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  1. On 2/4/2020 at 6:50 PM, Frumpyjones said:

    I don't seem to have a dreamy or magic room to buy at the store... Am I missing something? Here's what I can buy:

    Cloud, baseball, normal room, gourmet room, farm room, activity room, workout room, star room, salon, carousel.

    I have a tamaguchi on that is pink with hearts on it and the little cloud with rainbows but I don't know what version that is... I'm going to assume fairy. My daughter got this thing for Christmas killed the first two and wanted nothing more to do with it

    yeah that version is the fairy! i have that same version. if she goes to school and it dies during that time, i recommend that you send the tamagotchi to its parents when it is one gen. up. you can do that by going to the house icon and clicking parents. you can also send it to the tama hotel, and choose “LEAVE” but that costs ten gotchi points per hour. both of these have a certain time limit, so i recommend that you search those up. you should buy the carousel. 

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  2. Hello! I have changed the color of my tamagotchi multiple times, and then I realized that you need to change the color while having the same tamagotchi for both times and being in the same stage. I changed my tamagotchis color twice, on the same stage using stew and rice omelette but nothing happened! Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong? Thanks!

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  3. Hello! I have just purchased the magic room on my tamagotchi on. I read that when you go outside 7-10pm after buying the wallpaper/room you will unlock magic land! I have just sent my tama outside and all they do is play with their pet. Did I do something wrong? I would really like to unlock the magic land. Thanks!

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  4. 9 hours ago, Eggiweg said:

    Or you can buy the 5000G ring for a 100% success rate when proposing.

    oooh thanks for the tip!


    13 hours ago, Ginjirotchi_lover said:

    it helps to visit them with their favorite toy, if you do that enough times then sometimes they'll just propose to you and you don't even need a ring

    there is a list of everyone's favorite items here


    again, thanks so much! my tama got married and had twin girls yesterday! the list helped a lot 😍😍🤩🤩

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  5. Hello! I have school during the day and I was trying to figure out how to drop off my tama at their parents. I don’t want to go to the hotel since I’m afraid I might run out of gotchi points. When I try to drop of my tama at their parents, the parents tell something like “eating too many sweets make you sick” or “make sure to bathe everyday” and things like that. After that there’s no “would you like to leave my tama?” option. It just sends my tama back to my house. I still have the map item from her parent, does that have to do with this? Or does your tamagotchi need to be a certain age to be dropped off?

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  6. On 9/24/2019 at 2:18 AM, Working dad said:

    I’m new to parenting a tamagotchi. I decided if I didn’t have a tama now I might not ever get the chance again. So I forged ahead alone on this journey - me (an optimistic new father) and my beautiful new sparkling red tamagotchi. From the moment I held it I felt an instant connection. For the first few days I’m proud to say I wore the badge of a father well. But then my paternity leave was over (aka my weekend ended) and now I’m at work trying to raise a tama and be productive. It’s not exactly something I can talk to my boss about (hey I have a tiny toy robot that’s actually my child). What should I do? How have others coped with this issue?

    Please help. 


    Father optimism

    Hello! I’m not exactly a pro but I still hope I can help. If you have a tamagotchi on then you can leave your tamagotchi at the hotel, and they will take care of your tama until five o’clock. But if you don’t have a tamagotchi on you can’t drop them off an where. But there is a pause option on most tamagotchi’s, depending on what version. (Search up your version and how to pause!!!)

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  7. 4 minutes ago, Save_Tamagotchis said:

    When your Tama is a baby you can't travel anywhere. You have to wait an hour or so for it to grow into its child stage and then you can visit other places. As for the other locations where is what you need to do to unlock all the areas.

    Tama Hotel: Travel anywhere (Park or Department Store found in the door icon on left hand side on the lower row that says "Explore my Town") during the child stage.

    Food Town: Eat Rice Omelet 5 times at the restaurant (found in the feeding icon shape like a fork and knife).

    Tama Farm: Visit Food Town several times (keep visiting and it will eventually unlock)

    Toy Land: You need to be at generation 2 or higher and have your Tama at the adult stage. Buy the drum accessory at the department store (found in the same door icon mentioned for the instructions of Tama Hotel) and put it on, the location will unlock.

    Starry Sky Lab: Requires your Tama to be generation 2 or more but they can be any stage (child, teen, adult). Go to the department store and buy the starry sky wall paper. Then go out to your yard at 7pm and the location will unlock.

    Beauty Salon: Change the color of your Tama 2 times. This can be done by feeding your Tama certain foods 5 times in a row. Such foods include stew or rice omelet from the restaurant or cabbage from Tama Farm.

    Magic Town/Fairy Land: Requires your Tama be generation 3 or higher. This depends on the version of your Tama. If you have a magic version buy the Magic wall paper at the department store then go to the yard at 7pm. If you have the fairy version buy the Dreamy wallpaper and go to the yard at 7am.

    Tama Sports Plaza: Play with the ball when the Tama is a child or older and connect your ON with two other ON units. You can bypass this a bit by having another ON. Take the ON you want to unlock the location on, and a spare ON. Connect the two together. Then reset the spare using the reset button on the back. Then connect the two again and the location will unlock on the ON you want to open the location on.


    Omg thank you so much!!! That was a big help 😊 

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  8. Hello! I just got a tamagotchi on and I tried going to yard, explore town, etc. but the buttons won’t take me there and it makes a BEEP sound, like it’s saying no or something? I don’t know why this is happening, can someone tell me how to unlock those or how I can get to my yard, explore my town, travel to other town? Btw, my tama is a boy, it’s name is Shizukutchi

  9. Help! So I have aTamagotchi friends and I would like to buy a Tamagotchi On, or a colored version for Christmas. I’ve never done friendship bump on my Tamagotchi friends before, and I was wondering if you can friendship bump two different tamagotchis? Can you bump a Tamagotchi On and a Tamagotchi friends? Or is it just the same type? thank you if you know! ❤️