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  1. Week 09 Spaceytchi stayed with me for about 5 days before being married to a Gozarutchi mixed tama. I named the girl soltchi based on the mother’s color. Soltchi defied my expectations of her becoming a Gozarutchi. Instead she became a majoritchi mix with some of mochiusatchi’s genes including her mochi pestle and ears.
  2. Made it to the 12th gen on my on, I’m impressed. 

  3. Week 08 Piposetchi got married to Mochiusatchi, the new tama was adorable, not going to lie but I named him Spaceytchi. I found the name fitting since I watched the anime a bit. Spaceytchi has gained the mochi pestle which was adorable when he evolved. he turned into an adult Wednesday and he’s such an adorable mochi tama! I will not marry him off for his adorableness!
  4. Week 07 Pekutchi and Racutchi was married off to one of my Instagram friends, their tama was so adorable looking! I got another twin, not only that but the Loverde ears are sticking with me. The twins names are Piposetchi and Akatchi. (Was adhd last week, I don’t remember much) I raised them without giving them pancakes to the twins but they broke the lovelitchi curse slightly.
  5. Decided to sketch mametchi's house in mame city!
  6. week 06 Pekutchi and Racutchi continued the adorable curse with the Lovelitchi ears and sparkly eyes. Wish I had the hello kitty ribbon, today I also decided to change their room to the activity room.
  7. Just preordered the pacman tamagotchi!

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    2. Penguin-keeper


      I got the Black Maze one, too! :lol: I didn't go for the case, though - I'd never use it, even though it looks really cool.

    3. GotchiManic


      Can’t wait to see the cool references the nano will have! 

    4. Penguin-keeper


      Me either, and it's a weird bit of commemorative merchandise, too, which is something that I quite like about it. :lol:

  8. Week 05 Turns out I got another random proposal on the app as it got smoltchi married, it was at this moment that I got my first twins, their names are May and Faetotchi. They’re really adorable as I fell in complete love for the two. They are an adorable pair of tamas. They were a bit harder to keep up with as their stay points kept draining a tad bit. But all in all I wish to keep em around a bit. As I have been trying to raise both May and Faetotchi they have proved their adorableness each day during this week. On friday, maytotchi was married to someone on the app, the tama I seen had a hello kitty bow and butterfly wings. I named the new twins Pekutchi and Racutchi!
  9. Just got twins on my eighth generation!

  10. Week 4 (lumping the entirety of the weak since it was interesting.) Turns out that I didn’t get a chance with charismatchi but Instead someone from the app. The tama was a cute smol blue cat with a apple on it’s head. I named the new tamagotchi “smoltchi.” He’s the most adorable mix I’ve seen yet. The lovelitchi ears stuck through the 7th generation (which I honestly adore.) I kept him busy for most of the week but I didn’t use the app much as I’m waiting for the next guest to arrive.
  11. Week 3 log 02 I decided to try and get a fruit from the farm, i need to see if i can stockpile them when i can, i unlocked the salon on Tuseday, Pactotchi got the vanity, he then got perposed by Coffretchi on Wednesday, i gotta say, I personally find Coffretchi adorable. >u< I named their child Popitchi. Popitchi is a real cutie pie, she mostly had the genes on the mother side and a bit of her father's as well. I attempted to try and gain Charismatchi's trust yesterday, I'm hopeful it can happen!
  12. Week 3 log 01 Natotchi was married off to someone in the app, he was lucky to find someone through tama party. I named the tama Pactotchi based around the new tamagotchi nano that is releasing. Pactotchi was the cutest lil boy I raised. He has a mix of lovelitchi and kutchipatchi. It’s adorable. It was a bit of a rough weekend since I got a few bad days of sleep, thankfully the parents option was there. Yesterday I was able to obtain the eco fork. Which is very useful imo.
  13. Finally got to use Eneloop pro in my on!

    1. Jop


      What batteries were you previously using? How long did these last?

    2. GotchiManic


      Before I use the Eneloop pro batteries I used energizer Max. It lasted me until the 18th. 

  14. Week 2 log 03 Raised Natotchi up while he was a toddler, he was a Green cutie. He evolved on Thursday with a blue color. Friday I made sure to keep him busy with his parents. He evolved into a Kikitchi/kutchipatchi mix, he was super adorable. But my batteries died, luckily I prepared for it as I bought Eneloop pro. His favorite food is chow mein. I also bought him a frying pan. He loved it!
  15. Week 2 log no. 01 After a few days of raising Pankotchi, I married her off to a Kikitchi in the app. It was my best decision ever! The baby was green, which was adorable, not going to lie. So I named her Makotchi! She grew up with a Kikitchi ears and a body of a Chiroritchi, I gotta say, she’s one cute dumpling. Week 2 Log no. 02 I’ve received my Eneloop pro batteries, I won’t need to worry about batteries for awhile. her color changed as well. It will be interesting to work on marrying on the device for a change, aiming for kutchipotchi, right before Makotchi went to bed she let her pet marry a hermit crab, it was really adorable. Makotchi married kutchipatchi, it was adorable seeing the animation of the fireworks in color. Named the new tama Natotchi.