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  1. Penguin-keeper! My tama did actually wake up at 11:00. But this one, not the one that woke up at 11, is the third tama I'm raising on the device and it has been the little white cloud ball thing for a total of 2 DAYS!!!!!!!! I will get a Mametchi. I will get a Mametchi. Sorry Pk, I had just joined. I didn't know. Can you help me around TamaTalk????
  2. Oh! I know and have a book like that. It's called "A Wolf Called Wander" and it's about a wolf whose pack got killed by an enemy pack, and so he has to travel thousands of miles to find another wolf to make a pack. DO NOT READ!!!!!!! It is super sad in some places and in some parts, I've even cried. But hi Kurb, I am always reading new books and am aalllwwaayyss open to new book suggestions. I like how you said "Hamilfan" HAHAHAHAHA!
  3. I only have one tama right now, but I really hope my mom will let me get the My Tamagotchi Forever app on her phone. Another tama I want is a color tama. They are pretty expensive, but I have a tama from when my mom was a kid (she's 47) so I want to get one of the newer ones.
  4. i play minecraft Pengiun-keeper! be my guide! I am new to TamaTalk! Please!
  5. RachelAnne! your tama has different foods? whats the size of the device? mine's 2 inches tall. the device. it is the only type of tama i know. other than my freind's. hers is 1 inch tall.
  6. ok, he woke up at ELEVEN O' CLOCK!!!!! i mean what the flip! i got my tama a week ago but i just joined. thanks for replying!!!!!!
  7. does anyone have a question? i literally just joined but i've had my tama for a week. any questions?
  8. my tama won't wake up. its almost 11:00 and it grew into adult last night. last night i turned of his lights, they were on this morning. he is the mystery tama though. he is a gen 1.