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  1. I would have started this sooner, but I had to spend three excruciating hours finding my SD card adapter since I lost it and my computer doesn't have an SD card slot Here's my very own log! The posts may be a bit long, but that's largely because I'm running seven tamas at once currently Also, the order I'm listing them in may seem strange, but there's actually a reason for it; first three are my favourite ones. The next two are my sister's favourite ones. The last two are the ones I got for Christmas last year, listed at the end because they're the most recent ones I've obtained Currently, I have to upload my images to the Tamagotchi wiki and link them here. I'll try to use Imgur as soon as I'm able to create an account tomorrow. Also; apologies for the blurry picture quality. I don't have my own cell phone or a working camera, so I have to take them with my 3DS. The poor Winter lighting also has a part in it as well Chocolate Argyle V4.5 This is my favourite tama with a dead battery The sounds were distorted-sounding and then it gave me this screen. Replaced the battery at 11:55 AM this morning. Meet Tony, the Ura Young Mametchi! He's quite adorable in my opinion :3 Tomorrow, he's going to evolve into Ura Mametchi. Nothing particularly interesting happened to him today aside from the dead battery. STATS Name: TONY Training: 7/9 Skills: 70 Funny, 31 Gorgeous, 45 Spiritual Weight: 27 Pounds Age: 1 Year (resetting a tama in any way prevents its age bar from changing that day) Generation: 9 Pink Stripe V4 Meet Jaiden the Violetchi (her name is actually spelt as "Jaden" since the "i" wouldn't fit). As you can see, she has a cute little baby boy with her. She left him behind at midnight, but unfortunately I couldn't get any pictures of that Nothing else particularly interesting happened to her today. STATS Name: JADEN Training: 9/9 Skills: 59 Intellectual, 51 Style, 125 Kind Weight: 37 Pounds Age: 7 Years Generation: 5 Yellow Mood V4.5 Meet Angie the Ura Young Marotchi. She evolved into Tsukkomitchi at 10:59 this morning, but I forgot to take any pictures Nothing else particularly interesting happened to her today. STATS Name: ANGIE Training: 9/9 Skills: 30 Funny, 69 Gorgeous, 60 Spiritual Weight: 33 Pounds Age: 3 Years Generation: 20 Black Spark V4 I won't post any more pictures here until I create an account on Imgur... Meet Jacob the Gourmetchi. He started off as an energetic little MizuTamatchi; At 7:33 this evening, he evolved into that ice cream sandwich character we all know and love... While he was still a young'n, I played Mimic with him a lot (I seem to be one of the few people who actually like that game ). For some reason, his kindness skill was building at a snail's pace. His intellectual and style skills, though, were rocketing STATS Name: JACOB Training:5/9 Skills: 52 Intellectual, 50 Style, 34 Kindness Weight: 15 Pounds Age: 1 Year Generation: 1 Earth V4.5 Meet Ben the Tougyutchi. Two nights ago, I accidentially dropped this Tama, which caused the screen to blank. I pressed the reset button; several spooky, distorted beeps were heard. I pressed the button again. A few non-serious glitches happened (one of which was the tama still running while I briefly took out the battery ), but everything was normal. But he evolved an entire day after he was supposed to. Oh, by the way, he was a Kometchi (third time I've obtained him in the past month, I've really been on a lucky streak on the V4.5 ). I know I said I wouldn't upload any more pictures until further notice, but I find Tougyutchi wearing makeup too... too, wonderful to not share (Ura Kuchipatchi with makeup made me laugh out loud ) STATS Name: BEN Training: 8/9 Skills: 25 Funny, 63 Gorgeous, 54 Spiritual Weight: 37 Pounds Age: 3 Years Generation: 22 Purple True Friends V2 Meet Illy, the Kinakomotchi. She won't stay Kinakomotchi for very long; she's scheduled to evolve shortly after her wake-up time tomorrow! She started her time in my care this morning, after her mother, a ChoHimetchi named Jazz, left her alone. Tamas are really lousy parents STATS Name: ILLY Training: 5/9 Weight: 11 Pounds Age: 0 Years Generation: 5 Pink True Friends V2 Yikes, you can barely read that text... Meet Max, the Butterflytchi. He married Jaiden the Violetchi just yesterday, and like her, he left behind his sweet little baby boy at midnight (again, I couldn't get any pictures ). I tried having him draw with a pencil, but he drew a blank... literally and figuratively STATS Name: MAX Training: 9/9 Weight: 40 Pounds Age: 8 Years Generation: 4 Wow, that took a lot longer than I thought it would! Sorry I don't have much to report today, maybe from now on I'll only report the interesting stuff. Hope you enjoyed reading; if you did, there's definitely more to come. I promise it'll be more interesting next time
  2. That's great news! And I know from experience that Puchitchi definitely never evolves into Young Mametchi or Young Mimitchi, even with perfect care. Good luck on getting a Kuchi family teen! Hopefully both of us can obtain one soon. Like you've said before, Mame family genes are not as strong as Meme family genes, so the offspring of Mame + Kuchi is more likely to evolve into the Kuchi family; marrying a Meme adult to a Kuchi adult usually just ends up with MizuTamatchi, and having a Kuchi adult as a parent does not increase its chances of evolving into the Kuchi family. Also, a mini-update; the MizuTamatchi I aforementioned has evolved into Gourmetchi. And a bigger update, I'm going to start up a log of my own very soon (I've actually been keeping a Tama log on my computer since September, maybe I'll post some interesting bits from that one sometime)
  3. Feeling really dumb right now¬†ūüėā¬†I created an account for ImageShack not knowing it was only a 30-day trial...and shortly afterwards I found out I can just link¬†images from the Tamagotchi Wiki, a completely free site¬†which I already had an account for¬†:D

