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  1. Hi all I’m on gen 2 on my meets fantasy, they’ve just now evolved into adults. However their age has been stuck at 1. I was worried that I had the Peter Pan glitch since they didn’t evolve in the morning when they were supposed to but they’re now adults as I have my twins wearing accessories. Their happiness I capped at half like a toddler/ teen... I’m planning on marrying them off but has anyone else experienced this?
  2. 10 gens... I would of gotten fed up sooner lol. I kind of wish I just let my tama die instead of resetting but I wanted to play again straight away. I kept getting ghost bodies.
  3. I ended up resetting since I tried not caring for it and it still turned out to be a ghost
  4. Thank you @Eggiweg. Following the theory I guess I care for my tamas too much as I try not to let the happiness drop below green or the hunger drop too low either.
  5. Hi all I am currently running my pastel meets, my first marriage was to a ghost which i thought was adorable and lucky since someone accepted my lovelitchi proposal. However they are beyond adorable now as I have married other tamas to get cute genes and every tama i've had have come out as ghosts. I get hopeful in child and teen stage since I usually get the other parent's genes but as soon as it evolves into adult stage I end up with a ghost. I'm really fed up with the ghost genes now especially since i've been trying to get pumpkin genes or now at this point any other genes. Please see some off my failed attempts in order of marriage I just married this cute tama so hopefully different genes... Do you think my tama is glitched or am I just unlucky and keep getting the same genes all the time. It's to the point where I want to reset my pastel meets and i don't want to use mymeets since I use the meets app. Any suggestions or help?
  6. Hi all I was curious if anyone has bought from them here? If you have please share how your experience went.
  7. Hi all I recently purchased and received a tamagotchi some from the lovely tamagirl327 as she had a preorder for them. I’ve had no issue getting twins on my pastel meets since I married a twin on the meets app however I’m 5 generations in on my Some and haven’t gotten any twins yet. Since the some is a Korean variant to the fairy and magical meets/on with shell variants and doesn’t have the capability of connecting to the app, as far as I know I can only marry other tamas from locations and by connecting it to another meets. I was wondering does anyone have any idea if I can get twins on it? I can probably just connect my some to my meets that has twins to try but I’m trying to get pumpkin genes on my meets since I missed the Halloween event. Since the some is relatively new and doesn’t have all the capabilities the meets/on has does anyone have any information? Maybe I just haven’t gotten any luck yet?
  8. That seems like a really good idea and you can make as many as you want. I’ve only ever seen meets/on screen protectors and shell protectors and even then it’s a select few places that have them really cheap. Never seen any for the vintage tamas though. I’ve only heard of people using displex or other screen polishers.
  9. You should totally get one. I have the white magical one and it’s beautiful. If you’re collecting definitely worth it
  10. Thank you for your help @Penguin-keeper I’m not too knowledgeable on stuff like this but it makes sense now. I managed to make a new Apple ID and downloaded the app now
  11. Hi Arissu, I don’t know if you’ll have the answer to this. I’m trying to avoid the whole ‘changing my App Store location to download then change it back’ scenario. I managed to find the mymeets app on APKpure with your post, but since I have an iPhone when I click the iPhone link download it doesn’t doesn’t have the app for iPhone, it just recommends other apps. Do you know if there is one for the iPhone on there or do you think I should just do the App Store location that everyone else recommends?
  12. Thank you @Jhud glad it won’t be too difficult to get around. I ended up buying the meets since I love the shells better. I didn’t know the glitches were that bad though. I bought the pastel purple meets so I’m hoping it isn’t too bad. I also ordered a tamagotchi some, since they just came out hopefully it isn’t too glitchy
  13. Hi all I've been researching and looking at a few people who are currently running a tamagotchi meets/on. I currently only collect the old tamas but I’ve caved in and really want to buy the meets/on. However, I am unsure whether I should get the on English version or meets Japanese version... I’m leaning more towards the Japanese version as I really love the pastel meets shells (all the meets have beautiful shells) and the meets are listed cheaper. I already have some Japanese retro tamas which are easy enough to run but since this will be my first time with a new version I’m unsure how difficult the meets would be (I don’t understand any Japanese. Can anyone currently running any meets/ on advise me. If the meets would be a bit more more difficult to run or should I just the on? I doubt it would be overly difficult but just need to advise before I invest in buying one. Many thanks
  14. Hi all, Another brief update. Currently on holiday and still running my Tama v1 which I brought with me. No issues so far so I think it’s fine now. @Eggiweg many thanks if I haven’t thanked you already
  15. It’s the third day since i started it again and so far so good. Usually on the second day I’d get the low battery screen pop up but currently no issues so hopefully it’s alright now. Not at the moment but after some research and reading quite a few posts on here I’m definitely interested so I might look into buying one soon maybe the tamagotchi on it meets I really like the shell designs
  16. Yes I’ve still kept the packaging for it (it’s a darker yellow than in the photos) I've opened up the back to have a look but could not see any rust or any sign of ageing looks completely fine. I’ve got it running now and have tried @Eggiweg suggestion so hopefully that solves it. If not I guess it might just be defective. Sadly I think I got lucky finding a listing in box since the seller doesn’t appear to sell anymore tamas.
  17. Hello A bit of a back story. I recently bought a version 1 connection new in box from an American eBay seller, the box was very discoloured and yellow. I took it out of box, pulled that tab, set it up etc. However a little while after it hatched I had the battery icon pop up (the battery had never been used since in sealed box with tab) so I opened up the back and switched batteries however a few hours later I had the same issue with a battery I knew wasn’t defective since it worked in my other tamas fine. The battery from the version 1 that I put in my other Tama works completely fine too. I brought brand new batteries and put them in my version 1 however the next day I got the battery icon again. I can only conclude that no matter how many times I change the battery it is probably something wrong with the version 1 itself. Does anyone have any advise or knowledge they can share? I really hope it isn’t the case that it is defective, maybe due to age or another factor.
  18. Oh,I don’t gave any of the recent tamagotchi releases. I’m currently running two ver2s, a ver1 and an angelgotch.
  19. I’m pretty much in the same situation as you with work a trying to raise 3 tamas at once as I’ve recently rediscovered my love for tamagotchis I only work part time in the afternoon to early evening so when I wake up in the morning I have time to play and care for my tamas. When I’m ready to head to work I pause them all (pressing a and b together on my v1 and 2 (pressing b then a and c on my angelgotch) these are the tamas I’m currently playing). Then when I come back home I still have a bit of time to play with them before they go to sleep. Since I work in admin I don’t have the time to check on them if I were to bring them to work. It probably depends what job you work and if you can get away with playing on it a bit but I don’t recommend if you can easily get caught hehe. I don’t really like pausing and being away from them for numerous hours since I feel attached to wanting to play them a lot and knowing that it’ll take longer for them to grow and evolve once you pause them, that’s all I can recommend really if you haven’t been doing so already.
  20. This is why I’m confused, I thought it might be because some were release in one area of the world and the ones that say connection were released in another but if the European/Asian/other areas still sometimes have these variations in shells I’m still wondering why
  21. Hi i recently rediscovered tamagotchis again and have bought quite a few now. I’ve been researching for a while now but cannot find the answer anywhere for this. (From my version 1/2 tamagotchis) I currently have two v2 tamagotchis and a v1. I’ve noticed that both my v2 tamagotchis just say tamagotchi at the top of my shell whereas the top where as my v1 says tamagotchi connection on the shell. I’ve searched on project tamashell to see why there is a difference but both v1 and v2 have some shells with just tamagotchi on and some with tamagotchi connection. Does anyone know why some do and some don’t?