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  1. There was a thread about this, someone asked why they kept getting twins. The chances must be really high because I almost always get twins as well. It would make sense if the chance was higher when the parent is a twin though.
  2. I agree, I was hoping the app would be more like tamatown. It also crashes a lot for me and has issues connecting to my devices. It would be nice if you could make friends with other users on the app to visit their Tamas in a home or something instead of just proposing. I hope they’re going to at least add some new games because I’ve already gotten the prizes I wanted from the current ones.
  3. I was surprised at how frequent they are too. I assumed twins were meant to be really rare. I also almost always get boys too. I think I got a girl once?
  4. Is the English app available for you? I am able to connect my meets to the tamagotchi on app!
  5. I haven’t gotten to generation 6, but I do quite frequently get twins. I have an on and a meets, and have played each one 4 generations (one died and now I started over, but 4th Tama) and I’ve gotten twins at least 50% of the time or more.
  6. Thank you !! What about when my Tama is playing with ducks and painting and the care icon is displayed? He doesn’t need anything so I don’t know what to do.
  7. I can’t figure out what things raise happiness other than the games. Does talking to the tamagotchis at the park and visiting the special locations like the farm/garden raise happiness?
  8. I have a fairy on and a pastel meets, they can connect! I haven’t tried the gift option though. Are you pressing B when the loading screen comes up? That’s how you start the connection, otherwise it will say it failed.
  9. Yes! That's what I was asking, I couldn't think of how to explain it for some reason I wasn't even aware that twins would look different because I've had 3 or 4 sets and they all grew up identical! That must be why I wasn't asked what tama I wanted to get married.
  10. I have "fraternal twins" on my meets- they look entirely different. When they are adults, how do I know what one will continue the genes?
  11. I have both a pink fairy on and a purple pastel meets! I like the games on the meets better because there's some skill involved with them. The fairy only has a game where you spam the A button and one where you move up and down to meet the dolphins. My pastel has a matching game I really enjoy, and I personally enjoy the backgrounds and characters available on the pastel. It IS hard not understanding the text but since I have both I can compare them when I get confused. The on and meets both connect to the english app, and can connect to each other. The shells look similar to me, the glitter is pretty much the same on both.
  12. I replaced the batteries in my meets and now it's on the screen asking if i want to continue or reset but I don't know what one is which 😧 Can someone help me?
  13. Thank you! It spawned a new egg. Honestly I wasn’t too thrilled with the genetics of the line anyways just wanted the stuff I collected to stay. I accidentally got Kuro Mametchi the first generation and that hat gene just wouldn’t go away. 😂
  14. I forgot about my Tama on... and he died the thing is I had unlocked all locations. Will they be wiped or can I keep them? I will probably never be able to unlock the sports plaza again.
  15. That’s what I was worried about with marrying from the app 😕 maybe I’ll wait a while then and let them sort this out