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  1. Thank you! under which heading would I find the drum accesssory? I think that might be my problem. I was expecting to see it under Items but I think it might be under accessories somewhere- but I don’t know where. It’s always greyed out.
  2. My toy is definitely not returning indoors for some time now. I keep getting same fish like looking pets that marry another pet that looks exact same. I understand I need new item outside to get a different kind of pet but I can’t get an item back. any ideas?
  3. I have tried several times to purchase the little drum accessory. It subtracts points but I’ve never been able to find the drum where all the other accessories are. is this normal?
  4. I have the same problem and this is my first Tamagotchi. Is this where Penguin-keeper put the question for the most visibility? Where else should I be looking? I apologize. Pressing C did work! Didn’t realize I had to say No first. Thank you!
  5. I bought theTamagotchi On for your daughter this Christmas and I haven’t put it down for a couple of days! Attempting to use the Tamagotchi ON app, there was a connectivity issue and now it seems my Tama is gone. The device continues to show the I’m Out sign and I keep getting failure when trying to connect to the app to get the little guy back. Does anyone have any suggestions please or do I have to reset? Thanks!