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  1. I updated my computer and I'm very happy with it, everything is faster. I think it might be because I do connect my Tama to the App and so now I can't apparently connect it to MyMeets. Maybe I'll reset later but I guess MyMeets just isn't going to work for me. :/ Anyway, thank you everyone for the help!
  2. OK so this happened when I opened it: (sorry for the low resolution it wouldn't let me upload otherwise) EDIT: It says... "Unhandled exception has occurred in your application. If you click Continue, the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue. If you click Quit, the application will close immediately. Could not find a part of the path 'C:\WINDOWS\system32\assets\items\en'."
  3. Thank you! I'll try that. My bluetooth is on but I think it could be the windows -- it's a bad habit of mine to keep them open... Also I don't think I have any firewall issues or anything like that?? o.O
  4. There's also a fan-made app called MyMeets which allows users to craft their own custom partner for their tamagotchi character to marry. If you see any crazy-looking or impossibly beautiful tamas, that's likely how they got there. MyMeets does have available Mix genes such as the jellyfish character that you can use when making a partner for your tama.
  5. (Sorry if I miscategorized it, idk if it goes in here or in "Help for Tamagotchi Owners".) So the sweet child on my Magic ON died (RIP) and I was like "okay, time to put the ON away and focus on another Tama" and that's what I did. After like a month I decided to reset my ON, and the first thing I did after the hectic Don't Miss the Care Calls Baby Hour was over was to go get a pretty wallpaper. So I headed over to my pc and opened the MyMeets app and proceeded to choose a chic wallpaper for my Hoshipontchi. Setting the GotchiPoints thing to 9999, I opened up the CONNECT thing on my tama and tried to download the wallpaper like I'd done before. The tama itself was ready for download, showing those two little heart things and displaying the "CONNECTING..." text. However, the MyMeets app froze and I had to X it out because I couldn't do anything else on it. I tried again multiple times on the same computer, and that's what happened. I also tried on my laptop, and sadly the same thing occurred. I'm not sure why it isn't working. It worked before. Help? Extra info: - I have Windows 10 on both computers. - I updated both computers during the time when I wasn't using my ON. - I downloaded the wallpaper from the "English" section of the app. - I am decent at most tech, but not very savvy when it comes to delving deep into the actual settings, code, and weird numbers of the device itself, so I might need more specific instructions. sorry about that. - MyMeets mostly worked before my break. I remember that the last time I used MyMeets before my hiatus it started freezing too, but I didn't worry much at the time because everything was already downloaded. - I do not have any Meets, just two Magic ONs. I've been using the purple one, but it doesn't work with my green one, either. - It was the first time my Tama had died. - My WiFi is pretty fast and I wouldn't associate any of this with connection issues. - Before I open the app, it says that "Windows Smart Screen Can't Be Reached Right Now" but I click "Run" anyway and it opens the app. This has always happened so I don't think it really correlates with MyMeets freezing. I'm grateful ahead of time for any help you guys provide!
  6. I can't help but add this: you have Calico Critters too? I find them so cute and couldn't help but collect a few! (◠‿◠✿)
  7. Try talking to him about it, explaining that you can still use your own bank account if he doesn't want to spend money for that out of your mutual one. That way you don't have to feel sneaky about buying it like you mentioned, and even if he doesn't feel it's a good purchase, he'll at least be informed and he won't have to worry about the shared bank account suffering since you'll be using your own.
  8. But if Hasbro's not a good virtual pet maker, then why should it take over Tamagotchi? *confuse*
  9. Yeah I tried looking for that but there's only a tutorial for the main MyMeets app, not the Studio. At least not what I can find.
  10. Nope, just once. Twice is for the clock unless you've got a baby. If your tama is still a baby you can't go to the yard at all.
  11. I was trying to make a wallpaper and now I'm completely confused haha. Is it supposed to be all blank like this? I tried on my laptop too and it's all the same 😕
  12. Welcome to Tamatalk! Are you a micronationalist, per chance?

    1. Grendel_the_Only


      Hi! Sorry I didn't see your post earlier. I'm actually from Guatemala, which is the flag on my profile pic, if that's what you were asking, although I'm in the US now. I don't belong to any micronation as far as I know although that would be interesting

      I mean I've always had fun coming up with fake countries with my friends although I don't think that's what you're talking about haha

  13. I think you're talking about locked locations (i.e. when they look like this "?????????????" and won't open) They should unlock when you complete certain actions. Here's a little cheat sheet on how to unlock them: Good luck!
  14. ...Yikes. I use the MyMeets app; in fact, my current character is from there. I just thought it was so awesome and I'd never heard of Bandai's banning people before. I was so looking forward to marrying my character with someone from the ON app. Now I can't? What about the next generation? Will Bandai ban me if I put the MyMeets character's child in the app? Does it still show that it's from MyMeets? I should've known MyMeets was too good to come without any consequences. Sigh.