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  1. Just now Debirokotchi evolved into the twin!!!! It was 14 days old and had a DP of 80 or 90, not sure. They are awesome!!!! Im so happy! I will link a video of their mischieves.
  2. My batteries still totally fail. Especially in the devilgotchis.
  3. I was somehow not really happy with it, so I hand painted the spare shell of the black P2 I bought. It is very unique ans has gotten well.
  4. Honestly Im not a fan of the 2018 edition of tamagotchi. The qualitiy is not so great, just the way the plastic feels.. No, I cant do that to my devil But I did it. Transplantation successful! It was difficult. The speaker of the devilgotchi seemed to be glued firmly to the plastic. I got it finally out with the tip of a knife. I took the new black P2 I bought and started to put the devil in the back of the p2. Somehow it wasn't fitting perfectly and I had no idea why. No matter how I tried to insert electronics and sound chip, there is a gab between the front and the back side. I finally fastened the 4 inner screws carefully and Somehow could close the gap good as possible even tho the non japanese p2 back is not perfectly fitting. However the result is good, even you can tell that is a P2 back and battery lid. It says now: 1997 made in thailand instead of 1998 made in china 😄 . The devil battery lid wasnt fitting for the p2 back. The sound is good, I don't hear a real change, but its hard to tell. Its still loud. The problem is, there is no japanese edition of a black tamagotchi I think, or its too expensive. Last but not least I repainted the worn off print in the lower right. I think I did a good job, but NOTHING of that all was easy, I can tell you that. <----repaint job The p2 back Gap between front and back and lower right print before repaint job. Off topic: The market of devilgotchi currently seems to be flooded with white ones^^ But white is along with purple-white my least favorite color among devilgotchi.
  5. The only thing I'm scared of, is the transplantation of the sound chip. I did that once and the sound was more silent afterwards, even though I was very careful. The sound chip is embedded in a little molten plastic of the shell... I don't know how easy it is to firmly embed the sound chip in another shell and if the sounds sounds the same afterwards. How would you do that?
  6. Yes, this is also my current idea. I'm already looking for a black Tama. Sigh, they are rather rare and expensive, too. Unfortunately, I can not see the tama in the link.
  7. I even opened it up furthermore, and tried to get out the screws from the backside. I tried to screw screws in the screw holes fro the backside, hoping the broken shafts will be pushed out, too. Good theory, but this absolutely does not work. The only thing I can do, is putting the poor thing it in another shell. I wonder if I should.... if a had a black backside, Nobody would even notice....
  8. I bought a Devilgotchi and I tried to remove the screws. (I used a little mechanical oil before) (Of course I used the right screwdriver) I thought already I had it, but then both screw heads just broke off!!! (They broke very near the screw head) The screw shafts still remain in the shell and they also don't stick out a little. look for yourselves: I don't need to say, I'm devastated. Still I ask you guys, do you think there is a (destruction free) way to remove the screws?
  9. Hello, I'd like to know about your experiences with batteries of Tamagotchi Ancestors. I have the feeling that I can only raise two adult characters until they die and then the battiers are dead. That very frustrating and I already wonder if I got faulty batteries. I use VARTA Batteries.
  10. I only wanted to show my newest "creation" i got the clear versions of Osu and Mesutchi. The male one is clear black with white buttons and a white cap and the female is clear with black buttons and clear black cap. I always thought they would look much better with fitting caps and fitting buttons. Otherwise it is irritation for the eyes, looks so mismatched. So I opend them botch and switched the buttons. I also had to open them because of other reasons. Heres the Original: Heres the creation of Dr. Frankentama: How do you like it? Which one do you like better?
  11. Devilgotchi surgey was successful! The screen is now right back in, everything works fine. Btw: Its not very easy to open a Devilgotchi. Unlike normal 90s Tamagotchis, Devils have 4 more extra screws, holding the motherboard in place. That makes it much more difficult. I just hope the LCD bleed will vanish over time. I think so, but if not, also not a drama. Trying to get the twins failed. I had Oyajidebiru with high DP, it didnt becme the Girldevil, it became the pumpkin head instead. Maybe try have Oyajidibiru with low DP next time.
  12. It would work, but the icons were different. I'd never sacrifice the wicked devil icons, they're so great. 🙂