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  1. I've always pretty much married them off soon after reaching the adult stage. But I was thinking of keeping my current Tama (because she's so cute) around for a while and it got me thinking... What happens if I don't marry her? How long will she live (given that I take perfect care of her with no mistakes and keep her happy meter full)? I've read things about "special" characters and "senior" characters but not sure if that applies to only certain versions (I have the Tamagotchi On - Fairy version). Another question: What happens if I decided to wait until she ages (or, if possible, evolves into a senior)...can I still marry her eventually? I thought I read somewhere that seniors can only marry other seniors. I've never seen any seniors at any Tamagotchi On towns that I travel to, so how am I supposed to find one? Thanks so much in advance for your replies! Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  2. A broken virtual pet? lol Doesn't look like a looks like a blob, which sometimes happens when pixelated screens start to malfunction.
  3. What's the most interesting / unique character you've gotten so far? My current male twins are absolutely adorable! They are the offspring of a marriage between the female Tama with the curly hair and wings and the unicorn / pegasus male Tama lol.
  4. Which do you like better - Fairy or Magic? Personally, I think the characters are way cuter in Fairy. I'm on my 4th generation now and lovin' the genetics experiments I've been doing.
  5. They are previous generations...meaning older Tamas. Oh, I thought he thought they were Tamagotchi On the way it was worded lol.
  6. Neither of those are Tamagotchi On. The On comes in 4 versions: Fairy Pink, Fairy Blue, Magic Purple, and Magic Green. Yours look like previous generations or originals.
  7. Can't see anything on your screen. It's too dark. Take a better pic?
  8. For some reason I'm just now seeing this post. Maybe it didn't notify me because you didn't mention/quote me. Anyway, thanks! Was that you that I added back on the app? Do you see me on your list now? I saw a friend request and I clicked "become friends" but don't know if that was you or not...
  9. Yes, it's the same (if the Tama version is the same). Why? Because the "secret" isn't actually a secret at all but simply the version of software/firmware of your Tama. The cute little picture beside the "secret" word is merely an added graphic. Nope. See my post above.
  10. Thanks for the fast reply! Well, that stinks but yeah at least you don't lose the money and items. I'm kinda psyched because on my previous generation I married the girl you see in my avatar with an Omuchaputchi...they had adorable girl twins...then in the next generation I married one of the twins with Unipegasatchi...and they had even cuter twins (this time boys) with the father's unicorn horn and hair... now I'm just waiting for them to reach the adult stage and I'm going to marry one of them with Fairytchi, which is a fairy/butterfly type of Tama. I'm trying to make my next Tama a unicorn/butterfly hybrid with wings and a unicorn horn. LOL Hope it works! What kind of Tama do you have?
  11. I'm on my 4th generation (Tamagotchi On) and I've got some extremely adorable genetics in the family tree line. So I'm wondering: What happens if my Tama dies? Will I have to start over with generation 1 and lose all past genetics and family starting over from the 1st generation from scratch?
  12. Nah...I think twins are cute! It would only irritate me if it was double the work (feeding, pooping, etc.)...and at first I thought, "Oh boy, here we go" lol, but I quickly realized it's not any extra's the same feeding/happiness schedule/meter as for a single Tama. Triplets, anyone? Do you know anything about the Tamagotchi Meets/On app? It seems extremely limited...unless I'm missing something. All there is to do is either go to the Tama party or play two lame games in the arcade...that's it. And the so-called "Friends" feature is pretty much useless. You can't even add or communicate with anyone on there unless you post your codes here on the forum and add each other that way. And even then you STILL can't communicate on the app...they simply show up in your friends list. What's the point?
  13. Hi, all. If I attend the Tama Party in the app and select "Like" when it asks "Do you like / dislike?" and get matched will my Tama automatically be married to that Tama that I "Liked"? I usually choose my spouses via visiting other towns on my actual Tamagotchi On device and marry that way. Via the app I want friends (not necessarily spouses)...but I don't know how to make friends on the app other than exchanging codes here in the forum. The app seems very limited...unless I'm missing something?? Any suggestions / tips would be greatly appreciated!