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  1. Thank you so much for your advice!!! :D I had actually did a little research with my other tama's when meeting with friends in the park and they kind of usually say the same things, just randomized or in a loop. So, I'm really not too worried about. I decided just to get the Meets. ^^ It's not my first Japan Imported Tama, so I'm not worried about having to translate. If I really run into issues, I'm sure I can always ask for help here or look for something on YouTube depending on the reasons for needing the help/vids. I made sure to check if the Meets will still with the Tamagotchi On app, and one of my TamaMama friends said hers works just fine with her app and she has the rare white colour Magic Meets. (It's actually really really pretty. :o) What really sold me was the Sanrio Meets. Which, if my calculations are correct, should be arriving in the mail in about two weeks. :D (It's gonna be a loooooooong next two weeks.. >.<;) Thanks again~ c:
  2. I need help! >.< I'm buying a new Tama, but I can't decide on whether I want the Meets or the On. I know they're the same with the language being the only difference, but here's where my debate comes in: 1.) I love the Meets packaging! The one from the On isn't as exciting for when I first open my tama. I know the packaging isn't everything, but like keeping things like that (I have all of my other packages from my other tama's too. aha) 2.) I know some Japanese, but I'm fluent in English. (Obviously.) I like knowing what is being said between different characters so I wouldn't be able to do that with the Meets, but I LOVE the Meets glitter in the plastic on the shell. The pearl is pretty for the On, but ... idano, man. Something about that glitter. >:P 3.) I really really REALLLLLLY want the Sanrio Meets, but again... I won't be able to see the convos between my characters and can the meets connect to the on tama's? (You know.. because one is in English and the other is in Japanese..) and 4.) ... is it possible for the app for the meets to work in the US with a Meets instead of an On Tama? ありがとうざいますみな‪⸜(*ˊᵕˋ*)⸝‬💕✨ xoxo~Belle
  3. ... -.- Apparently I can't se try profile picture because all of my pictures are "too big" to use, even after downscaling them. Cool, thanks. ;3;