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  1. Hi all, Another brief update. Currently on holiday and still running my Tama v1 which I brought with me. No issues so far so I think itโ€™s fine now. @Eggiweg many thanks if I havenโ€™t thanked you already
  2. Itโ€™s the third day since i started it again and so far so good. Usually on the second day Iโ€™d get the low battery screen pop up but currently no issues so hopefully itโ€™s alright now. Not at the moment but after some research and reading quite a few posts on here Iโ€™m definitely interested so I might look into buying one soon maybe the tamagotchi on it meets I really like the shell designs
  3. Yes Iโ€™ve still kept the packaging for it (itโ€™s a darker yellow than in the photos) I've opened up the back to have a look but could not see any rust or any sign of ageing looks completely fine. Iโ€™ve got it running now and have tried @Eggiweg suggestion so hopefully that solves it. If not I guess it might just be defective. Sadly I think I got lucky finding a listing in box since the seller doesnโ€™t appear to sell anymore tamas.
  4. Hello A bit of a back story. I recently bought a version 1 connection new in box from an American eBay seller, the box was very discoloured and yellow. I took it out of box, pulled that tab, set it up etc. However a little while after it hatched I had the battery icon pop up (the battery had never been used since in sealed box with tab) so I opened up the back and switched batteries however a few hours later I had the same issue with a battery I knew wasnโ€™t defective since it worked in my other tamas fine. The battery from the version 1 that I put in my other Tama works completely fine too. I brought brand new batteries and put them in my version 1 however the next day I got the battery icon again. I can only conclude that no matter how many times I change the battery it is probably something wrong with the version 1 itself. Does anyone have any advise or knowledge they can share? I really hope it isnโ€™t the case that it is defective, maybe due to age or another factor.
  5. Oh,I donโ€™t gave any of the recent tamagotchi releases. Iโ€™m currently running two ver2s, a ver1 and an angelgotch.
  6. Iโ€™m pretty much in the same situation as you with work a trying to raise 3 tamas at once as Iโ€™ve recently rediscovered my love for tamagotchis I only work part time in the afternoon to early evening so when I wake up in the morning I have time to play and care for my tamas. When Iโ€™m ready to head to work I pause them all (pressing a and b together on my v1 and 2 (pressing b then a and c on my angelgotch) these are the tamas Iโ€™m currently playing). Then when I come back home I still have a bit of time to play with them before they go to sleep. Since I work in admin I donโ€™t have the time to check on them if I were to bring them to work. It probably depends what job you work and if you can get away with playing on it a bit but I donโ€™t recommend if you can easily get caught hehe. I donโ€™t really like pausing and being away from them for numerous hours since I feel attached to wanting to play them a lot and knowing that itโ€™ll take longer for them to grow and evolve once you pause them, thatโ€™s all I can recommend really if you havenโ€™t been doing so already.
  7. This is why Iโ€™m confused, I thought it might be because some were release in one area of the world and the ones that say connection were released in another but if the European/Asian/other areas still sometimes have these variations in shells Iโ€™m still wondering why
  8. Hi i recently rediscovered tamagotchis again and have bought quite a few now. Iโ€™ve been researching for a while now but cannot find the answer anywhere for this. (From my version 1/2 tamagotchis) I currently have two v2 tamagotchis and a v1. Iโ€™ve noticed that both my v2 tamagotchis just say tamagotchi at the top of my shell whereas the top where as my v1 says tamagotchi connection on the shell. Iโ€™ve searched on project tamashell to see why there is a difference but both v1 and v2 have some shells with just tamagotchi on and some with tamagotchi connection. Does anyone know why some do and some donโ€™t?