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  1. Okay, so I have a few updates and thoughts that recently popped in my head... First of all, my Ponytchi evolved into Otokitchi today, at age 10! Now I just need to wait for either my Ura Togetchi or Ura Kuchipatchi (I'm not sure which one yet) to evolve into Ojitchi so I can get Oyajitchi. Hopefully when I mate the Oyajitchis, I'll get a different Teen character Second, I had a KuchiTamatchi evolve into a teen with 12 Funny points, 23 Gorgeous points, and 50 Spiritual points. That being said, I can confirm after obtaining Daiyatchi the hundredth time in a row that skill points definitely do not affect child-to-teen growth (I can laugh about getting Daiyatchi over and over again now even though it's still very frustrating and it still happens to me ) Third, I wonder if having an adult on a V2 or V3 mate with an adult on a V4 or V4.5 would have any influence on what the child on the V4 or V4.5 evolves into? (I don't have a V3, but I'm getting two V2s soon) Since most of them don't exist on either the V4 or V4.5. But to be honest, I'm still not sure if the parent characters have anything to do with which family group the child evolves into; sometimes it works, most of the time it doesn't 😕 And lastly, I know I said I don't have this issue on the V4 at the start of the topic; I do now. I haven't obtained any Kuchi group teens on the V4 in nearly a month But child-to-teen evolution on the V4 is seemingly different than the V4.5, so I'm sure I'll get them again. That's it for now. I don't think I'll post anything more until I find a solution that works for my problem
  2. I still have this in mind, but I searched my problem again (a LOT of people seem to have the exact same issue I do) and found this thread below and discovered that having two oldies mate may break the cycle of getting the same Teens repeatedly. I'm going to try this next -- as hard as it will be since I generally like for my Tamas to marry as soon as possible Wish me luck!
  3. It didn't work... they both evolved into Daiyatchi 😠 NOTHING I've tried at this point works! I STILL get nothing but Daiyatchi and Ura Young Memetchi from KuchiTamatchi! 😡 My best chance at obtaining a Kuchi teen now is giving a Kuribotchi very bad care...
  4. I had an Ura Memetchi and a Tougyutchi marry, and today both of their children evolved into KuchiTamatchi. (Just to be clear, the Tougyutchi evolved from Daiyatchi with 155 Gorgeous points and 151 Spiritual points) That being said, I'm going to try giving one of them perfect care, and the other, I'm going to allow at least two care mistakes to accumulate to see what happens. Probably nothing, but I'm willing to try whatever might work
  5. Skill points don't work for me. I always get Daiyatchi from KuchiTamatchi even if the Gorgeous skill is lowest and the Spiritual skill is highest (The only time I get a different character is if I neglect it to the point of near-death, but even then it just evolves into Kujakutchi or Ura Young Violetchi). And the aforementioned Kuribotchi evolved into Kujakutchi with the highest Funny skill and the lowest Gorgeous skill. I also already know everything about skill points and evolution (well... except child-to-teen), I'm not new to the version Thanks anyway, though, I will still keep trying any suggestions, including yours Also, nice to see another V4/V4.5 lover on here. ❤️ The V4.5 has always been my favourite version despite the incredible lack of variety of Teen characters I get!
  6. I am SICK and TIRED that I NEVER get Kuchi-type teens on the V4.5 no matter WHAT I do :angry: !

