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  1. And I would argue that the other person probably doesn't care whether you accepted it or not. People tend to be more focused on their own game than on what other people are doing. This is facilitated by the app itself: player interactions in the app are extremely limited, and when you accept a match on your own device you leave that part of the app entirely because the focus is now on your own device. There are people who propose to people accepting all proposals who then either lose connection for whatever reason or back out of it themselves. There is no egg produced in these circumstances. No data is exchanged on either device. Both players simply remain in the app and continue doing whatever they were doing. Nobody's saying anything about breeding with anyone without them noticing. If you're accepting the proposals, they're the ones who propose to you, not the other way around. If you're the one proposing, you're the one who wants the egg for your own game.
  2. Plus there's the fact there are a lot of people who are either looking for something specific or who just aren't interested in the tamas who propose to their tama. I have no idea how many proposals I tried before I managed to find someone who said yes. Do I know if they also ended up with an egg? No, nor do I care. I was just happy to get my own egg. This is pretty much the opposite of passive-aggressive. It's player cooperation. It makes for a friendly atmosphere, and it makes finding a match a lot less frustrating than it would otherwise. MyMeets aside, if it doesn't hurt anyone and it makes everyone happy, then why is it an issue?
  3. I've enjoyed reading the logs I've seen here, and have decided to start my own. I'm focusing on my Tamagotchi ON/Meets--this is primarily a log of each generation. Right now I've started the Fairytale ON, though more will be added. Updates should be about every generation, or about every four days. Pictures will be included, of course. :p Blue Fairytale ON - First Generation For my first generation I had a male tama: (Unfortunately I didn't discover the contrast setting until a little later.) All through his youth, Mametchi had spent a lot of time at the resort daycare playing with his friend, Lovelitchi. After she ruined his proposal by trying to propose to him (twice!) he finally managed to propose to her. Naturally, she agreed (after all, she'd just proposed to him twice already). And they lived happily ever after. (For those wondering why I didn't accept the proposal the first two times: I wanted to wait until Mametchi was at full happiness before marrying him off.)