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  1. Hi, so I’ve had my tamagotchi On for awhile now, but the ONE THING I cannot understand to save my life, is how the registration on the app works. For example, I call my Tama onto the app, and I can see my family tree. I return Tama to device, go to profile, and I can’t see it anymore. Is it supposed to be like that? Or if anybody would like to just fill me in on how the whole thing works, I would really appreciate that too.
  2. So I’ve been messing around with it’s the the Tama farm, and of course I starts my little farm in the my farm section. Been three days, still have no idea what it’s purpose is but I gotta big ol’ tree now XD can someone explain how it works? And if it’s worth it’s to wait another day and see if more progress happens?
  3. Thank you!! And Barbratchi and Bethanytchi are fabulous names, I couldn’t have picked a better pair myself!XD They actually evolved today, and are now teenagers who are both the pale yellow color now, so I guess the matter of what color they are doesn't matter anymore XD
  4. I was actually just about to write that myself! My gen two recently evolved into teenagers, maybe thirty minutes after writing the original post. I guess each evolution phase take some more time than the last.
  5. I know, I know, I post on here so often, but it’s the only place I can get answers so I hope y’all don’t mind. So I’m on my second generation, and I have a tamagotchi On. For backstory, in my first generation, the baby hatched at bedtime, so obviously it was awake for one hour and then as soon as it evolved, BAM it was bedtime. For the next couple days, as soon as it woke up, it evolved which was cool, but I didn’t want that happening with the new baby because I wanted to be awake to witness it evolving. So, the day comes and generation 2 arrives at about 8:30 in the morning, and evolves at 9:30. That all happened yesterday. In my time today, as of writing this, it’s 11:10 AM. Shouldn’t it have evolved again by now?? It says it’s only a day old and I don’t know if that’s right or not. Also I should note that I have never paused it. Any answers would be really appreciated.
  6. So I was reading over my manual that came with my Tamagotchi On, and it says that on the Tamagotchi it can save up to 16 generations, and then the oldest will be deleted as it continues, which makes sense. It also says, that using the app you can store up to 999 generations, which is a lot but hey, you never know right?😂 Anyway, my question was how can I start saving the generations on the app now? Every time my Tama leaves the app and I go to check the family tree in my profile, it just has an empty tamagotchi device with a question mark in the middle.
  7. I know what you mean, it’s confusing! Also, typing this out on my slow iPad isn’t helping anything😒 Hopefully somebody will know which Tama is which. I’m hoping the white is Creamitchi and the yellow is puddingitchi cause I think the names fit better that way😂
  8. Hey, so, stupid question, but my 1gen Tama had twins, and I named them Creamitchi and Puddingitchi. When they were babies I couldn’t tell them apart, but now they’re kiddos and I honestly still don’t know who is who. I can’t include a photo, but looking at the family tree, the yellow one is in the center and the white one is off to the side on the right, and below it says “Creamitchi-Puddinitchi”. Does that mean the yellow one is Creamitchi and the white is puddingitchi?
  9. Crazy!! I live in the US and I paid $59.99 for my Fairy blue tamagotchi On. I hope the prices decreasing isn’t bad. I really want the Tamagotchi Ons to do well, so that we get more content.
  10. Wow, I had no idea that MyMeets what even a thing. Of course given that I got my Tamagotchi On two days ago, as of writing this, so it would make sense that I haven’t found it. I did notice while going through the park the the Tamagotchi On App, that some characters were distinctly unique from others. I just thought maybe they were from Sanrio or perhaps a different type of Tamagotchi meets. From y’alls perspective, should I avoid marrying in the park then with other players Tamas? It’s my very first generation, her name is Hanbunkotchi, so once she’s an adult and marries, the baby will be my second generation, and of course my very first mix, so I don’t want wanna mess anything up.
  11. Ah okay, thank you. Good to know I’m not failing XD
  12. Hello, so I’ve had my tamagotchi On for 2 days, and I have Hanbunkotchi (1st gen, female teenager) and her happiness has been at the light blue color, which is about halfway since she’s was a toddler, or a child. Is it supposed to be like this until it’s an adult? Because otherwise I don’t know what to do to bring it up more.
  13. Just ordered my new Tamagotchi ON today, (I got fairy blue!💙) and I don’t wanna mess anything up... XD Anybody have any advice that they wish they knew when they first got their Tamagotchi ON? Also I think I heard something about unlocking an area that required to meet up with another Tamagotchi ON, is that true? Cause it’ll really stick if I have to buy another. They aren’t cheap!!
  14. Good news!! Today I discovered that you do not need to buy anything extra to register kuchupatchi. Turns out it’s not strictly, “Food, clothing, skill, and time” it can be a mix of those things, so that one Tama may like two foods and a skill and of course time. For anybody wondering, kuchupatchis favorite things are: hamburger, oven, frying pan, and of course you have to wait 48 hours once he’s an adult I believe. I’ll update this though if I’m wrong, or if anyone corrects me
  15. Soooooo today I woke up and found an adorable Kuchupatchi on my 4U, which is great because that’s what I wanted. And then I heard something about a Tama being registered in some kind of notebook, and so I already have two of his pieces- The food one from eating hamburger and the skill one where he’s a boss at using a frying pan XD Can anybody tell me what the other two pieces are? And do I have to buy one of the 4U cards I think theyre called?