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  1. I really only have very minor damage at very littlelest details. I don't want to paint a whole shell. This is an example, what i want to repaint: (Say hi, to Ningyotchi❤️) You see, extremely minor scratch in the painting and my other tamas has similar minor damages. Using sandpaper seems not like a good idea unless i want to completely do a custom shell design... I think i can risk trying gundam markers. If the worst is, that they might faint, no problem. I think i have to free the tama surface from grease first, but i want to do it very gently. What could it use for that?
  2. This is exactly my concern. I ordered a silver gundam marker for the protruding wings that are always prone to paint fading. I will see how good gundam marker paint will last in this purpose. But some people maybe play with action figues? 😄
  3. Its at the same time offering a tip tho. 🙂
  4. Hello! I recently restarted few of my older Tamagotchis. Sadly, some have faded shell designs, rubbed off of faded letters, or scratches in the shell paintings. I think this does apply for any tamagotchi with painted shell designs. <---- this is an example. Not mine. My designs, letterings are luckily only a very, very little faded. Im a person who likes his tamas in best condition possible and i do have good drawing skills. These little damages of mine would be very easy to touch up with a suitable paint. I tried to repaint the silver wings of my angelgotchi with a silver permanent marker but it got rubbed off very quickly, its seems not permanent enough on plastic. I wonder with what i can repaint the shell designs best. i thought of Nail polish, but i think nail polish does not dry as flat as the original paint and it would be visible that it was repainted. Do you guys have any tips for me? How about gundam markers? These are intended for painting action figures. Do anyone knows them? Are they more rub resistant?
  5. Oh, yes, indeed! Thank you so much, that was was i was searching for. I bought it. I'm so looking forward to it. It was the only one left, that i bought Its new and it was a reasonable price as well. Thank you again so much! Do you know where i can find a pink Tamagotchi angel case? One oft these with glitter <3, they seem to be sold out everywhere, too.
  6. Hi! I want to buy a japanese tamagotchi angel with angel icons, these with a winged butt. Like this: Unfortunately I dont know how to figure out what icons it will have. I find some tamagotchi angels online with the new angel like icons, but the majority of packings have the original style icons. Does the internal icons are guaranteed to be the same as of the packaging sticker?
  7. Hello, there! I recnetly thought about a possible may to make Tamagotchi screen protector. There are some available online, but for ridiculously high prices. I have many vintage tamagotchis and id need 1,8mm screenprotectors for them. So i thought, if i buy a square shaped paper punch out device, i could make tamagotchi screenprotectors from phone screen protector films. There are even phone screenprotector foils with glitter integrated in them. I have not yet tested it, but maybe its a great idea. Of coure, I could cut the phone screenprotector with scissors but the edges would not perfectly adhere anymore then. How do you like this idea? here is the glitter screen protector foil on if you dont find a paper punch out in the right size, look on aliexpress
  8. Hello! I'm having that Devilgotchi for many yeas, it was stored in a drawer. Recently, I reactivated it and somehow it has some LCD like looking stains at the corners of the screen... Luckily these stains are very minimal and are not bothering much, but i still find it a bit sad. Does anybody know what could have caused these? Does anyone know how to fix it? Thanks in advance. In the top left corner