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  1. Can not fall asleep at all..anyone else having troubles sleeping at night? ♡ I wonder what kind of nightmares do tama have...i would bet even their nightmares are cute
  2. Just came here to get updated and see what is up, things have been crazy with all this corona thing , i hope you guys staying safe ♡
  3. i think the pink one is adorable i got myself a pink. but the blue is so special so the choice is really tough xD i have seen them both and the blue has a really pretty color. i still got the pink becuase i like the color it self lol and i wanted to make pink knit cases xD
  4. Oh dang...that must be to tell what happned? I have been away from tama forum for quite a while..been dealing with some issues myself
  5. I have had the most exhausting 2 weeks since a while now ... i have been so sick, my doctor thought i just had a cold but apparently by the second week he realized i need antibiotics because i have bronchitis 😐 this night i finally had a sleep of at least 4 hours straight without coughing which is such a huge relief. also i haven't been at work since a while now so it's kinda stressing me out..but at least looks like i'm actually getting better! ^^ hope you all had a better week than me, also @chiiruchan i hope you are getting well and better after your surgery ♥ and i hope you have a great week everyone
  6. you can upload the picture to imgur and then copy paste the picture when you are making a post (just like copy pasting text)
  7. oh my i hope the surgery goes well! i'm finally getting better from being sick.. also your profile picture is really cute
  8. btw this is really cute ! can't you size it up abit? :)
  9. I'm sorry guys i got sick, wasn't really feeling well to draw!
  10. I got sick pretty good can't really do anything and i feel soo so tired.. i hope to get well soon..
  11. Congratulations on your new Tama! I was really excited when i first got my ON! good luck on your journey
  12. Your Tamas are SO cute oh my heart! I love them I haven't married my Tama for about 17 days now because she's too cute but seeing yours make me wanna marry her again.
  13. ~~~~~~~~♥ So this is very similar to the other topic on this tab , ONLY here you can post your own pet to be drawn by someone else! Again, there are no special rules~! post a picture of your Tama and it's name and someone else will draw your pet If anyone needs help with how to insert a picture in a post let me know and i'll help you out ♥♥♥