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  1. I met a guy named Jordan on Twitter who is EXTREMELY persistent on Mametchi joining Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. I repeatedly told him that as a Tamagotchi fan, I felt that Digimon would be a much better choice. But what do you all think? Should the original charming aliens we know and love or their edgier, ferocious digital dinosaur counterparts get the red-seal invitation?
  2. I've lately been thinking a lot about TamaPtchi, the head director of TAMAX-TV from the Tamagotchi anime, and I've been feeling a little suspicious about him.

    Case in point, he gives off some very questionable vibes when around Lovelin/Lovelitchi, who like her peers is a 4th grader at most.

    We're talking an adult director being somewhat obsessive and weird over a child actress. He also kinda looks like a stereotypical child predator, especially with his sunglasses on.

  3. I doubt it. They'll most likely actively pursue licenses in a committed effort to fill the money void that a certain team of color-coordinated superheroes left behind.
  4. "there's one incredibly long scene towards the end of the film where the EXACT SAME VERY SHORT LINE gets repeated over and over and over and over and over and over without pause for what feels like a solid five or so minutes" Are you referring to "Please Wake Up, Blackholetchi!"? Anyway, I feel like Jōji Shimura (the film's director) is highly underrated. He directed an Animal Crossing film before his Tamagotchi venture, and given that film, this one, and the sequel and anime that came after it, he's able to take very miniscule source material and make naturally-delivered wholesome-quality filmed content off of them, and that's a skill that very few directors and producers possess. That's one reason why I continue clamoring for English adaptations of his works, so that people will see his genius and that he'll hopefully land some new directing roles for Tamagotchi or for other IPs entirely, maybe even western ones. I've lately had a theory that Bandai America losing Power Rangers motivated them to listen to our pleas for an English Color V-pet with the On. If Bandai America loses Dragon Ball next, maybe they'll be motivated to listen to our pleas on faithful dubs of Shimura's contributions to Tamagotchi.
  5. According to Wikipedia's List of Highest-Grossing Media franchises, Hello Kitty alone is the 2nd most lucrative IP on the planet, behind Pokémon. Bandai America has shown that the absence of Power Rangers has not caused them a financial crisis, and if it did, the recovery was a swift one.
  6. I come from the future. It has become a reality: This is the 5th time Tamagotchi has crossed paths with Sanrio (and yes, I counted). Makes me wonder if Bandai will ever acquire the company.
  7. @Alex GrigoriouThis also applies to Dream Town to me, but apparently the versions on famita run on Flash, which will be discontinued on December 2020. Do you have a backup plan?
  8. Netflix didn't listen to all the backlash coming their way and came out with that child exploitation film anyway. I'm telling you they don't deserve the Tamagotchi anime's US rights, and if Bandai America were to ever fully dub the anime, they need to look elsewhere for it to air/stream.

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    2. Knighttchi's Ballad

      Knighttchi's Ballad

      @Tacoburritotchi True, although most of the time they're mild enough for me. Although, I remember my mother and I having a short argument over a dubbed movie based on Sinbad that was rated G despite having naked women barely obscured by their long hair. It was a shameless bathing scene and my mother's argument was "well, they aren't naked". Despite ironically leading my father to Christ, she has some vexing secular attitudes (at least for what is acceptable content). TV and movie ratings are all over the place lately (or at least in the West) where PG-13 is practically R-rated. I get the social standards change but it honestly seems like 13 year olds are considered no longer children and can take on adult consequences.
      I do wonder if cultural standards may have come into play with that colouring book, since it's American and you're in Malaysia. Over here, kissing is considered somewhat mild unless it... goes on "too long". Still, people wouldn't kiss in front of their friends unless it was a short greeting. There's nothing against kissing on the cheek although it's totally not a greeting.

    3. leogames2012


      @Knighttchi's Ballad 13 Years old Is still a Child Legally Because They arent Under 18.

    4. Knighttchi's Ballad

      Knighttchi's Ballad

      My point is that people don't treat them as children in certain contexts, whether directly or indirectly.

