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  1. Due to adjustments without my father irl I do need to be a tad bit slow with my logs, I will be back to normal after the adjustments are done. Sorry to be this slow.

    1. Nazotchi25


      Its okay dude. These things take time. We all understand 

  2. Day 13: Akira's stats were the main focus for this day, i got it up to 200 in intelligence, I'm hopeful that I can achieve the secret evolution someday. Day 14: Akira is near his adult stage and I have to try and get his points up to 300 at this point just for good measure, I might keep him til he becomes a senior, might be hard but I am taking that challenge. day 15: Akira evolved to mametchi, it was cute to see his c button animation, intelligence points are at 339 as of today, hope i can keep him alive as long as possible.
  3. Day 11: Aiko left after day 10 as the baby is now named akira, I’ll miss Aiko. Day 12: akira evolved into an actual young Mametchi. He’s so adorable, hopefully I can raise him well into his adult stage.
  4. Day 9: I got a visit from the matchmaker, Aiko was paired with zukyutchi, it was exciting! I never had a baby in tamagotchi before. day 10: My baby seemed to got sick every other hour, made sure to keep her healthy as much as I could. It’s hard being a caretaker of a baby tama.
  5. Day 6: It was exciting that I got aiko’s Intelligence points up in the 300 points Day 7: nothing much happened since I was awaiting for Aiko to get her job. It was a bit hard keeping her alive while being out and about in muted mode. Day 8: Aiko finally got a visit from the gotchi king to receive 500 gotchi. She also got a tv announcer job, super proud of her today!
  6. Sorry for not posting yesterday, had a funeral yesterday, I will include the three days I forgot to post tonight. 

    1. Eggiweg


      Sorry to hear that, I hope you're doing ok.

  7. Day 4: during this day I had noticed that my intelligence points were getting up near the 200 range. My goal with Aiko is to have at least 270 in her intelligence points before she graduates. Day 5: I read the newsletter to only find out that I had lost 500 gotchi points, uuugh, not all is lost as I can still get more in the card matching game. Her intelligence is now at 264, I only need 6 more for today’s goal.
  8. day 3: My young mimitchi evolved into mimitchi today, Aiko has never looked so adorable since yesterday. I finally got her into school while being out at a hospital, while i haven't payed much attention on the bus, i got motion sick from the screen. the stats for aiko's guts are 156 (intelligence) 3 (style) and 4 (kindness) Hopefully i can master the style game soon.
  9. Ah, my bad, it’s been years since I’ve had a tamagotchi.
  10. Will be heading out with my tama for the first time, hope i can look at the screen on a bus without being motion sick.

  11. A quick log before I sleep. Today on day 2 I managed to get up to 100 in intelligence for Aiko, I must be a card match pro. And the current plan is to raise Aiko to adult stage and get a gen2 tama. So far today wasn’t all bad with my tama.
  12. Day 1: I received my tamagotchi entama in the mail yesterday, it was the best thing to happen. I inserted the cr2032 in the battery compartment and preformed a reset. I got a sense of childhood from starting it up. Then I received the first egg upon waiting, the egg looked like it had hearts on it. It hatched after waiting for a few minutes. I got a cute female young Mametchi named Aiko, I have never seen anything so adorable in such a long time. I decided to play the card match game with my Aiko, turns out i actually like that mini-game. Hopefully I can achieve something with my Mametchi.
  13. Just got my entama, day 1 is just getting used to it til tomorrow, will start a log tomorrow! 

  14. He means there’s a download and reset options for when the battery dies.