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  1. Well, most of what I've gathered over the past week wasn't much good... Curt evolved into Tougyutchi and Caroline evolved into Mimitchi, and I married them after a few days. They had girls, and I named Curt's girl Ursala (sticking with the theme here) and Caroline's girl Bliss (I hope someone gets it). Ursala evolved into Kuribotchi and Bliss evolved into Mohitamatchi, just as I was hoping for! I gave both of them perfect care: I never missed a training call, kept the stats at 3 hearts minimum, and played games frequently. Unfortunately Ursala evolved into Ura Young Violetchi (when she probably should have evolved into UFOtchi) and Bliss evolved into Ichigotchi (when she definitely should have evolved into Young Dorotchi). This was very irritating, as I have NO idea what could possibly have gone wrong. Ursala evolved into Ura Memetchi this morning with 49 points in each skill, but Bliss unfortunately died yesterday afternoon. I hatched a new egg later that night (I was on a daytrip and wanted to wait until I got home to hatch a new egg), and it was a girl -- as such, I kept the name Bliss -- and she evolved into Harutchi. This time, I've really been trying to keep tabs on her in hopes that she'll evolve into Young Mimitchi. I'll update tomorrow morning whether she evolves into Young Mimitchi or Ringotchi.
  2. First off, I want to say that the reason I'm going to report progress on the V4.5 in addition to the V4 is because I thought I had solved the Kuchi family problem on that version, but there's still a lot of things I have left to find out, and I don't want to create a whole new topic just for that (especially since I already created one when I first joined the site, which is too old to comment on now). All three Tamas left behind their babies the night of my post. I had named Jonny's son Curt (after one of my favourite Animal Crossing villagers), Sven's daughter Carol (short for Caroline; also named after one of my favourite AC villagers), and Alan's son Pudge (you get the idea, don't judge me ). Curt evolved into Kuchitamatchi. I forgot that marrying two Kuchi adults via the matchmaker typically results in him rather than Kuribotchi. No matter, though. I tried three care mistakes as I normally do (two from hunger and one from unhappiness), but something occurred to me; every time I recorded a Kuribotchi or Kuchitamatchi evolving into the Kuchi family, the training bar was only filled by two. Any higher and they evolved into the Meme family. I wondered, is low training a requirement for obtaining Kuchi teens on the V4.5? So I missed two training calls in addition to the care mistakes. Other than that, though, I gave him really good care. I think my theory might hold some weight, because he evolved into Kometchi! I'm going to evolve him into Tougyutchi and marry him to Caroline to try for a Universal teen. Caroline evolved into Puchitchi. Not what I was hoping for, but what can you do? I really wanted to get Ringotchi rather than Young Memetchi, so I gave her really good care. But I wanted to see what would happen if I gave her one care mistake. Anyway, she evolved into Ringotchi! I'm very pleased with how this generation is turning out (this is the first non-Meme teen I've obtained on this Tama in four generations). I'm going to evolve her into Mimitchi and marry her to Curt, so I can try for a Kuchi teen. As for Pudge, he evolved into Kinakomotchi and evolved into Ichigotchi today. (I'm not going to give a detailed report on this one, because V2 evolution is completely different from V4/V4.5 evolution) That's all I have to say today, sorry it seemed more like a log entry than what it's supposed to be
  3. Well, I reactivated three of my Tamas today. I figure that will be less overbearing than seven I started up my Chocolate Argyle V4.5, and was greeted to a Tenpatchi named Jonny with a baby boy. Most relevant to this topic, I started up my Pink Stripe V4 and was greeted by a Togetchi named Sven with a baby girl. And I started up my Purple True Friends V2 to find a Ginjirotchi named Alan with a baby boy. I wrote down some information about them before deactivating them, and found out Sven married a Masktchi. I have no idea who his baby will evolve into (and I have no idea if he'll leave her behind tomorrow or the next day), but I'm pretty excited. I plan on marrying her to either Jonny's son or Alan's son, depending on how their evolution turns out. Jonny possibly married an Ura Debatchi (there was a question mark next to it ), so his baby will probably evolve into Kuribotchi, which will give me a good chance to get a Kuchi teen. If he does evolve into a Kuchi teen, I'll definitely marry him to Sven's daughter. I know this topic is about the V4, but I'll also be updating information for the V4.5 when it's relevant to my research here