  9. Let's forget about 2020 for a moment and instead ponder about 2021, which will mark Tamagotchi's silver anniversary. What should Bandai do to make it awesome? You can vote for more than one answer.
  10. Talking about LGBT isn't really inappropriate so to say. It's just Lesbian (two females with romantic feelings for each other) Gay (two males with romantic feelings for each other) Bisexual (one person having romantic feelings for both genders) Transgender (when a person identifies as the opposite gender from the one they were assigned at birth). It's no less inappropriate that a straight relationship, when a male and a female have romantic feelings for each other. LGBT is especially popular on Twitter and Tumblr and (to an extent) DeviantArt, and the world is taking baby steps not only toward its acceptance but also its embracement.
  11. Couldn't have said it better myself, Tama-Friend. I'm personally opposed to the idea because I'm a multi-shipper when it comes to Mametchi, and Lovelitchi is one of my ships for the adorable genius (if Melodytchi understood love, she would be another).
  12. That remix sounds remarkable so far! Sounds like it came out of a Mega Man game. I'm definitely going to have it on loop when it gets on YouTube.
  13. Let me just say this right now: Netflix DOES NOT DESERVE the Tamagotchi anime after the predatory decision they've made...

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    2. leogames2012


      They want To Make it For People Under 13 Who wants to watch Netflix.

    3. leogames2012



      Not related to Tamagotchi, but I still feel that this NEEDS to be said.

      Yesterday, it was announced that on September 9th, Netflix will release a film called "Cuties", and......you're not going to believe this premise...

      "Amy, 11, becomes fascinated with a twerking dance crew. Hoping to join them, she starts to explore her femininity, defying her family's traditions."

      You are not misreading that. Netflix is planning to release a film that promotes the exploitation of minors, specifically those that are just starting middle school

      Bad enough that not too long beforehand, they announced plans to age up the characters of Avatar: The Last Airbender for unnecessary intimacy in an equally unnecessary live-action remake. Here, they're not even trying to be subtle disregarding minor innocence for the sake of that sweet subscription cash.

      Worse still, Netflix gave Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj the boot but lets this pitiful excuse of filmed content do its thing with the endangerment of the well-being of its young actresses.

      I've always preferred Network TV over streaming services, and always theorized that streaming services will do any tactic and cross any boundary to gain publicity, to gain subscribers, to gain money, and this is the prime culmination of all those theoretical practices.

      Netflix was once the king of streaming. They introduced this method of watching content. Every thinkable movie and show was on it. Now things have changed. There are several other streaming services out there; Hulu (which is the only one I've subscribed to), Prime Video (which has Selah and the Spades, which is morally and objectively superior to "Cuties"), Disney+, HBO Max, and Peacock (which has a free ad-supported membership plan), just to name a few. By making heinous decisions like this, Netflix is not keeping up with their new-found competition. They are damaging their own reputation.

      Cancel your subscription if you haven't already, or don't bother subscribing if you're like me and have never subscribed to them.

      Didnt Netflix Deserve Tamagotchi If there´s a Market to it?

    4. Tacoburritotchi


      Eh. Never seen it here anyways (and I love Netflix), so nothing to judge.

  14. Timogotchi19.



    I Mentioned You In this Topic. 


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    2. Penguin-keeper


      @TamaBoy9000 - Aha! Thanks so much for that clarification - that solves the mystery of why the dubbing is North American! :D It was actually sold at retail over here in the UK (I've got a boxed copy in my collection now), and the lack of a US/Canada retail release made it appear as though it just never made it over there at all. :)

    3. TamaBoy9000


      @Penguin-keeper They also released Let's Go! Tamagotchi on DVD in the United States as a pack-in with the TamaTown Tama-Go (wave 2). Perhaps if it had been successful, it would've led to TV broadcasts of Tamagotchi! in North and South America (as well as Latin Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, and Canadian French dubs), and possibly even worldwide.

    4. Penguin-keeper


      I'm not sure if we got that one at all! :o Still, the fact that their various market-tests for dubbing didn't lead to any TV-show dubs speaks volumes, I feel.

  15. Question: Will the remix have lyrics or just be instrumental?