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      There's also imgur, it's completely free.

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      Thanks for the suggestion, maybe I'll make an account on that site tomorrow; it's pretty late where I am and I really don't feel like creating an account right now.

  4. Agh, it's hard to vote! I went with DreamWorks, because they're a solid company that's made several MASTERPIECES, and rarely had any duds. I could say the exact same about Disney, and I almost voted it, but I kind of just said to myself "just pick one!" I'm not a very decisive person. I'm already changing my mind again I think a CGI animated Tamagotchi film would be a rather interesting idea...
  5. That's actually the reverse of my experience; I've only obtained Kuchi family teens from MohiTamatchi with perfect care, and only obtained HinoTamatchi or Ichigotchi, the "bad care" Meme family teens, with barely less than perfect care (I just realised I've already said that two or three times now... whoops ). Of course, I haven't tried anything worse than very good, but not perfect, care. Happy hearts (not sure about hungry hearts) dropping too low or emptying seems to count as a partial care mistake, which may explain why I always get the "bad care" teens from any child (except Puchitchi) when this happens Anyway, it's an interesting theory that Harutchi and MizuTamatchi may change family groups with poor care. I'll have to try it next time to see if it works. Hopefully. But when a Tama dies, the Parent section of the Family History book is left unaltered, so I'm not sure. I'm not even sure if the family group the ancestors are from affects anything, to be honest, because level of care seems to be all that influences Puchitchi and MohiTamatchi's growth. Like you said, though, it's definitely something to keep an eye out for. Thanks for your suggestions, I'll definitely keep them in mind
  6. Nope, no care mistakes between that; he only had one care mistake from the day before. I was pretty upset about that. For me, Puchitchi always evolves into the Mame family with perfect care (but, for some reason, never into Young Mametchi or Young Mimitchi) and always evolves into the Meme family with anything else. Likewise with MohiTamatchi, but the Kuchi family instead of Mame. I've gotten every child except Harutchi from marrying a Meme family adult to a Mame family adult, so you may get lucky and get Young Kuchipatchi or Young Dorotchi I don't think skill points influence which family group the child evolves into, contrary to common belief. Ah, okay then. Anyway, I have an update... Welp, the HinoTamatchi already died... I was at my grandparents' house and my cousins were making quite a racket, so I didn't hear the beep. Oh well, I was only really upset because I had woken up really early the day before to start raising him (and now it feels like that hour spent half-asleep was wasted ). I hatched a new egg and he evolved into MizuTamatchi. I've already decided to raise him into a Togetchi; I already know I'm not going to get a Kuchi family teen I wonder, though, if MizuTamatchi's chances of evolving into the Kuchi family are higher on the first generation?
  7. Puchitchi actually normally evolves into a Mame teen, as long as it's given perfect care (I think... works for me at least ) Anyway, this is a very nice log! Reading all these logs about the ON kind of makes me wish I had one too, but they're a bit expensive for my tastes It's nice to see I've inspired someone else to start running a V4 again (also -- my black spark V4 is pretty old and in kind of rough condition too ) Maybe I should start a log on the site...
  8. Well that didn't work. The resulting MizuTamatchi evolved into Gourmetchi. I pressed the reset button before the animation could finish... but I instantly regretted it, because he evolved an hour after he was supposed to, and just my luck... this time he evolved into HinoTamatchi ūüė† And nothing happened when I pressed the reset button that time... To anyone who has ever obtained a Kuchi family teen from MizuTamatchi, do you remember exactly how you cared for it and what its ancestors were, and maybe its skill points as well? Even if you don't, that's fine. It's still somewhat reassuring to know it's possible. All I can hope for now is to get a MohiTamatchi next generation and either take perfect or below average care of it. I had the Violetchi I previously mentioned mate with a Butterflytchi on my pink TF V2, which hopefully will result in getting a MohiTamatchi. It's astonishing how many times I've obtained Puchitchi, and how many times I've had a MohiTamatchi evolve into HinoTamatchi or Ichigotchi based on ONE TINY MISTAKE that wasn't even my fault
