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  1. Just another question - does anyone know where i can find a list of infrared phones that work with an idl? I've had a look around for palm treos but after converting to aud it becomes pretty pricy (especially for a student with no job ;_;). I've looked for lists but most of them are expired links. Thanks! Edit: found the updated link! If anyone else needs it:
  2. My friend got me a tamagotchi fantasy meets from Japan ^^ i'm so excited! I can look forward to a fantasy meets AND and idl now :D 

    1. Eggiweg


      Exciting times!

    2. Penguin-keeper


      @Eggiweg - Surely you mean eggciting? ;)

      @Moosestatue - Congratulations! :D Is your friend a Tamagotchi fan, too?

    3. Moosestatue


      @Penguin-keeper Unfortunately not ;_; I've been trying to get her into tamas so i dont need to buy doubles to unlock stuff but she's not very interested in them lol

  3. So I managed to get my hands on an idl, and i was just wondering which items needed infrared downloads to get henshinjo characters? I found a few links but they were all from tamazone and unfortunately don't work anymore since the links have changed from 2012 so if anyone knows that'd be a great help! Also, is it possible to date in the park like the p's? Thanks in advance!
  4. So i've been wanting to get a fake pet out of curiosity and i was just wondering: is a touma better than a qpet +colour (rechargeable version)? People who own either or both, which do you think is better? Thank you in advance. Links for the toys i'm talking about if anyone wants to have a look: Touma pet,searchweb201602_4,searchweb201603_52 Qpet,searchweb201602_4,searchweb201603_52
  5. The tamagotchi on must be doing well for bandai to consider this release,, hoping we get more English releases in the future
  6. I actually thought this was a very good idea- the trick doesn't harm other devices and both parties are happy! The other person got the genes they wanted and the person who didn't go through with the connection can keep searching for the genes they want while making other people happy. I don't really see any reason to stop this? Unless of course they're a mymeets user, but majority of them have been kicked off the app and you can check for corrupted data by looking through the family trees (eg tamas without eyes, black blobs etc)
  7. I FEEL YOU! I received mine a few days ago and it's constantly dying and pooping and everything costs money Q_Q i just take it with me to school to play during lunch breaks otherwise there's no way i can afford items,, other times i just have to let him suffer- i feel really bad but there's nothing else i can do since i'm in the middle of exam week too,, I'm considering taking out the batteries at this point ;_; too much effort to keep alive,,, BUT IT'S SO CUTE AT THE SAME TIME i can't decide on what to do. Love the idea of the game though about the treasures, but unfortunately when the treasures cost like $6500+... considering just running it in the holidays or i wont have time to look after it.
  8. Yep- you can get bag as well. I have many regrets; back when i was new to colour tamagotchis (4U), i got the bag from the triplets the first time i visited them. The bag was stuck to my tama like an accessory whenever i went out, and i didnt like it so i deleted it ;_; i still cant believe i did that. I didnt even know it reduced the price of toys,,
  9. Has anyone seen the tamagotchi some packaging yet? It looks amazing! Tempted to get one just because of the packaging,,, Photo creds to ratamazone
  10. In the bottom corner, its saying that rhinestones made sales of the dream mix go up by 170%, so maybe they're trying that again? Honestly i'd be the type to get a tama just because it has a gem, i love shiny stuff ,, maybe its a good thing i'm broke The characters are so adorable! I quite like complex designs,, i tried to put that image in as well but it had a 128kb limit and im new to tamatalk (lost my old acc 3 years ago) so i had no idea how to attach them lol,, thanks for the attachment!
  11. Unfortunately the tamagotchi on can't connect to a mix ;_; you'll have to find another meets or on. You can always get another one later on or a secondhand one- thats what i did to unlock mermaid palace, just bought a secondhand tama mix after 3 years lol
  12. Haven't seen anyone talking about it yet so thought I'd make a post Anyone seen the new tamagotchi yet? It's coming out in late November and it seems to have a diamond kind of thing at the top. Would consider buying it if i wasn't broke lol,,, recently just bought a tama on + I'm a student with no income so I'll have to save up again ;_;
  13. So I bought a nana moon recently and I was just wondering: does the data reset after changing batteries? My common sense is telling me it shouldn't since you need to find 7 treasures but asking just to be sure.
  14. Not sure about the authenticity, but i recall reading a youtube comment saying you had to unlock the 6th item by sending 10 items to another maxi, and then you unlock the telescope.