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  1. Thanks for the help. I also find the bad care character the cutest, especially when it's happy. Maybe I did let him beep at me before. Thanks!
  2. *Just realized my Tama's "name" is Tamako-Chi. 😕

  3. Hi! I just joined Tama Talk. Have any tips for a tamagotchi I might not know?

    1. Eggiweg


      Depends on which tamas you have

    2. beanii


      I have one of the new gen 1 tamas. 

    3. Eggiweg


      You can pause by leaving the clock on reset mode (A+C)

  4. I've had my little Tama for about a week now. I have been making sure to feed him, make sure he gets discipline when he needs it, and watch his weight. But, when I looked at the "character list" ( ) it said I got the worst tamagotchi in the game. I want to know if it is legit or not.
  5. Thank you! And yes I am sure that it is PM. He has fallen asleep at 9:30.
  6. My G1 black and white tamagotchi isn't sleeping. It is a toddler that usuallly falls asleep around 8:30, and an hour later it is still not sleeping. I'm afraid it's becoming restless, what do I do? 😨