  7. It didn't work... I had a Hyottokotchi marry Ura Debatchi through the matchmaker, and the resulting Kuribotchi evolved into Kujakutchi...
  8. I don't know how or why, but somehow all the neglect I left the Hitodetchis with caused the female one to evolve into Ura Young Memetchi 😕 But maybe it makes sense, since her parent married an Ura Violetchi? Now I wonder if THAT'S how to get Kuchi-type teens, by having the parent marry a Kuchi-type adult and leaving the child with considerate neglect, but good discipline? EDIT: The male one evolved into Daiyatchi, which makes me think my theory is correct.
  9. A Pac-Man and Tamagotchi combo... sounds interesting, I'll say that Honestly though, I'll be kind of excited if it makes it out of Japan!
  10. Nothing I've tried yet has worked, but I'll keep trying anyway. I've been keeping a growth log on my computer for a couple years now, and based on the data I've collected, I think I've figured out how to get specific child characters through mating, though I still don't know how to get specific teen characters... Mame + Mame = Tamatchi Mame + Meme = Hitodetchi Mame + Kuchi = Kuribotchi or Tamatchi Meme + Mame = KuchiTamatchi or Hitodetchi Meme + Meme = Hitodetchi Meme + Kuchi = KuchiTamatchi Kuchi + Mame = Tamatchi Kuchi + Meme = Tamatchi (In fact, this was how I obtained Tamatchi the first time ever) Kuchi + Kuchi = Kuribotchi or KuchiTamatchi I didn't see a specific pattern with Universal-type characters. I suspect Ura Debatchi may be the key to getting a Kuchi-type teen; two out of the three times I obtained Ura Young Yattatchi that I've recorded in the aforementioned log, one of the parents was Ura Debatchi (the other time, I couldn't remember who the mate was ). And currently, I have two Hitodetchis that I'm trying to take very poor care of (It's difficult since I like to take the best care of my Tamas that I possibly can) to see if they evolve into a character other than Crackertchi or Ura Young Marotchi
  11. ABSOLUTE DISASTER STRUCK!! My Chocolate Argyle V4.5 reset for no reason at all! I had gotten to Generation 18 and never had a Tama die on it since I started it up again two-and-a-half years ago 😢

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    2. Maria&Co.


      That's too bad. This is actually the second or third time this has happened to me, on the exact same one, too... I wonder if it's some kind of glitch...

    3. *CrazyChick*


      used to have a 4.5 and i loved that thing literally to death. I used it til the screen and sound finally just stopped. Never once did it randomly reset though, although i had alot of problems out of box back in the day, i returned it 3 times before I got one that worked.

    4. cmarie


      That is so sad!  I have been having a bad streak as well.  I keep getting a character I fall in love with and then BAM a headstone appears because I forget it's not paused LOL

  12. Well, that didn't work. Their children both evolved into Hitodetchi, and today, they both evolved into Crackertchi.
  13. Okay, then. I wasn't sure since the vast majority of recent topics around the site are about the Tamagotchi On. Anyway, so far I haven't had any luck. I think I'm cursed to always get the same teens from the same children over and over again on the V4.5, none of which are from the Kuchi family But I just mated a Horoyotchi and a Celebtchi today, so hopefully that'll work! From my experience, mating two characters of two different family groups often results in at least one child evolving into the family that neither of the parents belonged to.
  14. Wow... That simply MUST be a joke... it's pretty funny regardless, though I'm concerned if anyone paid that much for a knock-off.
  15. Thank you very much; I did find some tips that may help, but I'll have to wait a bit to try them out since none of my current Tamas are adults yet 😕 (though I have two Ura Young Memetchis scheduled to evolve tomorrow ) The biggest problem is that Bandai seemed to program each child character on the V4.5 so that there are two teen characters (one for each gender) that it has an unusually high chance of evolving into... or maybe I just have awful luck (a lot of people seem to have the same thing happen, though). Every time I get Tamatchi, it evolves into Ura Young Mametchi or Zouritchi (unless it's the first generation, in which case it evolves into Daiyatchi or Ura Young Memetchi). And every time I get Hitodetchi, it seems to evolve into Crackertchi or Ura Young Marotchi. Plus the evolutions I already mentioned. On the V4, the teen character I get seems entirely dependent on how many times the Hunger and Happy hearts have emptied. Hopefully the tips in those threads help; I'm completely exasperated at the amazing lack of variety in the Teen characters I get (I know how to get any adult from any teen, but it's just plain frustrating that I always get Meme teens). (I didn't realise until the day after I posted this topic that the Tamagotchi Connection series isn't really relevant anymore and I probably wouldn't get a quick response Thanks for the reply, btw, I really appreciate it)