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  1. Let's hope that they're not, and thank you so much!
  2. Thanks Whimsical! So the cuties evolved into a robot. I'm beginning to worry if the robot body is going to be a stubborn trait... The married an angel and had lil' cuties named Emeritci and Icytchi. They evolved into mini ninjas! ( I've been trying to get ninja genes for a while now) I'm letting my little sister (6 years old) take care of mine until they turn into teens to prove to our mother that she is capable of having one so she can get one.
  3. So Flopperitchi unexpectedly turned green, but it's kind of growing on me. Cute lil pet as well. And my favorite part about Melodytchi and Daisytchi came back! Yay~!!! (This is a little late because they evolved yesterday at school)
  4. You're right! That's an interesting observation.
  5. Cool, thanks! My current tamagotchi is gen 10 as well.
  6. Yeah, their parents had genes from residents in Easter Town.
  7. Decided to give the girls a room change! That exclusive cloud background has been there for a while. Looks like they like it! Success!
  8. What generation is Peonitchi is? And I love your log! ❤️
  9. Is there any way to speed up Tamagotchi grow speed? Thanks in advanced!
  10. And... They grew up! And Loppsy, the pink bunny, came along as well. How fitting, a bunny with a pet bunny! And let us celebrate the 10th generation of my Tamagotchi Magic Purple On!
  11. Before I went out I boosted their happiness for twins. I FINALLY got a cute, non-tamagotchi-on pet to marry. She was moved. (He said I want to make you happy) And a very happy wedding for them! With Daisytchi jealously staring in the back because he knows he will never find love of his own. Then there's Frosty, the They had cute infants named Flopperitchi and Gingeritchi. Also, I found out you can raise babies' happiness by forcing them to eat cookies for a while, they never get toothaches! Will Flopperitchi and Gingeritchi be identical twins like their father and uncle? Will Flopperitchi live up to her name? Stayed tuned to find out!
  12. It's updated... I probably will just have to use my brother's IPad.
  13. Heya! As the title says, my tamagotchi won't connect with the app. The weirdest part about it is that it works on my brother's IPad, but not on my phone. Help please? Thank you!
  14. Melodychi and Dasytchi turned out to be identical twins. I still liked their teen stage way better. But that's okay! I'm sure I'll get someone on the Tama Love Party to marry...