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  1. Don't works for me anymore too. Everything was fine until the last update.
  2. I m jealous, too many great collections! I started one too!
  3. If they chose to do it it's cool for me. I am not against the idea. But it's a japanese brand and just a toy...
  4. That's why i said it's nearly the ultimate tamagotchi device. They should think on the long run. The strategy for them is to release new devices at each generations to create this appeal to children and their parents. Parents that will buy a tamagotchi just to see how it evolve with the years and share a little bit of their childhood with their child. That's how other brand works. For exemple Disney, star wars, Marvel, harry Potter or pokemon. But you must stay all the time in activity to maintain attention, and adapt to the new generation little by little. In vidéo games for example you buy a playstation. You have a playstation account, so even of you buy the next one, you can still play the games you buy online on the old version. With Apple iphone you can buy the last one and don't loose everything you buy, the apps you use etc... so to me the idea is to continue to release new devices as the technologie evolves but to keep and develope the license.
  5. Genders are now really hard to remove. On the first tamagotchis cretures where like pokemons. So genders was unusefull. Now they more look like disney characters. They wear clothes etc... to me this option will never appear for economical reasons: tamagotchis will be baned in 95 pourcent of the countries in the world. And create controversies in the 5 percent left. So for bandai (a japanese company far from our occidental problems) it would be stupid to do that. Personnaly i like the things how they are. Its just a toy for children... i play with the rules... i dont care...
  6. Disappointed to. The tamagotchi on can nearly be the ultimate tamagotchi device. Connection with a smartphone is the key. The tamagotchi could know when you are traveling, the Weather in your area etc... and most of all can be updated all the time. So with only one device the possibilities are infinite. When you see games like Pokémon go... so this app is just the starting of something... or just a commercial argument...
  7. Thank you for these informations. I check the retailers online sites. EB games, urban outfitters and books a million are out of stock. Barnes and nobles out of stock for the blue and pink. And target for the blue. And they say the green is only available online not in shop. Only amazon still got all the colors. Few months after the release, and most of all after christmas, it's really good! Let's hope they don't miss the occasion to create a Real app, with more stuff to do. This is the key to maintain the costumers attention on the device. And i hope they will not wait to release other versions before the tamagotchi craziness decrease as usual.
  8. I don't know if it's a good sign or not but on amazon the prices decrease slowly. I bought yesterday the pink fairy because, for a raeson or another, he was at 54.99 instead of 59.99 for the blue one . Today the blue drop at 51.99. Only the white exclusive remains at 59.99, and is now on the front page of the tama on amazon pages. (Before you have to search it as he wasn't referenced properly like the other colors) Edit: the price for the blue is now 48.19 !!!
  9. I have a tamagotchi on and the 4 générations of tamagotchi i have are boys. The thing is that they wear dress and have big lashes. I don't have problème with that. But i want a girl and each time i think i finally have a little princesse but. .. no, despite the apparencies it's a boy! Is it normal or a bug?
  10. I want a seconde one too. I bought the green magic. I grief to look how bandai released the other tamagotchis in the past and there is often some month between japan/us/european releases. So it could be normal. BUT the tamatown tamago never arrived in europe so...
  11. Thank you for your replies. Let's wait and see. Really hope for the on in Europe plus tamagotchi on pastels, fantasy etc...
  12. Hello I am french person and I really hope bandai will release the tamagotchi on here. But I think it must be a success un the us, Canada and korea first. From here it's hard to estimate and find informations about the public reception in those countries. So what do you think, did the on provoc the same engouement has the previous versions? Is it enough promoted by bandai?