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  1. Hello, I'd like to know about your experiences with batteries of Tamagotchi Ancestors. I have the feeling that I can only raise two adult characters until they die and then the battiers are dead. That very frustrating and I already wonder if I got faulty batteries. I use VARTA Batteries.
  2. I only wanted to show my newest "creation" i got the clear versions of Osu and Mesutchi. The male one is clear black with white buttons and a white cap and the female is clear with black buttons and clear black cap. I always thought they would look much better with fitting caps and fitting buttons. Otherwise it is irritation for the eyes, looks so mismatched. So I opend them botch and switched the buttons. I also had to open them because of other reasons. Heres the Original: Heres the creation of Dr. Frankentama: How do you like it? Which one do you like better?
  3. Devilgotchi surgey was successful! The screen is now right back in, everything works fine. Btw: Its not very easy to open a Devilgotchi. Unlike normal 90s Tamagotchis, Devils have 4 more extra screws, holding the motherboard in place. That makes it much more difficult. I just hope the LCD bleed will vanish over time. I think so, but if not, also not a drama. Trying to get the twins failed. I had Oyajidebiru with high DP, it didnt becme the Girldevil, it became the pumpkin head instead. Maybe try have Oyajidibiru with low DP next time.
  4. It would work, but the icons were different. I'd never sacrifice the wicked devil icons, they're so great. 🙂
  5. Ok, I have a new explanation. I think the screen is put in upside down. Its rather hard to notice, but here's a picture of proof: The Tamagotchi Devil Screen looks tilted... It must have been opened and put together incorrectly, I bought it used long ago. *Sigh* I think I have to open it and put the screen back in the correct position. I think the side with the round part need to point downwards. I have some experience now, because I had to open up the Angel (reference in the pic above) . Still very disliking the imagination of opening up some >$300 item..... *shiver* The LCD "leakage" or what this is seems to have gotten better with the time running it (Probably it healed from all the love^^) I'm currently trying to get the demonic twins, after that trial, i'll open it up. I currently already have old geezer Oyajidebiru. ^^
  6. I already wiped with vinegar and also tried alcohol, i even tried to scratch off corrosion with a screwdriver. It still does not work. It is the metal of the contact that is corroded and that cant be wiped off. A nail file? I somehow can not imagine how to do that in this case:
  7. Ok, forget about this one. This Tamagotchi angel has sadly a corroded battery contact, it wont work at all. :'-(
  8. Hello! I bought an old tamagotchi angel, the package must have been stored at a sunny place, the shell has a little bit yellow discoloration from one side. Its minimal but I'd like it better without discoloration. (I know, i have ODC^^) Does anybody know how i could remove the sun discoloration? I currently try to cover the area with a hydrogen proxide 3% damp cloth. In reality it's worse like in the picture:
  9. I think Gundam markers work very good and are absolutely suitable for this. I repainted the silver wings of my Devilgotchi with it and the paint lasts well. You can not wipe the (completely dired) paint away with your finger, the paint only goes off when you scatch with your fingernail BUT thats the same with the tamagotchi native paint designs. Fist test the colors, if they are the same as your tamas design colors. You have to remove the greases from the surface very you want to paint very carefully, i used vinegar-water solution for this and a cotton stick. Don't paint with the marker tip, use a very very fine brush to apply it. (A nailart brush) Paint a spot on a (matal) surface, like a tray or something, then mix the painted spot to get an even silver color (the silver consist of these metallic particles, they have to be mixed well to create an even silver) and carefully apply the color to vintage tamagotchi wings. Paint 3 thin layers over the chipped areas and be careful that they blend in with the native silver wings color. This way the result should be so perfect as like the tama is new and in mint condition. Let every layer dry for a long time. The result: Good as new!!!! I already bought the standard set Gundam markers where i also get white, red, yellow, black, etc so i can also perfectly repaint the faded "Devilgotch" design and other faded designs. Drawing and painting skills are advantageous. I can recommend Gundam markers for it. (no long term experience how the color last under rougher conditions)
  10. I really only have very minor damage at very littlelest details. I don't want to paint a whole shell. This is an example, what i want to repaint: (Say hi, to Ningyotchi❤️) You see, extremely minor scratch in the painting and my other tamas has similar minor damages. Using sandpaper seems not like a good idea unless i want to completely do a custom shell design... I think i can risk trying gundam markers. If the worst is, that they might faint, no problem. I think i have to free the tama surface from grease first, but i want to do it very gently. What could it use for that?
  11. This is exactly my concern. I ordered a silver gundam marker for the protruding wings that are always prone to paint fading. I will see how good gundam marker paint will last in this purpose. But some people maybe play with action figues? 😄
  12. Its at the same time offering a tip tho. 🙂
  13. Hello! I recently restarted few of my older Tamagotchis. Sadly, some have faded shell designs, rubbed off of faded letters, or scratches in the shell paintings. I think this does apply for any tamagotchi with painted shell designs. <---- this is an example. Not mine. My designs, letterings are luckily only a very, very little faded. Im a person who likes his tamas in best condition possible and i do have good drawing skills. These little damages of mine would be very easy to touch up with a suitable paint. I tried to repaint the silver wings of my angelgotchi with a silver permanent marker but it got rubbed off very quickly, its seems not permanent enough on plastic. I wonder with what i can repaint the shell designs best. i thought of Nail polish, but i think nail polish does not dry as flat as the original paint and it would be visible that it was repainted. Do you guys have any tips for me? How about gundam markers? These are intended for painting action figures. Do anyone knows them? Are they more rub resistant?
  14. Oh, yes, indeed! Thank you so much, that was was i was searching for. I bought it. I'm so looking forward to it. It was the only one left, that i bought Its new and it was a reasonable price as well. Thank you again so much! Do you know where i can find a pink Tamagotchi angel case? One oft these with glitter <3, they seem to be sold out everywhere, too.