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    I Mentioned You In this Topic. 


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      Here Is Why If i were You i would Desire for Taller Mametchi Instead of Anime Dub (As your Long-Time Desire) @Timogotchi19



    3. Penguin-keeper


      @leogames2012 - I'm aware of the dubbing that exists. Evidently it did badly, because that never led to a full dub. There's also an English dub of Tamagotchi: The Movie, but only the UK and Australia got it as far as I know, even though the voice-actors seem to be North American (it can be obtained on eBay for a few units of currency), since the US market isn't really receptive to such things; I don't think that there's been an intact, non-butchered dub of any "cute" anime since Hamtaro back in the early 2000s.

    4. leogames2012
  2. Question: Will the remix have lyrics or just be instrumental?
  3. I'm predicting that the Eevee Tamagotchi is next in line for localization. Considering Pokemon's 25th anniversary is on the horizon, it'd be ideal timing. And if Evatchi ever gets here, it'll probably be P-Bandai as well (I'm surprised Evatchi got made to begin with considering Tatsunoko Production, one of Evangelion's producers, is partially owned by Bandai's rival Takara Tomy!).
  4. I know, but it only covers 25 (technically 26, but 25 are in that compilation) and has a questionable-at-best voice direction, especially compared to the TMGC Friends Webisodes that came after that (even though those only dubbed 7 episodes and cut them into 14 3-4 minute webisodes). What I want is a dub that covers all 271 episodes with competent voice acting.
  5. In any case, looks like Mr. Blinky is gonna find some work again. ((If I'm not mistaken, Mr. Blinky is the guy who localized the color V-Pets prior to the On.))
  6. I have a feeling that separate Cinderella and Aladdin versions of the On are coming at some point down the road. I theorize that Bandai America is doing stuff like this to try and make money without Power Rangers since they no longer have that franchise to bank on.
  7. The question though is which process is more costly. Dubbing an anime from Japanese to English or making a cartoon from scratch.
  8. Sorry. I just felt like humoring everyone with a history of the world before bait-and-switching to my longtime desire for an English dub of the Tamagotchi anime. But in all seriousness, if there was ever a time to dub the anime, it would be now. It'd be a great way to promote the On, and Mattel and Hasbro make shows for their toylines all the time, so why can't Bandai? The fact that the anime and the On came out years apart isn't a good excuse because Bandai Japan temporarily uploaded some anime episodes on their YouTube channel around November-December 2019.
  9. Initially, nothing existed, nothing but microscopic atoms the size rivaling that of ants and pieces of rice, but in a matter of moments, our Lord brought everything we know into existence. Delving into the universe, the various galaxies, our galaxy, the Milky Way, is a beautiful blue and green planet that we call home; Earth. Earth is a beautiful, luscious planet, unlike any of its eight fellow planets. It has thirst-quenching water, gorgeous scenery, and most importantly, the presence of life. Life began with a bunch of animals, a man named Adam, and a woman named Eve, and as the centuries and millenniums kept going, regardless of their differing events, all moments of history have one thing in common; life slowly but surely grew swifter, stronger, and most prominently, smarter, and and all associated capabilities of speed, strength, and knowledge lie within a special element of our bodies called the brain. The brain is a sacred treasure guarded by the thick layers of our skulls. It processes every sight our eyes visualize, every scent our noses get lured to, everything our hands feel, every sound our ears hear, and every bite of food our mouths and taste buds consume, and above all this can provide the answers to some of life's biggest questions. Where do babies come from? What's the highest SAT/ACT score? Will we get a spouse or be single until death? Will we succeed in getting our dream job? But later today, at any time, Bandai America is going to answer life's most frequently-asked question, a question that was passed from vocal cord to vocal cord generation after generation, a question that not even the lord himself knows the answer to, a question that humanity has been plaguing since the beginning of time as we know it. WHEN WILL THE TAMAGOTCHI ANIME EVER GET AN ENGLISH DUB?!
  10. That is a really clever idea, actually. With Kirby merch being sold on Premium Bandai, it shouldn't be too hard getting the okay from Nintendo/HAL Laboratory. Although I can just imagine a Wario-centric Tamagotchi.
  11. With the Evatchi and the rumored Demon Slayer Tamagotchi, what other franchise(s) should get the dedicated Nano treatment? In my opinion, I kinda want Bandai America to get the Sesame Street master toy license from Hasbro just as "revenge" for Hasbro getting Power Rangers (Hasbro got a 10-year toy license for Sesame Street that begun in 2011), and I think a Sesame Street Tamagotchi would be extremely interesting.
  12. Uh... (looks at his statue front-and-center of Bandai HQ which gets a special raincoat and his appearance in Mario Kart Arcade GP 2, not to mention just about everything else related to Tamagotchi often having him center-stage, including V-Pet marketing and the anime) Isn't he already?
  13. The dude in the cap and vest is Raimeitchi. The girl is Thundertchi (and when/if the episode gets dubbed and airs outside Japan, there's going to be suggestive fanart of her, I guarantee it.) The dude with the headset and tools is Gowastchi.
  14. If Bandai lost faith in Tamagotchi, they wouldn't have put for the time and money in localizing the Meets.