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  1. The AR camera does seem like a decent use of technology, but I'm not sure about the buttons that we've been used to for 2 and a half decades being replaced by touch pads. Kinda breaks tradition and the pads may not be as responsive in some situations. Still too early to make a definitive call, though. Not sure if this will be the Meets/On Successor since it seems to have it's primary gimmick be focused on something else, but in any case, this would've been a great time for Bandai to permit homosexual marriages on the Virtual Pet canon. That would've caused explosive hype reactions on Twitter and Tumblr since they're essentially LGBT hotspots.
  2. Does anyone else think that TamaPtchi from the anime could be a pedophile or is it just me?

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    2. Timogotchi19


      Nothing really happened. You're probably aware of the whole Netflix Cuties fiasco.Despite having never subscribed to Netflix, just hearing about that film has scarred me. I've refrained from using the word "cutie" and instead opted for synonyms because of that film, which is a pretty difficult task when describing a franchise like Tamagotchi.


      And I'm not in school. I'm actually a 20-year-old young adult, and adults being seen with kids, especially male adults, is a VERY flimsy bridge to get across, even if the adult is the kids' parent/guardian. My job as a front service clerk at a supermarket frequently involves customers with kids, and and I often fear that even being within 5 inches of a kid's radius, just standing there having zero interaction with the kid, whether inside or outside the job, will get pedestrians to label me as a pedophile and permanently tarnish my reputation.

      I trembled just typing that, and the fact that I'm inevitably going to be an uncle only makes it worse.

    3. Timogotchi19


      And before you ask, NO. I don't find kids attractive. They are cute and their actions can be funny, sure, but I would never date a kid, because I know that they haven't developed a full sense of romance yet. Even at my current age, I've never experienced romance because I've never dated anyone.

    4. tamastar133


      It's okay, Joc was just showing some concern, based off your past status updates. I know what you mean, about fearing to be wrongfully accused of being a p*d*phile. You'll be okay, since you do not have those intentions, people accuse others of being one if they are acting "strange" or if there's evidence of them being one. 

  3. Well, Flash is gonna be Thanos-snapped off the face of the internet in a few hours. I just want to say thank you so much for granting access to these games after their official shutdowns, especially Dream Town in my case. And I wish you the best of luck in incorporating them to Ruffle so that we can continue to enjoy them in 2021 and beyond.
  4. That is wonderful news. I'm more into the Dream Town game because I adore the aesthetics of the anime and the game itself is too charming to just fade away, but I still whole-heartedly support those who'd rather support TamaTown.
  5. I always felt that Tamagotchi has been pronounced correctly on advertising since Tamagotchi Friends. "Tamagatchi" just didn't sound right to me.
  6. Jeopardy host Alex Trebek has sadly lost his longtime cancer battle. Let's pay a gotchi-fied tribute by remembering a Tamagotchi moment in the show from last year: https://www.instagram.com/p/Byu-mkbFm3U/?igshid=1hvrwiehlvv8c

    1. BENJAMIN91609


      "Tamamagotchi", just perfect

  7. I've seen a Wonder Garden commercial on all the big 3 general kid audience channels (Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, and Cartoon Network). It's clear that Bandai America is really pushing Wonder Garden for the holidays. I'm just hoping that subsequent On localizations keep all the content from the Meets counterparts intact.
  8. I met a guy named Jordan on Twitter who is EXTREMELY persistent on Mametchi joining Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. I repeatedly told him that as a Tamagotchi fan, I felt that Digimon would be a much better choice. But what do you all think? Should the original charming aliens we know and love or their edgier, ferocious digital dinosaur counterparts get the red-seal invitation?
  9. I've lately been thinking a lot about TamaPtchi, the head director of TAMAX-TV from the Tamagotchi anime, and I've been feeling a little suspicious about him.

    Case in point, he gives off some very questionable vibes when around Lovelin/Lovelitchi, who like her peers is a 4th grader at most.

    We're talking an adult director being somewhat obsessive and weird over a child actress. He also kinda looks like a stereotypical child predator, especially with his sunglasses on.

  10. I doubt it. They'll most likely actively pursue licenses in a committed effort to fill the money void that a certain team of color-coordinated superheroes left behind.
  11. "there's one incredibly long scene towards the end of the film where the EXACT SAME VERY SHORT LINE gets repeated over and over and over and over and over and over without pause for what feels like a solid five or so minutes" Are you referring to "Please Wake Up, Blackholetchi!"? Anyway, I feel like Jōji Shimura (the film's director) is highly underrated. He directed an Animal Crossing film before his Tamagotchi venture, and given that film, this one, and the sequel and anime that came after it, he's able to take very miniscule source material and make naturally-delivered wholesome-quality filmed content off of them, and that's a skill that very few directors and producers possess. That's one reason why I continue clamoring for English adaptations of his works, so that people will see his genius and that he'll hopefully land some new directing roles for Tamagotchi or for other IPs entirely, maybe even western ones. I've lately had a theory that Bandai America losing Power Rangers motivated them to listen to our pleas for an English Color V-pet with the On. If Bandai America loses Dragon Ball next, maybe they'll be motivated to listen to our pleas on faithful dubs of Shimura's contributions to Tamagotchi.
  12. According to Wikipedia's List of Highest-Grossing Media franchises, Hello Kitty alone is the 2nd most lucrative IP on the planet, behind Pokémon. Bandai America has shown that the absence of Power Rangers has not caused them a financial crisis, and if it did, the recovery was a swift one.
  13. I come from the future. It has become a reality: This is the 5th time Tamagotchi has crossed paths with Sanrio (and yes, I counted). Makes me wonder if Bandai will ever acquire the company.