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  1. Hi all, I've been so occupied I haven't had time to take care of my tama *let alone update my tama log (sad face)*. Anyway -my previous Genie (see post above^) died because I couldn't take care of him well enough... even after resetting I kept getting Gozarutchi because of bad care. At a point I sorta just decided to take a break and come back to raise a tama properly when I actually have time. (In hindsight I should've just taken out the battery lol. All the tamas I've killed, man) I'm just starting my uni study-break and my parents finally went back ...which means... I HAVE TIME to finally raise a tama I want!!! Ideally this time round I'm aiming for Mametchi, but who knows. As long as it's not a gozarutchi I'm cool. Don't get me wrong Gozarutchi is awesome -but I'm more interested in what interesting mixes I can make from other Tamas! I really want to mix trait with Mametchi's ears. So here we go again. I will keep you guys posted as I certainly have more time now.
  2. Hey guys , sorry for the late post, my tama's battery ran out and I was waiting for more AAA supply. I seriously wish Bandai would start making rechargeable tamagotchi's. Anyway, I married one of my twin girl to the Pumpkin tama in the app. Today my tama evolved to an adult. I don't know why but he looks like a Genie (in Aladdin). The floating trait+ baggage on his back together looks very cool. I'm hoping the next generation I will finally get rid of the massive ninja hat for good.
  3. My tama girls grew up and they look so alike their mother! I fed them smoothie for breakfast. They needed a new look so I took them to the Salon. The first time I visited the Salon I was expecting a grand makeover but turns out its a troll salon lol. What is up with that bald hairstyle anyway My girls were disappointed.. so I bought them huge matching bows.
  4. Something I've noticed with how Tama Party works... I feel that whenever I don't press either one of the Like/Don't like option, my tamas have had better success rate of finding their mates lol. They just never really ended up getting the tamas they actually 'liked'. I suppose maybe my tamas had been more appealing by playing hard to get. Found my tama a beautiful wife and we got a twin! I'm stoked bc this is the first time in ever I've got a twin. I don't think the parent tama's happiness bar was maxed out or even in the higher-range either. it's so cute they are being raised together +having meals together Shortly they evolved into a duo of very odd teens😂
  5. My tama turned yellow as an adult! He looks everything like his Pizalinatchi mum I almost forgot he's a boy lol. As expected he got the hat from his dad. gosh I love the blue eyes so much and the roller shoes! cuteness overload.
  6. I feel you haha. My first gen Gozarutchi had the ninja hat that persisted for 3-4 generations.
  7. Thanks for the guide! I'm more curious whether the yellow genetic will show up again on its own. In past generations I see that the adult tamas seem to evolve quite closely from their teen appearance.
  8. My Hopetchi evolved last night! He was yellow for a short day before turning completely different today lol. Yay allowance. I kind of wanted the yellow to stay.. I wonder if yellow trait will come back when he evolves again tomorrow.
  9. Hey there! I'll be journaling my first Tama On diary. This afternoon I intended to start over a new generation since my teen evolved and I got Gozarutchi *again* due to bad care... And by bad I mean hours of neglect by sleeping in til noon and crazy part time shifts. The ninja hat trait was so persistent through the previous family tree and it wasn't my most favourite. BUT I decided I couldn't go through another tamagotchi funeral after the last one (it was too painful tbh) RIP great-great-grandchildren of Gozarutchi I. He was a weird looking combo but overall sweet boy. So I decided to keep my Gozarutchi II in loving memory of the previous Gozarutchi the I clan. Almost as an apology I fed him some curry from Tama Farm which he seemed to enjoy. Then I aimed to marry him off. Mister Goza also caught me off guard doing some paintings action. This was new. It was funny he was frustrated to get the ducks to stand up so he could paint them lol. We went ahead and bought the grand wedding ring. Costed 5000 G so that lucky gal better be saying yes. Our boi is flaming with passion. The unforgettable moment awaits...! Without any further delay he heads off to find the girl of his dream... We just got ourselves a Pizza Wife. So long, sad, single-life! Surviving my initial murder intention, my boy is officially in the manhood and properly wife-d. Fast forward the honeymoon we now have a cute custard baby. He does look like a little custard bun. I named him baby Hope. I noticed in the last generation that if I marry a tama with another prominent head-trait, it dominates over the ninja head trait. My Pizza wife does have a pizza head, I wonder if this time that could dominate over the ninja trait.