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  1. The app doesnt ban mymeets users, and with the new update the 'no eyes' glitch no longer occurs, so its impossible to tell which is a mymeets product and which isnt. Marrying a mymeets tama wont affect your device- all the glitches, bugs, freezes etc. which happened were a result of people marrying underage tamas (eg marrying baby/toddler/teens). With the latest mymeets update, only adults can marry which stops people from running into these issues. There's still a lot of misinformation going around, but mymeets is safe to use for marriage as of now. Hope that cleared up some stuff ^^
  2. They're probably mix tamas, not meets/on ones (since meets/ons cant marry with mixes). Edit: sorry i just read the 1st gen thing. In that case its probably just a randomised tama (since if you dont have a device the app lets you pick a random one and visit with that) The app cant detect mymeets marriages and sees them as 'natural' tamas, so you can still propose to them.
  3. So far for me they've all happened randomly while I'm in the house, and although animations did happen a couple times after exiting the menu it was mostly random. There is a new(?) animation that i don't think many of us knew about, sammytchi_827 found it; if you go outside Oyajitchi gives you a snow cone. Makes me wonder how many other animations there are that we don't know about lol. The meets/on seem to have completely 'outside' animations to the mix.
  4. The cherry blossoms animation shown on the PDF are from the mix- the on/meets have a different animation but still have a cherry blossom tree in both animations, i tested that one too I don't think they got rid of all the animations, just a few (eg koinobori and june bride) but the ones they kept have been changed Edit: they've also added new animations in, which i think replaced the ones removed (eg rock concert and surfboard + pool)
  5. Sorry for the super late reply, I was kinda busy lately- but I've been running my anniversary mix and sanrio mix alongside my meets and on and it seems the on/meets did get rid of these animations i can get the animations on my mixes no problem but they dont work on my on/meets unfortunately I'm thinking that guide only applies to mixes, and that the meets/on have (mostly) completely different animations to it since most of the animations i tested didnt work on my on/meets
  6. Marriage between the meets and on is possible, you just wont be able to exchange items
  7. Same here- except I tried the koinobori animation (also involves going into the backyard) on both my meets and on and nothing happened even after going outside for ages I'm starting to think some animations might not be on the meets/on? Or maybe both of us just have bad luck lol
  8. You get the map from your parents once you/they move out
  9. So I did a quick google search of the name and according to a paypal community/forum thing, it seems to be a scam You'll have to scroll down a bit to find it
  10. Just another question - does anyone know where i can find a list of infrared phones that work with an idl? I've had a look around for palm treos but after converting to aud it becomes pretty pricy (especially for a student with no job ;_;). I've looked for lists but most of them are expired links. Thanks! Edit: found the updated link! If anyone else needs it:
  11. My friend got me a tamagotchi fantasy meets from Japan ^^ i'm so excited! I can look forward to a fantasy meets AND and idl now :D 

    1. Eggiweg


      Exciting times!

    2. Penguin-keeper


      @Eggiweg - Surely you mean eggciting? ;)

      @Moosestatue - Congratulations! :D Is your friend a Tamagotchi fan, too?

    3. Moosestatue


      @Penguin-keeper Unfortunately not ;_; I've been trying to get her into tamas so i dont need to buy doubles to unlock stuff but she's not very interested in them lol

  12. So I managed to get my hands on an idl, and i was just wondering which items needed infrared downloads to get henshinjo characters? I found a few links but they were all from tamazone and unfortunately don't work anymore since the links have changed from 2012 so if anyone knows that'd be a great help! Also, is it possible to date in the park like the p's? Thanks in advance!
  13. So i've been wanting to get a fake pet out of curiosity and i was just wondering: is a touma better than a qpet +colour (rechargeable version)? People who own either or both, which do you think is better? Thank you in advance. Links for the toys i'm talking about if anyone wants to have a look: Touma pet,searchweb201602_4,searchweb201603_52 Qpet,searchweb201602_4,searchweb201603_52
  14. The tamagotchi on must be doing well for bandai to consider this release,, hoping we get more English releases in the future