Again, there are no special rules~! post a picture of your Tama and it's name and someone else will draw your pet If anyone needs help with how to insert a picture in a post let me know and i'll help you out ♥♥♥
  10. i accidentally quoted the wrong person , oopsy you don't really need to use the attachment tool or link, after you upload the picture on imgur you can click " copy picture" (not address) and paste the image straight into the post it has worked for me if you check in my club "tmagotchi fan art" tab (->This is the page) i did exactly that. and a tip if you actually want to use attachments you can downsize image by an online image compressor like this one - I hope this helps ^^ tell me if not i'll try to make a tutorial
  11. Had a pretty nice holiday yesterday..didn't have time to draw and also almost got my Tama killed 😢
  12. this is a pretty fun game xD im joining in 4
  13. Here is my first attempt...I am having a few issues tho... first i have no idea how to size down the pictures second i haven't touched my tablet for a few years so im no very happy with the outcome but i guess for now it will do 🤔 Anyway! Her name is Kittykitchy she is my gen 11 tama and she's actually pretty cute Edit: I decided to completely redesign her to a chibby character so added that version as well~ Edit 2: i have evolved further in the design and decided giving her some hair! just doing some experiments.