  4. First off, I want to say that I recently deactivated all my Tamagotchis. It just hasn't really sparked my interest lately (which is why I haven't been active lately), and I've gotten too busy with other things to deal with them for now. I'll still answer any questions asked on here, though. I might reactivate two or three of my Tamas sometime soon, since that wouldn't be quite as overwhelming as seven... Congratulations on that! The Kuchi family is surprisingly difficult to obtain (if it wasn't, I wouldn't have created this topic ) That's very strange...I've always obtained Y. Kuchipatchi and Y. Dorotchi by giving a MohiTamatchi perfect care -- no care mistakes, no missed training calls, high hungry and happy hearts -- so I'm having a hard time figuring out why it doesn't seem to be working out very well for you. It doesn't seem like you did anything wrong. (On a similar note, in the past month or two I've been having similar problems on my V4.5s; always getting Kujakutchi when I'd normally get Kometchi or even Daiyatchi...) It's entirely possible evolution is more random than I thought. If that's the case, there's unfortunately no reliable way to evolve a child into the Kuchi family. Just keep trying, and maybe it'll work out soon. If you want to try for a Kuchi teen again next generation under the current circumstances, I have a few suggestions: Marry your Meme adult to a Mame adult or another Meme adult and take perfect care of the baby. It should evolve into Puchitchi. If it does, take perfect care of it and it should evolve into Y. Androtchi or Ringotchi. Then, marry the Mame adult to a Kuchi adult and take perfect care of the resulting baby. It takes a while, but this seems to be the most reliable method of obtaining MohiTamatchi, other than marrying an adult on a V2 or V3 who isn't on the V4. If at least one of the parents is a Meme adult, MizuTamatchi can appear with any combination of parents. If you do end up with MizuTamatchi, give it four care mistakes, but otherwise take perfect care of it. And for good measure, see if you can get the Kindness/Social skill the highest. This method seems a bit unpredictable based on past experience, so I can't guarantee whether you'd get a Meme or Kuchi teen using this method. Sometimes, if you marry a Meme adult to a Mame adult, the child will evolve into MohiTamatchi if the hungry hearts empty several times during the baby stage. If you can't marry it to a V2 or V3 adult, this is the easiest way to obtain MohiTamatchi with a Meme adult as a parent, but it's kind of unpredictable. Good luck! I hope I helped a bit! I hope you can find a way to break the Meme curse soon!
  5. Well, I have something to report today (it's been a while hasn't it ). I had two MizuTamatchis on my two V4s, a boy named Jake and a girl named Ess. I decided to try four care mistakes and one missed training call, as that's what got me Young Dorotchi from MizuTamatchi before. I gave them both the four care mistakes, but I accidentally missed two training calls instead of one...I had to make up for that by intentionally having them send each other presents until they purposely sent something bad (scolding a Tama when it laughs mischievously after sending poo, a snake, or a jack-in-the-box increases the training bar, but this only works if you have an item wrapped to send as a present). Jake evolved into Gourmetchi and Ess evolved into Young Dorotchi. This is the only time I've ever obtained Gourmetchi with anything more than one care mistake, so I found that fairly interesting. But what I found most interesting was the fact that both of them evolved into different family groups with the exact same level of care. I'm thinking maybe evolution on the V4 truly is more random than thought. Jacob's highest skill was style/artistic, and Ess's highest skill was kindness/social, but that was most likely just a coincidence. Still, it may be worth testing a bit more to see if it actually does have any influence on child-to-teen evolution
  6. Toilet training actually wasn't a thing until the Tama-Go; catching a Tama before it makes a mess on other versions increases the happiness by two hearts and doesn't affect the training bar. Anyway, I hope you have better luck next generation
