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  1. I wasn't able to get it open and was worried I'd break it so I put it back together, buttons are still unresponsive and now there's pixels across the screen, what should I do?
  2. I have a Tamagotchi Friends, and it needed new batteries. Everything was working fine and I got to the reset and download screen. When I tried to hit the A button to confirm the download, nothing happened. All of my buttons are unresponsive but everything else seems fine, what should I do?
  3. It was some place in china, it was free and my friend wanted a Tamagotchi so I thought it was a perfect fit lol.
  4. I ordered a Tamagotchi Connection, but I'm doubting it's authenticity. Can anyone tell me if it's real or not? I'm almost a 100% sure it's not real since there's 4 buttons and the character is a chicken haha, but I can't be entirely sure, thanks! (Sorry for the low quality images)
  5. Hello! Sorry I've been posting in the forums a lot! But my only other Tamagotchi model is lost somewhere in my school, and since Christmas is coming up I figured I'd buy a new one! Which model do you reccomend? I wanted to try On or Connect but idk if they have Coffretchi, and tbh I have a soft spot for her. Does anybody know a newer version, (preferably the ones in color) that would have Coffretchi? If not, what Tamagotchi is your favorite and would reccomend for a newer owner? Thanks! (Btw, the price doesn't have to be cheap, but I would prefer a cheaper price!)
  6. I have/had a Tamagothi friends. I lost it this Monday at school at 3:45. She was at full hearts and was a Coffretchi, 4 years old. It's now Friday. I know she's probably dead by now, but anyone know the exact time it takes?
  7. Hi! I had a Nokobotchi for a day, and then while she was sleeping she evolved into a Coffretchi?? I know that it usually takes 3 days for a teen to evolve, is this normal? Sorry this is my first time owning one and I'm a little confused! Thanks! (I have Tamagotchi friends if that helps)