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  1. Same to me. European will not pay the price of a smartphone for this... Back to last summer, french media spoke about the release of the on in France. And in all articles they said it was expensive for just a toy. So i really thought it will come on europe but no. After the fail of the nano and the bad media coverage, maybe bandai decided to avoid our part of the world.
  2. I Hope it's because they will make a fantasy+ easter+ sweets. Japanese market is easy. But, to convince US people to spend 60 $ in a tamagotchi, with the same gameplay, one year later, with only two differents locations...
  3. Thanks again! I wonder if they plan a new release of the meet for japan or if they will release a new generation...
  4. I get that there is public for nano/mini. The problem is that it doesnt interest everybody. So the last realese that fit my taste is the Tamagotchi on. Nano gudetama, évolue, Pacman, a manga i dont know the name, hello Kitty... No problem, i mean, if i am not interested, i juste have to not buy them. But i Hope one day they will release devil gotchi again, because i want one and it's so expensive. Same for garden/océan. Everything is already made so... And old Tamagotchi could be as easy to raise. Just give them sweets when you dont have the Time to play and that's all. I just dont know why they stick to nano and rererereleased of only the p1-2, when they have other devices to propose. So finally speaking about the market segment, i wait my turn... On are expensive, and i bought both nearly one year ago. I bought thé p1 and p2 rereleased in many colors... What's next? But i understand your point of view.
  5. The problem is this : we fans understand that those are really limited. But when they realesed the nano 20th anniversary in France, people really thought it was the toy of their childhood. So lots of random youtubers make videos saying that tamagotchis was interesting in their memories but finally not at all. Some others make research and discovered it was just a simplify version of an already simple device (keep in mind that even childs of today play with smartphones or tabs) and felt disapointed. When you see the qpet on wish or aliexpress at 14 $ with color screen, yes it's not famous as Tamagotchi. But people buy them!!! So why not a nano? Because yes the goal is to make money. But you must see further and always try, at least a little bit, to propose something good. Because if now bandai dont really have serious challengers, it will maybe not stay like that for ever. And because if you spend tour time realesing "just for fan" franchised unusefull merch, finally one day the hype is over and you return to your confidential closet. (Hello funkopop figurines! They sell them ugly toy by millions ! Sailor Moon, dragon bail, star Wars, Marvel etc... Now people seems to have open their eyes and try to sell them at expensive price... But no one want of this anymore except the true fans.)
  6. That's thé best answer. Why dis they put gender if boy Can Wear dress. At first i thought it was a bug. But no. Gender are unusefull.
  7. If it's a full size i buy the two day one! If it's another nano, i will keep my money for other tama i dont have yet.
  8. You fond the on fantasy! Tell us about the date please, everyone knows that it's not official. But it can maybe gives an indication. Bandai teased new on for fall. Is it close to that?
  9. Put a toy in the garden and catch a pet and your tama will je happy to go outside even in the rain.
  10. Tamagotchi seems to sell well and are dynamics in the japanese and us/Canadian markets, so, in your opinion, why did bandai left the european, australien market?
  11. Card captor Sakura is famous. Not that much. If you check retailers website like Amazon you Can still find gudetama ans Pacman while the last séries of p1 is out of stock. Target still have Pacman ans again p1 out of stock. In France the 20th anniversary nanos sell well because people thougt it was the original, and the costumer opinion was very bad. And the Disney nano doesnt sell well.
  12. I votre for none because nano IS too limited for me but a kind of p1 or v1 could be cool! Animal crossing and pokemon are two good licence in term of business. Kirby could be really cute !
  13. I dont know if it's what you mean but, baby stage is one hour. And the next stage 24h (depend on the tama but it's an example) so if your baby change to toddler at 5 pm, it will evolve the next day at 5 pm. And so on. Sleeping is just a pause, it doesnt influence anything.