  7. That's too bad. And a little strange, as I've always obtained Young Kuchipatchi/Young Dorotchi from MohiTamatchi under those circumstances 😕 Did you answer any mail calls? Getting poo or a snake in the mail drops the Tama's happiness to 1 or 0 hearts (it varies), which counts as a care slip. But maybe some other variable that we don't know about had something to do with it, I'm really not sure I don't think high weight affects evolution on the V4 (I've obtained Mametchi several times with the highest weight possible). You could try bad care, though it can be a bit risky. If you decide to choose that route, what I recommend is keeping the stats very low at all times (two hearts maximum), and maybe let a few care mistakes occur as well (maybe four maximum, any more puts a Tama at risk for dying as I've mentioned). Maybe miss a few training calls, too. I'm not sure exactly what would work, honestly, because it's been a long time since I've obtained Gozarutchi or Masktchi
  8. First off, I want to apologise for being so inactive lately. Tamagotchi has kind of slipped my interest in the past couple weeks (lately it just feels like every day is five days long ). So I haven't really payed much attention to certain details, such as when a Tama evolved, what its skills were, what its training was, yadda yadda yadda... But I'm starting to get back into it That's great that you're joining in on this! This topic has inactive for nearly a month, so I'm glad to see it hasn't ended yet Good luck! Goodness! That's too bad... The Kuchi family is more difficult to obtain that the other families, though, so I don't think you're the only one Every time I've married an adult on the V4 to an adult on the V2, it resulted in MohiTamatchi, and I assume the same applies with a V3. Maybe you'll get lucky! If you do get MohiTamatchi, give it perfect care; no care mistakes, no missed training calls, and never let the hungry or happy hearts drop below two hearts. That's the most reliable, least risky method of obtaining a Kuchi teen Yes, letting the hungry or happy hearts drop to 0 and waiting fifteen minutes is how a care mistake occurs. Doing the same when it's sick also seems to, but that's very risky, so I wouldn't try doing that. You can go right into good care after accumulating the number of care mistakes you want. As for your second question, giving a Tama five or more care mistakes puts it at risk for dying each time a care mistake occurs. But if you give it less than five care mistakes, you shouldn't have anything to worry about unless the happy or hungry hearts stay empty for too long. I usually let both meters gradually drop at the same time. When both of them are empty at the same time, but the attention icon is still on, it's a good idea to wait until the attention icon has turned off; when it comes to deciding which character the child evolves into, filling the hearts when they're very low or empty is worse than a care mistake! Good luck, and I hope I helped a bit!
  9. That depends on which child character it evolved from. Hitodetchi normally evolves into him and Ura Young Marotchi if given very good care. I've actually never obtained them from any other child, but I assume they evolve from Tamatchi with sloppy care and possibly several care mistakes in addition (how well it's cared for and the number of care mistakes are not necessarily correlated). I don't think they can evolve from the other two children.
  10. Having a Mame, Meme, or Kuchi teen evolve into a Universal adult is actually intended behaviour on the V4, and not the result of a glitch. That chart is very accurate for the three main family groups and Oyajitchi, but the Universal information in completely wrong. Obotchi and Ojyotchi evolve from any child with severe neglect: keeping the hungry and happy hearts low on average along with several care mistakes. Hawainotchi and Hawaikotchi evolve from any child with a low training bar and several care mistakes. Universal teens evolve into the Universal adults seemingly at random unless one of its skill points is over 100 and it's given very good care. Pyonchitchi and Pyonkotchi evolve from any teen with low skill points but good care. I suspect a low training bar also may have a part in it, but I'm not sure. Debatchi and Hanatchi evolve from any teen with low skill points and average care. Gozarutchi and Masktchi evolve from any teen in the same way they're obtained on any other version: with severe neglect. If you obtained Masktchi, I would guess you must have either given it very poor care when it was a teen (wouldn't hold that against you, I used to obtain her and Gozarutchi constantly when I was younger ), or you had a Universal teen and didn't raise its skill points high enough. I hope it was simply one of those that caused it! If not, your Tama may be glitched...
