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  1. I keep seeing these online and it makes me upset. You can get these fakes for a cheap price, but the Tamagotchi Connections of my childhood cost $35 or more now! And I did see a YouTube video of the fake Color from Wish. I was laughing when Patrick came on because a Nickelodeon character does not belong the Tamagotchi world. I have seen these in public. I saw the heart variant of the Jia-Yun pet at both Hot Topic and Marshall's. Hot Topic also had a variant of the same pet that fooled you into thinking it was a Color, and to make matters worse, it was next to some real Tamagotchis. The heart variant of the Jia-Yun pet also appeared in the Schooled episode "Tamagotchis and Bells" alongside some real ones. Coincidentally, this aired the same day I saw the same pet at Marshall's.