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  1. These days, even if the on is not sold in france, the recent revival of the brand in Occident since one year seems to increase the price a lot. Back to last summer, the average price for a connection in good condition was around 25-40 euros. Now it s nearly impossible to find one under 40. Or you must check second hand website every hour...
  2. There is not good answer to your question... I mean it depend on how many part of your body you must sell to buy it.
  3. Arf, the laws and copyright etc... are a mistery for regulars peoples... we must consider that Tamagotchi is a solid brand. So it's a better idea to sell your license with royalty to a company that is used to sell thousand of nanos, than invest your own money to make a "nano like", without being to close to the real nano, and with the risk to fail at selling it. Tamagotchi is a multi-generanionnal devise, Takara Tommy, in terme of virtual pet, is more in second position, with products more oriented to child...
  4. Well, when i began to play with the on, on the post wedding family picture, you can see the parents of your wife/husband (if you marry a tama of the device, not to app) and these parents have more human proportions, wich confuse me. Because it give sense to the ufo scene of the first generation. As soon as they can, maybe as teenagers, they leave. But that means that your tama can marry without beeing an adult? The good point with the ufo scene is that it show you succeed to raise them well enough to go back home, and they could keep the grave as a punishment for bad cares. This beeing said, if you have a dog, and he die, your child will be sad. It's part of life. Death is the only thing that will happen to all of us (🎉 🤡) so why shoud we act like it doesnt exist?
  5. Bandai will release four new p1-p2! (Rerelease of the others 90's tamagotchis please!!!!)
  6. Same to me. I dont know what to do when he is praying.
  7. Hello my tama is in cocoon stage. But i cant find a way to change the temperature? Ok I found out! If someone can erase this thread!
  8. There would be so much to do with pokemon!!! And i am off topic but a a digimon line based on dragon ball or street fighter would be nice. And if they could make harry potter, disney, sailor moon or care bears on 😍
  9. Honestly the connections v4 and v4,5 have a lot of beautiful cases. There is so much differents styles!
  10. If he could make an english patch for the meets!😍
  11. I don't think it's usefull to split the differents versions of the meets... Generally the life span of a tamagotchi version is one year or two. And the first meets was released in japan two years ago. We don't have any news concerning a new meets. We can logically think that a new tamagotchi can be in developpement at Bandai Japan. So the on was released one year ago. if they release the sanrio, pastel, and sweets every 6 months, they had the time to move on.... I can be wrong but I don't think we will have all the japanese releases. So splitting the releases...
  12. Why they make so much efforts to do a lite version when they could just translate the original meets? (Mister blinky does patch for some Tamagotchi releases, so it must not be that hard)
  13. Yep, that's why i said Tamagotchi is doing well. And when a brand is doing well, you can push further doing everything you can to increase quality and maintain public and fans attention. Or you can release nanos and half japanese version, knowing that people will buy anyway...
  14. Well the tamagotchi on is doing well all year long. A lot of time out of stock etc... And as she said they will keep going with tamagotchi so everything is fine. They dont have to share statistics to explain them choices. That's what gouvernement do, not company. They sell something, buy it or not, like it or not. Off course i would like to have some informations too but... For the time line, all we know is at the time of the toy fair, the same lady i think, had done an interview for a podcast, and she tease a new tamagotchi on for fall.