  11. I'm pretty sure everything that counts as a care mistake on other versions also counts as a care mistake on the V2, but like the V1 and V3, it's a bit more complex than other versions. The only things I know for a fact count as a care mistake are: Missing calls for empty hungry hearts Missing calls for empty happy hearts Letting the Tama stay sick for a while Not turning the lights off when the Tama goes to sleep. The first three take fifteen minutes after the Tama makes a call before it counts as a care mistake, the fourth one takes an hour. It seems that missing discipline calls (when it calls for no reason and when it's crying/agitated) may count as a care mistake, but I've never actually tried that for myself before. It doesn't seem that the type of care mistakes influences which teen character a child will evolve into; it only seems to affect teen-to-adult evolution. Here's a detailed look at how teen-to-adult evolution works, if you're interested (I know it's not quite what you had asked, but I thought it might be useful anyway ) Giving a teen one or no care mistakes results in a Tier 1 adult. A Tier 2 adult can be obtained with a minimum of two overall, and a maximum of two in both physical and emotional care (four overall). Missing calls for empty happy hearts or the lights (and possibly when it's crying/agitated) count as emotional care mistakes, and giving a teen at least three of those results in a Tier 3 adult. Missing calls for empty hungry hearts or sickness (and possibly when it makes a call for no reason) count as physical care mistakes, and giving a teen at least three of those results in a Tier 4 adult. Sickness and empty hunger are more risky, though, so it's tougher to get a Tier 4 adult. Many care mistakes in both emotional and physical care should result in a Tier 5 adult, but I admit I've never obtained one before. Sorry if I went a bit overboard with the information Regardless, I hope I helped!
  12. No problem! The V4.5 was my first Tama, so I have a lot of experience with it
  13. It depends on the type of evolution; care only affects child-to-teen evolution. Care has no effect on teen-to-adult evolution within the three main family groups (Ura Mame, Ura Meme, and Ura Kuchi). You could give an Ura Young Mametchi horrendous care and it would still evolve into an Ura Mame adult. In the Universal family, it's the opposite. Teen-to-adult evolution in that family is seemingly based on care, and skill points have no effect there at all. I'm still trying to figure out exactly how it works, though (it's tough because the Universal family is very difficult to obtain ). Side tangent: child-to-teen evolution isn't just based on care, it's also based on what the child character is; for example, KuchiTamatchi and Hitodetchi evolve into Kujakutchi and Ura Young Violetchi with sub-par care, but Kuribotchi evolves into them with very good care. Sometimes it's also based on skill points; Kuribotchi and KuchiTamatchi are more likely to evolve into Kometchi and Ura Young Yattatchi with high Spiritual points and three care mistakes. Anyway, I hope I helped
  14. I hate to post four times in a row, but I really don't have any choice here Kandi's daughter, Hanna, evolved into MizuTamatchi. I got distracted for a bit and her hungry hearts emptied, so it wasn't very surprising. I really wanted her to evolve into Young Dorotchi, so I tried what I did with Debbi a while back. I thought I gave her four care mistakes, but there was one instance where she made a call for empty hungry hearts while her happy hearts were already empty, so I filled her happy hearts just in case. But I must have made a mistake there, because she evolved into Ichigotchi. There was also one instance in which she made a "for no reason" discipline call when her happy hearts were only at one, so I filled one heart before giving her a time-out, but I think that may have been a mistake as well and most likely also had something to do with her evolution. From my experience, a care slip -- filling the hungry/happy hearts when they're only at one heart -- instantly results in an evolution into the "bad care" teens (which is unfair if you ask me). Side tangent: I thought that wasn't the case on the V4.5, but I just had a KuchiTamatchi evolve into Kujakutchi with only three care mistakes, but one instance of a care slip, so it most likely does apply to that version as well. I think I'll marry Erin to a Kuchi adult so I can try again. She evolved into Memetchi this morning
