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  1. I am kinda at my wits end here! I am in several popular Tamagotchi fb groups for buy/sell/trade and collectors. I scour ebay daily. Japanyouwant is iffy but I have found good deals. I have been dying to buy a blue or white P's for over a month now, but they are all either horrifically scratched and dirty beyond fixing, or they are new in box and $200+. I found one on fb marketplace in good condition for $50 but the woman is 4 hours away and refuses to ship it, even though I offered an extra $20 for shipping. So disappointed. I live in a rural area in the US and I can hardly ever find them on fb marketplace, let alone yard sales or flea markets. Let me know your ideas!
  2. As an LGBT person who is attracted to people of the same gender.....I don't really mind that tamas can only marry male + female HOWEVER---- I think it would be an excellent idea for a new item to be added....maybe something like a potion that, when used, turns your tama into the opposite sex for 1hr, giving you the opportunity to marry the "same sex" for that period of time, and if you don't marry it goes back to normal when the potion runs out. It always seems like in the On whatever gender I have, the ones I want to marry in the app are opposite! Edit: I also think it would be silly for same sex tamas to marry and get a random egg. Imagine you're in generation 20 of trying for the perfect Sanrio character, then your egg hatches into a pure Gozarutchi, resetting your genes. I'd be mad.
  3. Quick questions from someone who is both really bad at math and really impressed by your research so far-- If a Tamagotchi is technically such a simple and small device, why does the password generation have to be so complex? I understand that the developers didn't want people being able to cheat to get easy codes for everything and ruin the fun, but is it REALLY that difficult of an algorithm, or is it just really difficult to narrow it down to what they chose to do with it? I'm having a ton of fun reading through these posts
  4. That would be reminiscent to club penguin but tbh I would not complain!! Being able to visit would be really cool. I also have issues with the app, it crashes constantly (I have a brand new phone with tons of storage and a good wifi connection), and it is insanely slow... When I first started up my On I had a problem (not really a problem) where when I moved my gotchi points and items to my On, they would double. I would move 1500 points and my On would get 3000 points. Not complaining about that but maybe it was an indication there would be other future problems :/ I do hope they change the prizes soon and maybe more frequently. I played the games for like 2 days before I had everything and got bored. If they rotated prizes weekly or something that'd be amazing
  5. Hey all, I have been collecting literally since I was like 7 so I've been around for every update and new thing that has come out. However I didn't try out any color tamas until I bought the Magic On. Super thrilled with the ability to visit other towns in game, use items, accessories, get pets, etc. However I'm pretty disappointed with the On app. Only two games, the park which is literally just a place to propose, and match place. There are lots of genetic variations obviously, and I guess Bandai's point was just to release lots of versions of the On and Meets to make more money since users are expected to have more than one, which I guess is why the On app is pretty lacking. What's really disappointing is that in the park you can see so many cool potential locations in the background, but w.e. My favorite feature ever was TamaTown, getting to play games and get rare non-cheat-code items and travel tickets, collecting the 30 souvenirs from TamaTown, being able to go to the bank and the food court and being able to shop in game. Rather than trying to manage a certain number of points in a game to try to get $150 instead of banana juice again lol. Anyway, am I the only one? I overall really adore the On and will probably get another one soon, I just kinda miss the nostalgia of the old Tamatown and wish Bandai would expand on the app more.
  6. These are not all from today, but over the past week! 2 Japanese Angels, a Morino (which I have wanted since I was little!!), A handpainted Japanese Angel, a Peacock v4.5 (my holy grail for the v4.5 along with the globe set which is being shipped to me!!!!), And some Tamagotchi sticker sheets and a Morino trading card #109, which is not only my fave Tama but my lucky number that I have a tattoo of 😊 I also have a Magic Purple On coming to my house this week which I'm so ezcited about! Been a Connection girl for like 15 years lol, excited to finally have a color tama