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  1. Hi, I was wondering if there was a discord server or something like that where there’s kinda a live chat I guess? Also if not would I be able to make one and advertise it on here or no?
  2. Yeah, I also hope this one lasts, I have spent hours of research on the tamagotchi ON to make sure I do it all right xD. So far your log has been really funny so I can’t wait to hear more about Bob and Sponge Jr.
  3. K, thanks for the tip. I have just been taking them to the bathroom whenever they seem kinda sad xD.
  4. Love the log! I got mine for Christmas too! My first one died 🥺😭😢 just this morning, and now I’m determined to have my second one last longer. Anyways, enough about me 😆, I hope you keep doing the log!
  5. Hi, I got a Tamagotchi On for Christmas, and omg I love it so much. My first one just died 😞 so I reset. With my first one that died and my new one, they won’t poop in the bathroom no matter how often I take them. How do I know if it has to poop and how do I make it poop in the bathroom? Please help me.