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  1. For your last question, it's one of the random events that happen per season. For example in summer the racoon thing will stop and be replaced with another animation. You can skip the cut scene by pressing B when your tama walks outside to meet it, for whatever reason you can't skip it right when it's triggered in the house.
  2. Hi, Recently I bought a preowned Royal pierce from Japan you want and I can't get it to unlink from the previous owner and link to mine. My Ps came with the Dream Coffret pierce and I had trouble linking that one too but once I married off my adult tama and had a baby I was able too, I figured that since that one now worked so would my Royal pierce but it was still unable to link it and I ended up resetting my tamagotchi but my Royal pierce still isn't working, I haven't tried my Dream one yet though. I know accidents happen but I feel that since I bought it from JYW it should be functional I didn't buy it from somebody on ebay yk? I don't think my tama pierce port itself is damaged because my Dream pierce works? I blew on both so I don't think it's dust either. I'm wondering if I can only connect certain pierces during certain stages, like am I only able to connect my Royal pierce when I have a teen? Or is it just broken? Sorry this is so long, thank you in advance!