  9. It's actually been proven by several people that MizuTamatchi has a very small chance of evolving into the Kuchi family and no chance of evolving into the Mame family. I have no idea what the requirements are, though, as like I said before, I've never seen it for myself, either. What I'm going to try next to see if it works is this: I currently have a Mametchi on my black spark V4 and an Ura Violetchi on my chocolate argyle V4.5 and I'm planning on mating them with each other very soon. The Mametchi's parent was a Marotchi, the grandparent was a Kuchipatchi, and the great-grandparent was a ShimaShimatchi. Every one of the Ura Violetchi's descendants in the family history book are from the Ura Kuchi family; specifically her parent was a Shitekitchi, her grandparent was an Ura Yattatchi, and her great-grandparent was a Tougyutchi. I wonder if that increases MizuTamatchi's likeliness to evolve into the Kuchi family? Probably not, but you never know... Anyway...just something I've been thinking about and felt like posting I'll post again as soon as I have any updates to report
  10. The universal teen, who was an Obotchi, evolved into Debatchi. Which I was quite baffled about, because the skill points were not low at all and I took perfect care of him; as for the amount of skill points, he had 34 intellectual, 65 style, and 64 kindness. I married him to a Pyonchitchi on my purple true friends V2, but I just ended up with another Meme family teen Also, as for Universal teens, I'm pretty much certain they can evolve into any adult; in one instance, I had an Obotchi whom I raised his kindness skill substantially and he evolved into Kuchipatchi. But I think that, even with good care and high overall skill points, they still have a chance of evolving into a Universal adult, because that's happened to me more than once. I'd say, for the most part, I've been pretty lucky at avoiding the Meme family on my black spark V4, but I've pretty much been cursed on my pink stripe V4. I currently have an Ichigotchi who should evolve into Violetchi tomorrow, so maybe I'll try having her marry a Mame family adult instead of a Kuchi family adult. If the child evolves into MohiTamatchi (I've gotten it from just about any combination of parents), I'll try poor care to see if I end up with Oniontchi or Nikatchi. If it evolves into Puchitchi, I'll try perfect care to get a Mame family teen. If I get MizuTamatchi, I'm not sure how I'll raise it. It's said that MizuTamatchi evolves into the Kuchi family, and Harutchi evolves into the Meme family, depending on its family history, but I'm not sure that's true ūüėē Even if it is, it's definitely not true of Puchitchi or MohiTamatchi. Anyway... Thanks for your suggestions, I'll try them out as soon as I can
  11. This is all very interesting! Pretty cool, too. I'd try it for myself except that I'm far too partial to my Tamas to attempt something so risky
  12. So, now that I've finally solved my problem on the V4.5...I'm having the exact same problem on the V4 For thirteen generations now on my pink stripe V4, I've gotten almost nothing but Meme family teens and I'm just about sick of it (I got lucky once and got Young Kuchipatchi and another time got Obotchi). And I'm wondering if anyone has any tips on how to influence which teen the child evolves into? Specifically, MizuTamatchi. I know it's able to evolve into a Kuchi family teen, but I've gotten it eleven times now and only ever had it evolve into Meme family teens (excluding Universals; even then it was only once). What influences whether it evolves into a Meme family teen or a Kuchi family teen? I've tried average care, that doesn't work. I've tried high kind/social skill points, that doesn't work. I've tried marrying a Meme family adult to a Kuchi family adult, AND vice-versa, and that doesn't work either. I'm also wondering how MohiTamatchi evolves into Oniontchi and Nikatchi. I haven't tried average or poor care yet, because I'm too worried I'll just end up with HinoTamatchi or the hundredth time in a row. For me, it always evolves into Young Kuchipatchi or Young Dorotchi with absolutely PERFECT care, and HinoTamatchi or Ichigotchi if the happy meter drops to one heart even ONCE, or if it empties from getting a nasty letter, using an item that lowers happy hearts, or giving it a time-out If anyone who has more knowledge about the V4's evolution than I do would be willing to share any tips to help with my situation and answer my questions, that would be great
  13. I obtained Butterflytchi on one of my V2s yesterday, and today, I obtained Yakantchi and Ura Young Yattatchi on two of my V4.5s. I'm in a pretty good mood because of it, especially since it's the first time I've ever obtained Butterflytchi and Yakantchi ^_^

