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  1. Welcome to Tamatalk! Are you a micronationalist, per chance?

  2. I think you're talking about locked locations (i.e. when they look like this "?????????????" and won't open) They should unlock when you complete certain actions. Here's a little cheat sheet on how to unlock them: Good luck!
  3. ...Yikes. I use the MyMeets app; in fact, my current character is from there. I just thought it was so awesome and I'd never heard of Bandai's banning people before. I was so looking forward to marrying my character with someone from the ON app. Now I can't? What about the next generation? Will Bandai ban me if I put the MyMeets character's child in the app? Does it still show that it's from MyMeets? I should've known MyMeets was too good to come without any consequences. Sigh.
  4. On sending messages and player interaction, Bandai has stated that they will not allow the users to communicate, presumably in an effort to avoid predators. It is a game aimed at children, after all. But yeah, I have found the app disappointing.
  5. I must say that I completely agree. I've been thinking about gender removal in Tamagotchi for a while too, and honestly it would be a lot easier to deal with. Bandai wouldn't have to mess with all that additional code to make sure marriages are of the opposite sex and it would be simpler for the users to find partners for their Tamagotchis as well. I honestly don't see the point of Tamagotchi gender labels and it just ends up being annoying when you keep having to hunt for ideal partners of the opposite sex.