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    I love Fantasy like Lord of the Rings (I have 3 tattoos of LOTR at the time of writing this), I love metal music, My Tamagotchi!!! My dog, husband, and I love to draw.

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    Tamagotchi ON!
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    I've been enjoying my On!
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    You're all lying if you don't say Kuchipatchi. Jk I love kuchi but My favourite is Memetchi
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  1. i'm just like, super happy about this little emoji: :) She is just the cutest.

  2. Helloo!! Sorry if this has been discussed, I was having a hard time finding a topic that was specific to what I was seeing. I have an iPad Air running iOS 12.4.1, I've made sure the software is up to date. I have the Tamagotchi ON (Magical. Its purple) and I am able to connect to the App just fine, but whenever I try to take my items in the Present Box home, the connection fails every time. I replaced the batteries in my ON last week, maybe 4-5 days ago. Has anyone run into this issue before? Thank you to all who may be able to help. ❤️