  14. I got the pink and purple True Friend V2s for Christmas! I really like the version so far, though I can't get past the first round in Bump :)

    Also, Merry Christmas to everyone!

    1. Knighttchi's Ballad

      Knighttchi's Ballad

      Awesome! The last time I got a Vpet for Christmas (besides my first tama ages ago) was a few years ago with my Gigapet Yoda. Hope you enjoy your V2s :^) Bump is a bit of a random chance game, although you can improve your outcomes by making your tama gain more weight. Merry Christmas :^)

  15. Okay, so I discovered that this procedure doesn't always work... I had a Tsukkomitchi marry a MukiMukitchi through the matchmaker, and her child evolved into Kuribotchi. I did the EXACT SAME THING as with the Ura Zukyutchi's child, and he evolved into Kujakutchi today The only thing I did differently is that the gorgeous skill was higher than the spiritual skill, but that's only because I just couldn't get the spiritual skill to get any higher than gorgeous... maybe it's just a coincidence that the skill points corresponded with the family groups, though. Just in case, though, I'll make every attempt to get the spiritual skill higher next time I get Kuribotchi or KuchiTamatchi in addition to poor care. Oh well, whatever the case, there's not much I can do but just deal with it and hope it works again in the future EDIT: One thing I forgot to mention, I'm just going to get the Kujakutchi's gorgeous and spiritual skills high enough to get Tougyutchi, whom I really wanted to obtain had he evolved into Kometchi or Boxertchi. Already I've almost raised the spiritual skill to 100.