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  1. Name: QPet Type: Fake Notes: A clone of the Tamagotchi Plus software with some alterations, like the sprites being different sizes than the real ones, adding events based on Chinese holidays and the travel agent being Patrick Star from the hit Nickelodeon show SpongeBob SquarePants. There are two variants of the software, with the only difference being the translations on the English half (most notably what appears on screen when you loose a game). The front of the pet mispells TMGC+C as TMCG+C.
  2. I keep seeing these online and it makes me upset. You can get these fakes for a cheap price, but the Tamagotchi Connections of my childhood cost $35 or more now! And I did see a YouTube video of the fake Color from Wish. I was laughing when Patrick came on because a Nickelodeon character does not belong the Tamagotchi world. I have seen these in public. I saw the heart variant of the Jia-Yun pet at both Hot Topic and Marshall's. Hot Topic also had a variant of the same pet that fooled you into thinking it was a Color, and to make matters worse, it was next to some real Tamagotchis. The heart variant of the Jia-Yun pet also appeared in the Schooled episode "Tamagotchis and Bells" alongside some real ones. Coincidentally, this aired the same day I saw the same pet at Marshall's.