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  1. I downloaded the tamagotchi app, is it any fun??

    1. Dragonboy


      I quite liked it! It's certainly not very difficult or much of a timesink though :P

  2. My oldest tama ended up dying today :((((

    It was a mimitchi and I kept up with talking care of it but she was only 12 days/years so I'm wondering if I did something wrong??? 

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    2. Jop


      @Penguin-keeper Feeding a character too many snacks did have consequences in the originals; the re-releases have consequences for feeding a character snacks period.

      Wikia/Fandom says:


      Feeding a Tamagotchi too many snacks within a short period of time will make it sick, and continuously doing so will kill it - on the 20th anniversary rereleases, even spacing out a significant number of snacks across its life will likely cause a Tamagotchi to die prematurely. Overfeeding a Tamagotchi snacks is the only way it can die during the baby stage - this is not possible on the rereleases.

      Original behavior makes much more sense to me. I guess Babitchi now runs a candy factory and doesn't realize his recipe tastes horrible for everyone else.

      Speaking of documentation, the Tamagotchi Friends (Connection v8) is the inverse. The manual says "don't allow its weight to spiral out of control" even though here they actually did forget to implement consequences for this (nothing happened for me, even at the 99 LB cap)...

    3. Penguin-keeper


      @Jop - Wow, assuming that the wiki is accurate, I actually did not know that! I know that the Game Boy game allowed it to happen, though (it's how speedruns of it are done :lol:). I could've sworn that no version allows a baby-stage Tamagotchi to die, though - although I certainly could be misremembering that!

      As for the Friends, I guess that the bad documentation is an issue that goes way back, huh? :rolleyes:

    4. leogames2012


      Your Oldest Tama Died. it Goes to the Tama Planet!  there´s No bring it back!

  3. I got my new tamagotchi today! I'm happy to have a start on my collection. =^u^=

    1. Keegui


      Congrats on the new baby! :D

  4. I'm possibly gonna be getting  p1 tama tomorrow!! >U<!!

    ( Aka adding more stress to myself )

  5. So how many peoples are active on here??? 

    ( Maybe I just have too much free time. )

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    2. spoonky5


      I joined in 2011 and actually just started using this site. I like it much better than other tamagotchi sites.

    3. Penguin-keeper


      I check in pretty much every day, though I only tend to post when I have something relevant to add to a thread or when I have to do housekeeping around the forums. :)

    4. Dragonboy


      I like to drop by from time to time! this is the first forum I was ever part of and it is a place close to my heart! :ichigotchi:

  6. Day 2: I expected he'd evolve yesterday but I guess not??? To keep this minimal, he's still in his teen phase but I'm pretty sure he's gonna evolve tonight or tomorrow ( hopefully! ) I'll keep posting updates as soon as anything happens though. ( aiming to get: Mimitchi/Zuccitchi )
  7. Beetlejuice (beetlejuice beetlejuice) But for real I watched it 4 times in one week and almost know it word for word at this point. ( I forgot how much of a sketchy/scummy dude Beej was in the movie. )
  8. Figured I'd post this to see if I can find any other fans of horror, Not just the classic movies but as well as internet horror creators/reviewers?? I'm a big fan of all that but I'm also a big fan of creators like Nightmind, Reignbot, nexpo, Ect. So where are my peeps out here???
  9. My game has been a bit dry here recently and I'm looking for other players to connect to. If you play and are looking to visit each other's town occasionally and possibly swap items I'm here! FC: 5172-5885-2051 Mayor: Emmy Town: LORAS Native fruit: Pears
  10. Hi, this is my first post here TL;DR: I reset my tama I got a few months back After the reset and actually put effort into taking care of him I've kept him for five days now and I'm excited to say that he's gonna be evolving real soon! If I'm correct he's in his teen phase, I can't wait to see who I get when he's grown! :3