  15. At this rate, I'll only be posting once a week! (And I don't want to post that infrequently) Chocolate Argyle V4.5 Toni evolved into Horoyotchi on Saturday (the 21st). She got a job as a hospital worker. On Tuesday (the 24th), Toni and Jax married and had girls. Yesterday morning, I named her daughter Ellen and she evolved into Tamatchi. I decided to run a test to see just how similar child-to-teen evolution is between the V4 and V4.5; I gave her four care mistakes, but good overall care. Doing that exact same thing with Harutchi on the V4 resulted in Young Mametchi. I guess they're even more similar that I thought, because she evolved into Zouritchi this morning! I was fairly amused by this. I decided to evolve her into Tsukkomitchi, one of my favourite characters (and one of the first I remember obtaining on this Tama). STATS Name: ELLEN Training: 6/9 Skills: 22 Funny, 49 Gorgeous, 40 Spiritual Weight: 20 Pounds Age: 1 Year Generation: 16 Pink Stripe V4 Lotti evolved into Ponytchi on Saturday (the 21st)! She got a job as a banker. On Tuesday (the 24th), she married Tosakatchi via the matchmaker and had a girl. I named her Erin, and she evolved into Puchitchi. I decided to run an experiment: I gave her three care mistakes to see if she'd evolve into Ringotchi or Young Memetchi. She evolved into Young Memetchi! I hardly ever obtain her, so I was quite pleased. I'm going to evolve her into Memetchi. I might try for Makiko, but I'm making no promises here STATS Name: ERIN Training: 6/9 Skills: 21 Intellectual, 55 Style, 27 Kindness Weight: 15 Pounds Age: 1 Year Generation: 13 Yellow Mood V4.5 Abby evolved into Ura Young Violetchi on the 21st (Saturday)! I was hoping for Yakantchi, but Ura Young Violetchi is so cute that I didn't really care She evolved into Ura Violetchi on Monday (the 23rd). She got a job as a teacher. Sometime yesterday, Abby married John the Nyorotchi. And they had boys! I was very pleased, since most Tamas I've obtained recently were girls, which was annoying. STATS Name: ABBY Training: 9/9 Skills: 31 Funny, 31 Gorgeous, 251 Spiritual Weight: 30 Pounds Age: 7 Years Generation: 27 Black Spark V4 On Saturday (the 21st), Kandi evolved into Nikatchi as planned! I was really excited, as she was one of only two or three teens I've never obtained (Hawaikotchi and possibly Young Mimitchi are the other two). On Monday (the 23rd), she evolved into Yattatchi! I thought to myself, "there's a face I haven't seen in a while!" before realising...her face is identical to that of Kuchipatchi and Nyorotchi Anyway, she got a job as a bus driver. Sometime yesterday, Kandi married Tarakotchi via the matchmaker and she had a girl. I hope she evolves into Harutchi, because if she does, I might be able to figure out a way for it to evolve into the Meme family. On the other hand, I don't want to risk getting Ringotch AGAIN, so I'm not sure. If she evolves into MohiTamatchi, I'll try for Young Dorotchi. STATS Name: KANDI Training: 9/9 Skills: 56 Intellectual, 65 Style, 157 Kindness Weight: 20 Pounds Age: 7 Years Generation: 7 Earth V4.5 On Sunday (the 22nd), Jax evolved into Samuraitchi! He got a job as a florist. He married Toni two days later and had girls. Yesterday morning, I named his daughter Molly, and she evolved into Hitodetchi. I didn't want her to evolve into a Meme teen, so I cared for her as I normally would, no care mistakes and no care slips. She evolved into Ura Young Marotchi this morning. I plan on having her evolve into Ura Zukyutchi; won't be a problem. Man-Hole is my favourite game on the V4.5. STATS Name: MOLLY Training: 6/9 Skills: 22 Funny, 33 Gorgeous, 44 Spiritual Weight: 21 Pounds Age: 1 Year Generation: 29 Purple True Friends V2 Wesley unfortunately died the afternoon of the 22nd (Sunday). I was too busy watching my sister play Animal Crossing: New Horizons and I didn't realise Wesley was dying until I heard a faint flatline sound. Oh well...that's my own fault. He will be missed... I hatched a new egg, and it was a girl I named Wendy. She evolved into Hitodetchi, and then UFOtchi (it seems I forgot to take pictures 😐). She evolved into Pyonchitchi yesterday afternoon! I find it rather amusing how Pyonchitchi was specifically created to be male-only, but all three times I've obtained him on the V2, it was female STATS Name: WENDY Training: 9/9 Weight: 31 Pounds Age: 5 Years Generation: 1 Pink True Friends V2 On Sunday (the 22nd), John evolved into Nyorotchi! I don't know what I was expecting, but I was really happy with this. I don't know why, but I think Nyorotchi is very cute Also, aside from his close-up, his animations are identical to Kuchipatchi's (barring the obvious fact that the body is different). He married Abby yesterday and had boys, as you can read above. John, Abby, and Kandi all left behind their babies as I was writing this. STATS Name: JOHN Training: 9/9 Weight: 30 Pounds Age: 10 Years Generation: 1 I don't know how long it will be before my next post; it will definitely be Monday at the earliest, and seven days at the latest